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More Updates– Mitchell’s Your Independent Team March 20, 2020 –2:53 PM

More Updates– Mitchell’s Your Independent Team March 20, 2020 –2:53 PM

March 20,2020

From Mitchell’s Your Independent Grocer
To Our Community:
As you can understand, our response to this situation is growing daily, based on the latest information we have available. While we are doing our best to support you sometimes we need to adjust course.
Social Distancing
Mitchell’s Your Independent Grocer will be limiting the number of customers in our store effective March 20, 2020. The maximum amount of people allowed into the store at any time will be 90. Unfortunately at this time there will be no exceptions.
We will be monitoring the number of people who come and go into our store, and if we reach a point where social distancing may be impacted, we will limit entry.
Thank You
Mitchell’s YIG


March 19,2020

Attention valued customers: 

Our business is changing daily–below are some changes that will be in effect starting tomorrow.

Our senior shop is still in effect (8-9 am) ( this will also apply to immune suppressed customers)
We are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Sunday hours will be from 8:00 7:00 pm. Our pharmacy will now open at 8:00 am.
We are strongly encouraging you to pay with debit/credit as this encourages less cash handling. We are removing the charge for plastic bags, and effective immediately, we will no longer be bagging for customers who choose to bring in their reusable bags or bins. You are still welcome to bring them in but you will have to bag them yourself for the safety of our cashiers and clerks. 
We have eliminated offering loose bakery bulk items and we will only be selling packaged bakery items. We are continuing to stock all shipments as they arrive and are experiencing delays from deliveries 12-24 hours behind schedule. I can assure you once our deliveries arrive we will work quickly to have these items stocked for you. 
Please do not call the store asking when shipments will arrive, as unfortunately at this time as we cannot answer that question for you. We continue to impose limits on numerous categories. We appreciate if you can please respect these limits to ensure everyone is able to purchase what they need. 
We appreciate your patience and support during this very difficult time. We will try to keep you updated with any other changes as soon as we are aware. 

Mitchell’s Your Independent Team