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Cowie Thompson Family– Thompson Shoe Store in Perth

Cowie Thompson Family– Thompson Shoe Store in Perth




Cowie Thompson Family

This article was so faded it was almost illegible but because I hope it might help someone.

In a recent letter to Patrick Leonard of Perth a descendent of John Thompson, an early Perth settler, Mrs. Margaret L. Burroughs, now of Twin River, New Jersey, tells some of the history of this pioneer and his descendants and the Cowie family.

John Thompson lived in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, and in April of (date illegible) he married Anne Temperly(?) Temperby(?).  A year later they had a son, William John Wilson Thompson and in (date illegible) they came to Canada.  Eventually the Thompson family settled in Perth where John started a shoe business on what is now Gore Street.

They had five children:  William John Wilson(?) who married Margaret(?) Fraser(?) or Frost(?); C – – – who married Harmon(?) Kellery(?); Elizabeth who became Mrs. Munroe(?); while Nathaniel and George remained single.

Of the second generation, William John Wilson had ten children:  Mary Ann who died young; Margaret who married William Curry and lived in Almonte; Samuel who married Henrietta Coure(?) and settled on the Scotch Line; William George who married Margaret Gamble(?) and lived in Almonte; James, Mrs. Burroughs grandfather, who married Agnes Cowie and he eventually settled in Almonte after living several years in (illegible); N – – – – – – –  Nicholas(?), who married Mary – – meson (Jameson?) and took up residence in Orillia(?); (son, name illegible) who married Martha Armour and went to Drummond; Hannah who married(?) Alexander Cameron(?) and took up residence in (illegible word) Bay; Joseph who married Jane Abby and lived in Carleton Place; David who married (illegible first name, maybe Hannah) Close and his (illegible two words) married L – – – L – – .  These couples lived in Brace – – – – – and Ramsay respectively.

Of the third generation, Mrs. Burroughs grandfather, James, lived in Glen Tay where her mother, Henriette Jane, was born.  The next three children, Robert, Margaret and Agnes were born in Almonte.

Of the fourth generation, Henrietta Jane married John Moore and resided on the 7th Line Ramsay.  There were six children as follows:  Agnes, Gertrude Malinda(?), William, Charlotte(?) M – – – – – – (Mathilda??), Margaret L who married A.A. Burroughs and moved to the U.S., and John Osborne of (Orillia??).

Cowie—Robert Cowie of Edinburgh, Scotland came to Split Rock, New York with his sister in the later half of the last century.  Robert married Henrietta Jane Adams of Split Rock who was related to John Adams, second President of the United States.

Henrietta, their first child, was born in Upper Canada.  The next three, John, Agnes and William, were born in the U.S. in Split Rock or Utica and then they returned to Perth where the next five were born:  Francis, Lillie(?) or Leslie(?), Margaret, Robert and Jane.  Of these it is not know who John married while Agnes became Mrs. James Thompson, Mrs. Burroughs grandparents; William married twice and his daughter Garvella (last name illegible, begins with a ‘S’) lives on the Scotch Line.

Janet Cowie, sister of Robert, married Mr. Allen, a lawyer who practised law and opened the first post office in Perth.  Mrs. Cowie’s brother, John Adams, came to Perth with the Cowies.  John farmed and taught music.  It is not known who John married but they had no(?) children.  They adopted his wife’s niece Louise McKay who later married Ralph Dodds and their grand daughter Mrs. Ferrier lives on the Scotch Line across the road from the old John Adams farm.


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Black Rock Clayton

Black Rock Clayton

moms house no porch.jpg

Photo from Black Rock Park


August 1 1940–Almonte Gazette

So what is the history of Black Rock?

From Black Rock Park


On Sept 23, 1843 the east half of Lot 20 Con 11 was patented from the crown to Thomas Thompson who had emigrated to Canada from Paisley, Scotland along with his wife the former Grace Scoular after their marriage in 1834.  A small log house along with a log barn was built.  During the next few years the west half of Lot 21 Con 12 (March 29, 1862) and the east half of Lot 21 Con 11 (May 23, 1878) were added with additional patents from the crown.

The west half of Lot 20 Con 12 were acquired from John Riddell who had patented that parcel of land from the crown on July 21, 1831.   Thomas & Grace’s family consisted of 4 boys and 4 girls. John Thompson remained on the farm and during the early 1870’s the existing stone house was built by family members.  John and his family moved from the small log home to the stone house during 1873 .

John and his wife the former Mary Bain had 5 boys and 3 girls.  John’s second son, Daniel (D.J ) moved to a farm on the west shore of Taylor Lake while his sister Martha Jane and brother Thomas remained on the family farm.  D.J and his wife the former Mary Ann Aitkan raised a family of 9 boys and 3 girls.  One of the boys , Russell, married Mary Rintoul whose family had settled on the north shore of Taylor Lake.  After their marriage on May 19, 1938 Russell and Mary moved back to the family farm to assist Thomas and Martha Jane with the farming operation.  They remained on the farm and became sole owners on May 25, 1956.  A family of 6 girls and 5 boys were born during their marriage.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  25 Jun 1966, Sat,  Page 33

To help supplement the small farm income Mary & Russell decided to start a cottage rental business on part of the farm which bordered west shore of Clayton Lake.  This business was known as Thompson’s Cottages.  The first cottages were rented during the summer of 1964.  In 1965 a few campsites were cleared and the campground was born.The store was added in 1980 and at that time the business name was changed to Thompson’s Tourist Resort.




In 2002 the decision was made to incorporate the family farm & business to help ensure that the future Thompson generations can enjoy what the farm has meant to each of Mary and Russell’s children.  A new name was chosen and reflexes the history of the lakeshore where the neighbourhood children would swim and picnic in the years past.   Many family picnics were enjoyed at Black Rock on the shore of Clayton Lake and thus Thompson’s Black Rock Park was chosen.  We invite you to visit this piece of paradise with hopes you discover family values are still our most important asset.


Jack added: Lee аnd Larry enjoyed their sixth birthday party despite thе fact that they werе twins, Mommy and Daddy always made sure they eveгy had a great time–and with their birthdays coming in December, Mommy and Daddy additionally at all times made sure their birthdays have been special even though Christmas was around the corner.

The celebration was special with a clown, cake and wonderful presents from their friends grandparents and uncle and aunt but it went by so fast before they knew it everyone had gone home and it was time to wash up and get ready for bed.

2018!!-The Thompson family is celebrating 175 years on our farm in Galbraith this year. We are having a family gathering in August to celebrate. I was wondering if you would be willing to post a request on your page on behalf of our family. We’re looking to see if anyone in the community has old photos, stories, memories of Black Rock that they would be willing to share with us.

If you are willing, perhaps people could comment and I could reach out to them for more information (ex. copy of the photo). .

Thank you for your consideration,
Leann Thompson

Looking for Stories and Photos- Thompson Family–



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  14 Sep 1961, Thu,  Page 33


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (US




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