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What was Written on the Note in the Bottle?

What was Written on the Note in the Bottle?

Hi Linda
   When they got the time capsule from the CP high school there was a bottle in it with a paper inside, what was written on the paper?
Jim Houston

Does anyone know?

Peter Bradley— Photo–CPHS taken from the top of the water tower when the “new” addition was being built in the early sixties

Everyone thought Bruce Wilson had gone a bit crazy when he demanded the cornerstone of his high school be removed because he was convinced a time capsule was behind it. In November of 1998 they changed their minds. Two stonemasons clambered up scaffolding at the edge of Carleton Place High School and chipped out the stone inscribed with the date the school was built and the name of the chairman of the board on opening day 75 years ago.Nestled behind it was a cement-covered dry gin bottle, uncorked and empty with the exception of a tightly rolled, lined sheet of paper. The note, the newspapers and another note, which was tucked into a gin bottle – accompanying the capsule, were all so dry and tightly folded that they could not be fully read. And tucked behind it sat a sealed copper box, envelope-sized in length. “I was pretty happy to see they had found them,” said Mr. Wilson, a Grade 12 student. “Everyone had thought I was kind of crazy.” November 1998-The Time Capsule of CPHS

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
01 Dec 1998, Tue  •  Page 37

The Time Capsule of CPHS

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  2. Should we Really Keep Time in a Bottle or a Box? 
  3. Unwrapping 164 Bridge Street in Carleton Place
  4. Time Capsule in the ‘Hi Diddle Day’ House?
  5. Update on the Time Capsule in Springside Hall

About the photo above

Donna Mcfarlane 1961 graduation ceremony was delayed until march 16 1962 until the addition was completed

Peter Bradley 1960, The last time I climbed up the tower before moving to England. The teachers were Miss Mullett, Miss Powell, Mr Lawn, Mr Thompson, Mr Lighthart, Mr Ross and Mr Palmateer. and I missed Miss Sinclair. (Go to the bottom of the class)

Gail Grabe Peter Bradley Don’t forget Miss Sinclair!

Peter Bradley Gail Grabe Oh how could I Scuddy Sinclair and Latin and Ancient History. I still have the text books! Amo amas amat, Do, dara, ditty, datum!

Gail Grabe As I recall, history class was a guess as to which paragraph you would have to memorize in order to stand and recite verbatim as she went down each row. Occasionally she started with a different row…yikes!

Sandra Mailey Grade 13 departmental exams in June 1961, were written in Memorial Church Hall to spare us the distraction of the construction noise.

Sandra Mailey Our class graduation was the first to take place in the new auditorium …October 1961.

Linda Gallipeau-Johnston 1960 – first year of high school and the addition was going in. The biggest thing I remember is that stairs were still on the front of the school – that’s where we stood to get sorted out into grades!

David Flint the ‘vinyl village’ was just a field back then ….awesome pic