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Memories and Clippings of the Old Farmer’s Almanac

Memories and Clippings of the Old Farmer’s Almanac

photo Adin Daigle

“Twenty years ago, it wasn’t the law of the land, so to speak, in farming, but it was used in a big, bigway,” Rice said. “Farmers still scan it, but they don’t completely sink their teeth into that information. There are so many other sources of pretty doggone good factual information that’s on target.” Now, the National Weather Service has become the go-to place for weather forecasts. Because of this, the almanac’s audience has begun to change. Duncan said they are getting more urban people who are just curious about the publication.

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
02 Feb 1910, Wed  •  Page 6

It’s the bread and butter of the friendly rivalry between the Farmers’ Almanac and the Old Fanner’s Almanac, which for almost 200 years have been making long-term weather forecasts. And they’re pretty good at it, both claiming about 80 percent accuracy. This spring, for example, both publications predict warmer temperature with around normal rainfall through June.

The Windsor Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
03 Jun 1905, Sat  •  Page 11

The Weekly Advance
Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
11 Jan 1917, Thu  •  Page 2

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Tom Cavanagh–Info for Wake and Service “He Built this City”

Tom Cavanagh–Info for Wake and Service  “He Built this City”

The Mississippi Thunderkings would like to share our most heartfelt condolences to the entire Cavanagh family on the passing of Tom Cavanagh. No other family in our community has been a bigger supporter of our MTK program then the Cavanagh’s. Our minor peewee team paid tribute to Tom prior to their Silver Stick Game today for the many years of support. We continue to wear the Cavanagh name on our backs in gratitude and in memory of Tom. MTK Hockey

Everything you need to know about his service etc.. is here.. Please click




December 6 at 9:06 AM

In late 2012 three local men had cancer. My late husband Angelo Secaspina, Bill Bagg and Tommy Cavanagh. Bill and Angelo both had colon cancer and asked constantly about the welfare of each other. Tommy C and Angelo shared chemo appointments together for awhile like nothing was amiss– because that is who they were. All these men were all community driven and I called them The Three Musketeers. THREE extremely strong community men with cancer and I wondered: Does cancer carry any dignity at all?

Angelo died in February 2014 and Bill died in 2017– but Tommy carried on. I had nothing but admiration for this man who fought cancer like a warrior. Nothing but. Our mortality is finite, but the experience of passing is so different for each individual.

Today I got up and heard that Tommy had died. My son texted me and I think we both felt the loss like family would. We are all born and will all die – no getting out of the fact. Our culture’s dread of mortality keeps us from experiencing all that life has to offer by making us terrified of confronting the final nature of our existence. Everyone does it differently, even from death to death, and we can never really know how we’ll deal with it until we’re confronted.

Tommy fought like no other I knew and today I am beyond saddened to hear of his passing. Be at peace Tommy Cavanagh and as Max Keeping told me when Angelo passed: ” Cancer is such a bully”… but you gave it your all and showed that damn disease who was boss. My love to the family.. nothing but– My love and prayers go to all of you. He was a hell of a man who loved his family and community. May Tommy rest in peace.

Linda Seccaspina and family


He built this city……… dedicated to Tommy Cavanagh

Really? Really? How Well Do You Know Your Town?





I saw this question and comments on a very popular internet site and thought I would share– I didn’t make any of this up. Is this the best we have to share with people coming to town?

Please note: I did not edit any of the answers, as I was too busy shaking my head.

The Question

So, what can we expect when we move to Carleton Place in the next few weeks? Who should be our internet provider? Good place to pick up a meal on the way home when we don’t feel like cooking? What about a place or two for date night? Best local beer? Is there some sort of board gaming club in the area? Go / no go areas of town? Where do you do your groceries (besides Costco in Kanata)?

The Answers:

Answer 1

National Capital Freenet for internet, The shawarma place on bridge street is good for I don’t wanna cook nights, we also have most of the other chain restaurants.

For date night there is car show at the farmers market every Wednesday night in the summer and a few at the beach. The best restaurant in town is St. James Gate.

Everyone just goes to the moose for beer there are a few other bars and they all have various events and such. There are 3 grocery stores, Wal-mart, price choppers and fresh-co so take your pick. That’s about all I can help you with, good luck I hope you didn’t buy one of those houses they built on a swamp.

Answer 2

We don’t have a price choppers, but we have Walmart, Fresh-Co and Independent for groceries, as I’m sure you’ve noticed driving by on the highway. There are 100 Chinese places, they all taste relatively similar. We also have 100 pizza places, Milano and Dominoes are my favourites. There isn’t much downtown, but I’m sure you’ve noticed. Great place to live if you have a boat though.

Answer 3

A couple of options: Low key; St James Gate on Bridge Street is an awesome Irish pub. Upscale-ish I’ve heard that Ballygiblins is now a fancy place but haven’t been. If you’re looking for more food than you can eat at a cheap price and good food hit up the gourmet on the highway. It’s an old school small town/truck stop restaurant. Good food. Great prices and you’ll be taking some home.

Best local beer: Ever since they stopped brewing Hart beer in Carleton Place I don’t know of any local beers. Sorry.

Author’s Note-By this point my screams can be heard all over town, and I am screaming,”Stalwarts, Stalwarts!” and silently throwing in: “the new restaurant’s name is Chesswood!” I scroll down and find inner peace when I read the next answer.

Answer 4-

Stalwart Beer is really good.



Places you can find out information

The town of Carleton Place

Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce

Downtown BIA

Welcome Wagon

OR —you can email me and I would be thrilled to give you any information, or put you in touch with the right people.


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