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Christena McEwen– The Belle of Beckwith Part 1 -“The Woodcocks”

Christena McEwen– The Belle of Beckwith Part 1 -“The Woodcocks”

Christena  was the daughter John Newcombe and as Ed Box wrote these notations he made this remark:

As I write this there is a notation on fly leaf which reads:

To Miss Christena McEwen

For having so accurately repeated Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians in the Sabbath School

Beckwith, May 19, 1861


In the last days of her life my Grandmother lived out her last days at our home in Carleton Place. I can still see her as she frequently did, sitting in the comfort of her old red rocking chair in her kitchen reading the Bible before she went to bed.



One time when we were having lunch together my grandmother, my mother and Hughie and I mentioned Mr. Woodcock, owner of the town bakery. My mother said quite defiantly, “What a name,  I wouldn’t want a name like that!”

Without skipping a beat my Grandmother answered, “It could be worse!”


woo1 (1).jpg

Everyone looked at her simultaneously and said, “What?”

She said,“Well it could have been woodpecker!”



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