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The Last of the Fenians Sons— Bellamy’s Mills — James Ingram

The Last of the Fenians Sons— Bellamy’s Mills — James Ingram
The Gazette
Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
24 Dec 1940, Tue  •  Page 6

James Ingram was indeed a son of Bellamy’s Mills. His father Alexander Ingram was born on W. Lot 25 Concession 3 –J

ames Ingram 1851–1940 BIRTH ABT 1851 • Ontario DEATH 23 DEC 1940 • Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He said the reason he lived so long was because he was born in Clayton near Almonte, and people tend to live longer and are happy there.

His father Alexander joined him later in in Brockville and died in 1875. He was married to Wife Almira F. Fraelich(1840–1907) 8 Feb 1907 and her sister Elmira Fraelich after the death of Almira • Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He had 4 children.

The Regiment was formed on 5 October 1866, as the 42nd Brockville Battalion of Infantry with Companies in Almonte, Brockville, Perth, Fitzroy, Landsdowne and Smiths Falls. In 1871, the Pembroke Infantry Company became the Battalion’s seventh Company
In 1870, the Battalion (with its attached Brockville and Ottawa Battery (Railway) of Garrison Artillery) was called out on active service during the Fenian Raids. In the same year, a small detachment deployed with the Red River Expedition.
The Battalion was reorganized in 1897, as the 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Battalion of Infantry located in the counties of Lanark and Renfrew. The Battalion was renamed the 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Regiment in 1900.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
08 Apr 1939, Sat  •  Page 19
A private effort by veterans of the Queen’s Own Rifles recently restored the nine abandoned gravestones that had nearly vanished in the winds and rains of the last 146 years. Read more here.. CLICK

What do McLean’s Bakery and Morris Green Have in Common?–Archibald McLean was one of the last surviving veterans in the district from the Fenian Raid. McLean’s bake shop was operated in 1862 by Archie McLean and for several years he was the oldest resident of the town who had been born in Almonte. Find out here… click https://lindaseccaspina.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/what-do-mcleans-bakery-and-morris-green-have-in-common/

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