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Memories of 1969 Carol McDonald —Janine McDonald Azzouz

Memories of 1969 Carol McDonald —Janine McDonald Azzouz

Hi Linda, my mom, Carol McDonald, found this flyer while going through paperwork today. Just wanted to add it to your history collection!--Janine McDonald Azzouz

I was inspired by your house comparison photos lately and looked up the photos of my grandparents’ house. This house is located at 190 Morphy St. It was built by my Grandpa – Desmond Moore in 1949. His father James Moore helped to clear the land and dig the basement. Desmond and Jean Moore raised their four girls in this little house – even having my great grandmother (Granny Shane) move in with them for many years! In the photo you can see Des Moore and two of his daughters – Carol McDonald and Donna Marjerrison. They owned the house until 2013 after my Grandma passed away. The “recent” photo is from 2013 when my grandma still tended to the flowers at the front of the house.

-Janine McDonald Azzouz