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SIX Things I Promise in 2020 to Be Better at…

SIX Things I Promise in 2020 to Be Better at…




To park the car better EVERYWHERE



To learn how to load the dishwasher better. It shook Steve up the minute he first saw my procedures and remarked to my son Sky– who said– “She still has that problem?” Before the dishwasher is turned on he inspects it.



To stop giving out spoilers for things– I just feel people need to know right away LOL



To keep less desserts in the house




To think of more ways to market our great town.  Carleton Place – the Bacon Town?????



To stop immediately using the word term “reach out”–Is “reaching out” now the “in” vogue expression for the simple act of contacting someone?  It’s bad, and getting worse. The phrase in question first assaulted my ears during an episode of a TV series entitled “Crisis” where it was used in the context of FBI personnel requesting information from various parties.  Lucy Liu in the TV show Elementary TV show used it in almost every episode.

It appears to be particularly epidemic in communications from HR departments. Well the buck is stopping with me— and in reality only the Four Tops should use it. Please do not ‘reach out to me’ on this subject- I do NOT wish to be reached out to. LOLOL

The Guardian has an interesting take:

Please stop “reaching out”. Seriously. Keep your hands to yourself



To stop singing Let it Go from Frozen 1 — even though I hate all the new songs in Frozen 2