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John Tombs 90 Years Young

John Tombs 90 Years Young



Thanks to Penny Trafford This was Lori Devlin’s status from yesterday.

Celebrated a milestone birthday for this wonderful man today! Happy 90th birthday Dad🥰


I was just going to post it on  my historical page but thought it needed to be documented.


Lor Devlin said: “John Tombs worked for the school board for almost 30 yrs. Prior to that, he worked as a carpenter for many years, for Parkman and Taylor. Mom’s name is Marg. Tombs’s lived on Bell street (Dad’s parents and siblings).  They were just between where the Leatherworks is and the apartments”.


Lynn, Jan and Lori with their parents celebrating John Tombs 90th.




 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Jul 1971, Tue  •  Page 28


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