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Let’s go Racing Boys — J. A. Brunton –Where was This Sign?

Let’s go Racing Boys — J. A. Brunton –Where was This Sign?
Adin Wesley Daigle photo..

Adin found this old enamel sign and we would like to know about J. A. Brunton. Where was this sign? Two of his horses were called “Effective Scott” and “Effective Kevin”.

Nancy Giffin —-OK, that sign used to be placed on his truck when they went to the horse shows at the fall fairs. They never did the horse racing at the track, but they did show them at horse show competitions at the fairs. , they trained their horses using the bike ( sulky ). The horse show competitions have a buggy class and a bike class. They kept their horses at Millers stable on High street. Mostly the training and conditioning was done in a field on the town line across from where the Pet store was. There have been condos there for many years now.

Joann Voyce As a child in the 1940’s, I remember going to sulkie racing up High St where the new subdivision is now

Lynne Johnson The little park by High and Bridge is where the Bruntons used to train for sulky races, if I’m not mistaken?

Joann Voyce That was next to Miller’s Horse Stable. That is where the horses were boarded as well and were walked daily in the little park area, I lived on Thomas across from it for 8 years and then on High Street 2 doors from the Stable. The Miller’s are my relatives and I was in those stables many times

Penny Trafford There was a track up the end of High Street about where that housing development is going in. I’m sure it was for the horses, but I also know it was used as a go-cart track because my Dad belonged to that go-cart Club and practiced and raced up there.

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