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What Happened to Sarah Latrace?

What Happened to Sarah Latrace?


Name:James Latrace
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence:Kitley Township
Spouse Name:Eliza (Elizabeth) Counerty
Spouse Age:25
Spouse Gender:Female
Spouse Birth Place:Ontario
Spouse Residence:Kitley Township
Marriage Date:4 Nov 1868
Microfilm Roll:1030059

I had to really dig for this… really dig.. The missing daughter’s name was Sarah

NameSerah Latrace
Birth Date17 Mar 1880
BirthplaceOntario, Canada
Birthplace (Original)Kitley, Leeds, Ontario
Father’s NameJames Latrace
Father’s SexMale
Mother’s NameEliza Conerty
Mother’s SexFemale

She was born in March of 1880 and her mother died in June of 1880– but not in Kitley — In Toronto–and her child Sarah was only a few months. I assume that family came and got the child, or he gave her away as nothing could be found. There was nothing more that could be found about her. Beside her name was just marked deceased. I figure they probably changed her name.

Just a sign of the times sad to say.

Childbirth in much of human history has been a class act. The upper classes were encouraged to reproduce as much as possible, and a woman who was pregnant or recovering from childbirth took time to rest while servants took care of her and the child. The lower classes worked right up to and soon following birth, as they had to work to eat. The upper classes also had the latest medical knowledge at their fingertips, but this wasn’t always such a good thing.

At the beginning of the 20th century, childbirth was attended to naturally without the aid of a hospital or a nurse. Especially in the country where farm houses were isolated from their neighbors, the responsibility of delivering the child fell to the eldest in the family. It was even rare that a midwife would attend. While a family would be tightly united through experiencing such an event, the lack of medical attention frequently led to health and medical complications. For every 1000 live births in 1900, 6-9 women died of pregnancy related complications and approximately 100 infants died before the age of 1 year.

Eliza Latrac

Wife and mother

NameEliza Latrace
Death Date17 Jun 1880
Death PlaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Death PlaceToronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Death Age38 years
Birth Year (Estimated)1842
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse’s NameJames Latrace


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The Jasper School House Fire 1980

The Jasper School House Fire 1980



Lynn Museum Jasper School

Arson was suspected in April of 1980 as the cause of a $400,000 fire which destroyed Jasper Public School in the village of Jasper, about 12 kilometers southeast of Smiths Falls. Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office will open an investigation today into the cause of the six-hour six-hour six-hour blaze.

Flames and smoke began pouring from the school shortly after 7 a.m. and three hours later the roof fell in. Kitley Township fire department was aided by the Merrickville fire department in battling the blaze. Jasper resident Hubert Cardiff, one of the first men on the scene, said he found a window of the school broken, indicating forced entry.

Firemen who forced their way into the burning school reported “for sale” signs were found in each classroom. The four-room four-room four-room school was built in 1964 and accommodated 111 students in Grades 1 to 3. Leeds and Grenville board of education education officials said one portable classroom was saved and is available for use by some of the pupils.

The remaining students were transferred to Wolford School at Easton’s Corners, two miles away. The school were unoccupied that Friday because of a professional development day for teachers. Firemen believed the fire started either in a supply room or in the most easterly classroom. What was left of the school would have to be torn down and a decision to rebuild would be up to the board.


 - - . - 2l A firefighter probes the smouldering...

The Ottawa journal April 28 1980


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    Newbliss School (School Section No. 5)   Concession #4, Lot 13, built late 1830’s (see map) Newbliss village had a log school which was replaced in 1874 by a stone structure. Newbliss School was phased out of existence in 1961 with the pupils being transferred to Jasper. Newbliss had two schoolhouses to serve the community, […]


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Jack the Hugger–The Reign of Albert Haley in Smiths Falls

Jack the Hugger–The Reign of Albert Haley in Smiths Falls

On May 7th 1928 –Albert Haley, known in Smiths Falls as “Jack the Hugger,” made a reappearance there and was sentenced to six months in prison. Back in 1913 he got the nick-name by instituting a reign of terror in which young women were accosted on dark corners. —Almonte Gazette

What?  Jack the Hugger?  In Smiths Falls? When I did a search in the newspaper archives there were no less than 267 matches for Harry and Jack the Hugger. Apparently there were some real bad numbers roaming the local streets accosting women and they called them huggers. Some huggers!

On September 8 of 1913 Albert Healy went to prison after “the clever constables” finally caught the man who had terrorized the streets of Smiths Falls in the winter of 1912. Of course he is not to be confused with another ‘hugger’ Robert/John Shaw who was called “Christmas”  who originated in Carleton Place and then made his way to Perth.

Healy was first arrested in North Bay for a similar offence, travelled to Jasper and then decided to walk to Smiths Falls. Let’s face it, the hamlet of Jasper is so small that a hugger could be caught in no time. After all after you have hugged one– or maybe two you have pretty well hugged the whole darn village.


Adventure Rider Photo take in Jasper, Ontario

However on the way to Smiths Falls he stopped at a farmhouse and savagely attacked *Mrs. Delbert Barber who was alone with her young daughter. Mrs. Barber fought him off and managed to telephone the neighbour’s home for *Chief George Phillips. Phillips managed to apprehend Healy at the farm of *Levi Davis. Healy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He admitted in court that he was Jack the Hugger who had caused such fear in the streets of Smiths Falls in 1912.

On 1928 Jack Healy was arrested once again in Almonte, Ontario and there is no word what happened to him after that.




Delbert Holmes Barber

Birth: Aug. 24, 1868
Ontario, Canada
Death: 1952
Ontario, Canada

Family links:
 Philip Barber (1837 – 1902)
 Rachel Belrose Barber (1839 – 1879)

Bella Jane Buell Barber (1875 – 1959)

 Cecil Floyd Barber (1898 – 2000)*
 Audrey Margery Barber Sterling (1900 – 1964)*
 George Ross Barber (1902 – 1969)*
 Vera Belrose Barber (1905 – 1962)*
 Dorothy Ray/Rhea Barber (1907 – 1991)*
 Charles Edward Barber (1910 – 1981)*
 Mona Frances Barber Jones (1912 – 2005)*
 Freda Barber Atkinson (1912 – 1993)*
 Enid O. Barber Cross (1915 – 1971)*

 Delbert Holmes Barber (1868 – 1952)
 Anna Barber (1871 – 1954)*
 Ellen Jane Barber (1875 – 1876)*

*Calculated relationship

Wolford Rural Cemetery
Leeds and Grenville United Counties
Ontario, Canada
Plot: Stone ref. 262, P6-R15

1933  Chief George Phillips Smith Falls
Chief Phillips resigned. Chief Phillips had served 21 years, almost all as Chief.
Graham Bromley is hired as Chief of Police. Chief Bromley had previously been the Chief of Police in Campbellford and Elmira. Department staff increased to four men during this year, but would be reduced to three in early 1934 as a cost cutting measure.

Chief Mitchell resigns.
George Phillips reappointed Chief Constable by town council.
Department reduced to two men at this time.
George Mitchell, a former Chief Constable in North Bay, is appointed Chief in Smiths Falls, after a reorganization of the police department. George Phillips was reassigned to the rank of Sergeant.
Department now had three men.
George Phillips is hired as Constable and is appointed Chief Constable only months after joining department, when Chief Sweet resigns.

*Levi Davis from the Township of Elizabethtown



The Jasper hotel is located on the site of the old Connor Hotel. Jasper was quite popular from the 1940s to early 80s and the hotel prospered. The owners of the old Connor Hotel include Levi Davis, Mr. Connor, and Frank Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald owned the hotel when it burnt down on July 18, 1939. It was then rebuilt and sold to Mr. Watson. The hotel then passed through the hands of Mr. Leslie Church, Cecil Wainman, and Leo LaRocque, who renamed the hotel the Jasper Hotel. Don Wilson bought the hotel in 1976 and ran the business mainly as a bar but also catered to banquets and parties. The hotel closed on April 28, 2005. The building had ten guest rooms


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)

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