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The IODE of Carleton Place 1985

The IODE of Carleton Place 1985





“The 68-year-old Carleton Place Captain Hooper chapter, named after one member’s husband who was taken prisoner in the Boer War, is one of the oldest and more active chapters in the region. Members set up a fund-raising table in a hardware store last November and in five days raised $9,543 in relief aid for victims of the Ethiopian famine. Now they’re in the midst of distributing, through local physicians and the public health unit, 500 little plastic containers that will help ambulance attendants should they be called to the homes of the elderly. The elderly will fill out forms outlining their medical histories and medication, and put the forms inside the Vials for Life. The containers will then be placed in the refrigerator and Vial for Life stickers placed on the fridge and the front door to alert ambulance attendants.

The chapter is also behind the push for the restoration of Carleton Place’s 85-year-old town hall. The women have raised about $7,000 to contribute to the project, but are holding it in trust until town council decides the future of the grey stone building. Every year, the women give out $500 in prizes to promising English and history students at Carleton Place high school. They also serve dinner four times a year at the town’s three senior citizens’ homes. The Captain Hooper chapter is also co-ordinating the’ VIP (Values, Influence and Peers) program with the town police and public schools. The program aims to curb crime in its infancy and police officers talk to Grade 6 students about vandalism.

The chapter also invites guest speakers to its monthly meetings. “We don’t concentrate on the flower arrangers and the cosmeticians,” says member Mary Cook, a 27-year member. “We try alternatives to the fluffy kind of meetings.”

The IODE, always a monarchist organization, still has a fondness for the Queen. Among the old clippings, scrapbooks and account books handed over to Knox when she became regent is an album of photographs of Her Royal Highness. The Captain Hooper chapter also updates the flags and pictures of the Queen at the local schools. Among the Ottawa chapters, the Laurentian chapter is best known because it conducts the popular house and garden tours each May. These are fund-raising tours for the public through some of the area’s most luxurious homes.

Last year, Wing Commander Guy Gibson V.C. chapter and Lord Dundonald chapter donated a bedroom and sitting room valued at $6,000 to Unitarian House; each chapter looked after a single-parent family last Christmas, and members give receptions for new Canadians at the citizenship courts. . The national chapter of the IODE spends $1.6 million annually on social service, education and citizenship programs. Its longest-standing project is the war memorial scholarships awarded annually to Canadian university students for post-graduate work in Canada and overseas. The scholarships are valued at $12,000 each and eight to 10 now are given out each year. Some 500 students have received war memorial scholarships since they were first given out in 1920. IODE chapters across the country also give out hundreds of scholar-, ships to high school students each year. ,” The national chapter is also working hard in Labrador, providing bursaries to help promising students pay for post-secondary education, furnishing community halls, stocking empty library shelves and supplying instruments for two school bands. Chapters in the Maritime provinces also just donated $27,000 for kidney research at the Isaak Walton Killam Hospital in Halifax”.

February 1985

Fact-Did you know the IODE is one of the oldest charitable organizations in Carleton Place?


The Second I.O.D.E. House Tour

Community Facts You Might Not Know About Carleton Place for our 150th Birthday – Part 7– It was 1957!


The basic facts from Parts 1-5 (see links below) are from the flyer that I added on too which were passed out on January 1: Carleton Place-A Valley Town at Confederation 1867 by the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

From Parts 6 on– are facts I am personally researching and doing as a 150 challenge…I am going to do mostly community– as community past and present is what makes up the history of our town.


So today I thought we would pull a year number out of our Carleton Place hat and it is– 1957. Here are your Carleton Place headlines and memories:

img (10).jpg

The Ottawa Journal01 Jun 1957, SatPage 4

Fact--Did you know former Carleton Place resident, now Mississippi councillor, Olympian John Edwards was part of the Carleton Place Canoe Club?

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal19 Jun 1957, WedPage 2

Fact–What do you know the Queen’s Hotel was owned by Dan Miller? Did you also know he stood up to the Town of Carleton Place? He once owned The Falcon on Highway 7 too.

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal24 Sep 1957, TuePage 12

Fact-Dutchie Smith died and he was a fixture at the W. A Nichols and Sons Lumber Yard at Centennial Park. What do you know about his boss Abner Nichols?

Read:The World of William Abner Nichols


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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal27 May 1957, MonPage 1

Fact:  Did you know that everyone thought the world was coming to an end in Carleton Place one day in 1957?

Read the rest here–Was it a UFO? A Meteorite or a Fuse Box? A Carleton Place Legend and here: Was it a UFO? A Meteorite or a Fuse Box? A Carleton Place Legend–Photos


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The Ottawa Journal29 May 1957, WedPage 20

Fact-Did you know the IODE is one of the oldest charitable organizations in Carleton Place?

Do you remember the tea we had for the Queen at the Carleton Place Town Hall last April. Click here to remember–A Photo Birthday Message for the Queen-April 21 2016


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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal28 Jan 1957, MonPage 17

Fact-Did you know the Miss Carleton Place pageant used to be held every single year?

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Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

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