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Documenting Carleton Place — George Smith

Documenting Carleton Place — George Smith

Share what you learn, and this old gal is not getting any younger, so i saw this photo and as far as I am concerned, it needed to be documented.. So here is one day in the 1970s that The Canadian took a photo of a group of boys in the council chambers of the town hall getting a gun license.

Here are some comments:

Terry Latham–Same place I got mine. The old court room

Stephen Giles–Council Chamber, Town Hall

Tom EdwardsTed Hurdis Wasn’t his name George Smith. He teamed up with Lloyd Hughes and they teamed up to give us our gun licenses.

Sylvia GilesLooks like third from left David Johnson, Dave Moore and then Robbie Hutt??? Not sure?!

Llew LloydThe badge I received said I was a Safe Hunter.

Ted HurdisPretty sure second from left is Lynn Buffington

Tom EdwardsThe fourth guy from the left is Dave Munro.

Penny TraffordTed, Garry says for sure it’s Lloyd Hughes, and he’s still pondering on the other name. He knows he lived on the same block as the North Side Grocery

Yvonne Mahon told me about her father’s (Thomas J Mahon) leather hunting coat that was on display at the registration desk at the Mahon Family Reunion.  After he passed away in 1997 they thought the jacket that he used trapping hunting and fishing was lost. However to the families joy the jacket was found in his workshop inside a bag. Because it had been in the cold outside workshop for a long time mice had gotten to it and it was in need of some loving care. Yvonne’s daughter said during one summer she took that jacket outside and sat under the umbrella and repaired it tear by tear. Thomas was from Combermere which is a village located along the Madawaska River in south-eastern Ontario.


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