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In Memory of Rosemary Breman- A Note from the Past and Present Dancers

In Memory of Rosemary Breman- A Note from the Past and Present Dancers

 Rosemary Breman- Rosemary Breman School of Dancing
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Rosemary’s family has approved this for circulation.

Dear Friends,

As you may already know, our beloved teacher and friend Rosemary Breman passed away October 9th surrounded by her loving family. Rosemary was the director of the Rosemary School of Dance since 1982 and she has positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people in Carleton Place and around the world.

To honour Rosemary, the dancers, families, and dance communities in Carleton Place, Ottawa and the surrounding area will be laying flowers on the lawn of the family home throughout this week. (October 12-17, 2020)

We are hoping to decorate the lawn with lots of flowers, especially purple, which was Rosemary’s favourite colour. There will also be a weatherproof box for sympathy cards.

All are welcome to participate. The address is 76 Comba Street, Carleton Place. Please remember to place your flowers gently on the lawn, wear a mask, and keep the walkways clear, respect the landscape and neighbours. Also to please remember to socially distance, and do not linger. Remember to be in consideration of the family as they grieve, and do not approach the front door.

A tribute to Rosemary by her family will appear in The Carleton Place and Almonte Gazette this week.

Thank you

From the current and past dancers, of the Rosemary Breman School of Dancing

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Remembering Doris Blackburn

Remembering Doris Blackburn



For the last year Karen Blackburn Chenier has been a rock for me, as both her Mother Doris Blackburn, and my Mother-in-law have shared the same horrible disease-Dementia. My mother-in-law was nowhere near what Doris was having to endure- but I cannot explain how hard is to accept this disease.

I  sadly knew this day would come with Doris as her eating habits were declining. There was a sad inevitability about it all. When someone has dementia, as a caretaker, you have to prove to yourself that you can put your needs above your own emotions. Every time you see them, you grieve a little bit more, but you never, ever show it—and her daughter Karen Blackburn Chenier helped me understand this. Thank you Karen for all you have done for me otherwise I could never do this.

Doris and I had been friends for years. I met her first at St. James Anglican Church and then at Caldwell Elementary School when I volunteered there. To tell you the truth Doris Blackburn scared the crap out of me. She was a no nonsense lady, and you didn’t muck around with her-trust me. I was never known for fitting in anywhere in town, but Doris accepted me– and she laughed and rolled her eyes at me when she disapproved of what I wore– which was frequent. But Doris had a heart of gold, and she never failed to show it. She cared about her students and made sure they got a good education.

She told me one day that being a teacher was a privilege for her. Doris reminded me that parents were not only sending their children for a few hours a day to learn– that they were also entrusting their hearts to her. No matter how many things went on, or the daily pressures, she did not forget that her voice, insight, knowledge and respect for each child was not only important; it was necessary to give each child the best learning experience they could have.

Last night I sat with lots of Doris’s historical memories in my kitchen, and my stairwell, and then I sat down on the stairs and had a good cry.  You don’t realize how much someone has done for our community, and how you are going to miss them, until they are gone. Every day that Doris was on earth was a blessing. Everything that her daughter Karen brought me to record is being done and then I will pass it on the museum. Doris will always live on in this community, I will make sure of that.



Doris Blackburn in front of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum


I have never been one for goodbyes. Never really saw the point. But someone having Dementia is different. Because of the disease we feel robbed of the ‘goodbye’ we somehow believed ourselves entitled to. In the end Doris had little quality of life, and regardless of whether or not we were ready,  she  died with the dignity she deserved. Her family and friends made sure of that.

When a loved one passes away, we feel we have lost something precious. We are left with a gaping hole in our heart, and we often wonder why they were taken away from us. But at the same time we can be grateful for the very fact that they were given to us in the first place. We were blessed to have such a beautiful soul like Doris Blackburn in our lives. In time all souls will be reunited. In the meantime, let us be thankful for the gift of each day we had with her.

One day I remember her shaking her head and saying, “Linda I swear they only made one of you!”  You were probably right Doris, but I never changed and neither did you– we both stood our ground and tried to do our best. It takes a big heart to teach little minds, and today we all grieve because we lost you Doris, and your heart. I miss you already.

Doris Ethel Blackburn | 2018 | Obituary please click




Deirdre Gillespie and Doris Blackburn Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards program


Mindy Merkley One of the best teachers I ever had.

Donna Timmins Lovely pic,Karen! A dedicated teacher! Her students were so lucky to have her.

Beth Sweeney Lovely lady and great teacher

Bill Crawford One of my favourite teachers & a family friend…I had her two years in a row (grades 4 & 5 ) in two different schools. Say hi to her for me Karen.

Craig Wilson I had her for both grades 3 and 4…she taught me all about yellow rulers and cleaning chalkboards. I still give her credit for giving me sheer will and desire to make something of my life.

Wendy Healey I had her for a Grade 5/6 split and learned so much. Very memorable!

Allison Kirkpatrick A lovely lady, soft spoken and kind just like the rest of her family.

Christi Barry She had to deal with all four Barry kids!

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Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and theSherbrooke Record and and Screamin’ Mamas (USACome and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place. Tales of Almonte and Arnprior Then and Now.


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In Memory of My Friend FRed DaBrit Siamese


Truth be told I have never met my late friend FRed DaBrit Siamese, nor his lowly man servant Roy. All I know is they have been strong supporters of me and my shenanigans for years. It is amazing who you meet online, and how close they can become.

Today I got an email message:

FRed(tm) passed away last night after a valiant struggle.

R.I.P. my great friend and ally.

To you Roy, and your family all the way in the UK, I send you my sympathies as I too mourn Fred. That cat was so important to us all, and made us smile. I am not only sending my love but of course I am sending my controversial hugs.:)

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