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Jailhouse Rock in Lanark County Part 2


Return of Convictions for the Period Ending  October 5, 1888–Perth Court serving all of Lanark County.  I recognize some local names. Are any of your relatives here?


Mr. Charles Hamilton, laborer, having become deranged in mind, was sent to the gaol this week for safe keeping.


A young man named Holliday of Almonte was tried on Friday by Judge Senkler for breaking into Max Vineburg’s store in Almonte.  The evidence of a respectable witness who has turned Queen’s evidence resulted in Holliday being discharged.

An inquest into the cause of death of the late Alice Bissel at Merrickville was concluded on Friday last.  A large number of witnesses were examined, their evidence being a corroboration of what has already appeared in the paper.  Dr. Church being recalled, said one thing he noticed was her expression “I am going to die” and that the pain was in her chest these being symptoms peculiar to strychnine poisoning. This is conclusive to many that there was no collusion on the part of Mr. Bissell, that he would not be likely to know unless a professional man that there is something peculiar to this poison that persons taking it are impressed with the idea that they are going to die.  After a consultation the jury returned the following verdict “that the deceased Alice Bissell came to her death by strychnine poisoning taken by herself whether on purpose or in a fit of temporary insanity is not known”.

John McQuarrie of Lanark was confined in the Perth jail a year or two ago for insanity  and taken from there to the asylum at Kingston died in that institution and was buried in Lanark last week.

Emeline Ferguson, insane, sent to jail.


Among the new magistrates newly appointed by the Ontario government are Messrs. John F. Cram, Patrick Struthers and William H. Wylie all of Carleton Place.  The latter gentleman is a strong Conservative.

Return of Convictions for the Quarter Ending the 11th Sept. 1888

Drunk and Disorderly:

Hugh Devlin, $1

J.A. Arbo, $2

Insulting Language

Mrs. Margaret Collins, $1



Violation of the Canada Temperance Act, $50 each

Frank R. Pierce

Daniel Lee

John Fitzgerald

James Riley

Mrs. Moses Magot

John Kincaid

Samuel Dithfield

Richard McLare

E. Morris



Esther Craig, 6 months in gaol

Jane Willis, 6 months in gaol

Richard Holden, 6 months in gaol



Disorderly Conduct

  1. F. Bradley, $10


Peter McTavish, $5

George Berryman, $2.50

Louis Flegg, $5.00

Peddling Without a License

  1. Prenyon, $10

Carrying a Pistol

  1. Mortry, $20.00

Nonpayment of Wages

Thomas Swallwell, $16

Breach of the Town ByLaws

  1. Delauer and Jno Boulanger, to jail



“One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” in Lanark County