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Did you Know 918,724 Canadians Go Hungry Every Summer?




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Remember the Hunger Stop opening I wrote about?— well there is more


The Lanark County Food Bank Great Veggie Grow Off Kick Off & Open House was held Sunday May 1 in Carleton Place. Highlighted at the newly renovated space at 5 Allan Street in Carleton Place was an updated “self serve”, where clients now get to choose their groceries. A lot less waste, and a lot more dignity and empowerment for their people.

It also coincided with the kick off of The 3rd Annual Great Veggie Grow-Off. So what is a veggie grow-off? That would be the friendly competition between gardeners in Beckwith, Carleton Place, & Mississippi Mills, to see which community can donate the most produce to the food bank over the summer. After all, fresh produce is one of the key components of food hampers.

In this country that grows more food than most nations on this earth, it is unthinkable that any child should go hungry. Emcee and LCFB Vice Chair David Hinks along with other dignitaries from Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills opened the event. I prefer “butter- no parsnips”— but the first round of GVGO went to Mississippi Mills mayor Shaun McLaughlin who presented Carleton Place mayor Louis Antonakos with winter parsnips.

They are also planting gardens at the Lanark County Food Bank with the front garden beds for edibles, sharing and learning. There will also be at least one workshop a week in the garden. Presenters/facilitators will be a mix of expert gardeners and food/cooking experts, utilizing volunteers from Horticultural Societies, Master Gardeners, the Public Health Unit and other knowledgeable cooks. The aim is to make the workshops as hands-on as possible so that participants will be weeding, transplanting or harvesting. Where raspberries grow there is hope. Once the raspberries on the side of the building are ripe, they will be free and available to whoever wants to pick beds.

Touring the Food Bank I noticed a row of volunteer badges and it should be a gentle reminder to all of us. Be of service, as there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being available to someone in need. Remember the food bank receives no government funding – it functions solely through private donations. The operation is run by one paid part-time manager and approximately 35 volunteers. One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference. Did you know that Carleton Place’s very own Carleton Refrigeration donated the installation and an air-conditioning unit to the Food Bank?
Food donations can be dropped off at Patrice’s Your Independent Grocer in Almonte and Mitchell’s Your Independent Grocer, Giant Tiger, Fresh Co, and Wal-Mart in Carleton Place, or at 5 Allan Street. Please visit their website (https://lanarkcountyfoodbank.ca/) or call 613- 257-8546 for more information.

So What’s Coming Up?

Community BOGO Dinner, in support of Lanark County Food Bank (The Hunger Stop) – Prepared by Chef Roger Weldon of Generations Inn & Ottawa Senators, and Rob Carpenter, The Beckwith Butcher. Tuesday May 17, 4:30-7:00 PM @ St James Anglican Church, 225 Edmund St, Carleton Place. Buy One-Give One: your ticket purchase will be matched and also provide a ticket to a food bank client/family. Adults $25; Children (6-12) & Seniors $15; Families (max 2 adults) $75. Tickets available in advance only, at Lanark County Food Bank, The Granary & Beckwith Butcher in CP, Baker Bob’s & Dandelion Foods in Almonte; Cash or Cheque only. Fill your plate, and fill that of a food bank client too! For more info call Lanark County Food Bank, 613-257-8546.

Family Fun Day, in support of Lanark County Food Bank (The Hunger Stop) – Sunday May 29, 1-4:00 PM, Beckwith Recreation Complex, 1319 9th Line, Carleton Place. Come enjoy the trails, plus numerous activities for the whole family including Guided nature walks; Scavenger hunt; Facepainting; explore a pumper truck and a rescue vehicle courtesy of the Beckwith Fire Department; enjoy a BBQ hosted by the Knights of Columbus, Dr. J.F. Dunn Council #5153. No charge, all activities by donation, including BBQ. For more info call Lanark County Food Bank, 613-257-8546.



A Face of Dignity –With a Little Help From Our Friends

Can You Eat on $29 A Week? – Gwyneth Paltrow Bails for Licorce

Missie Moo — Gwynenth Paltrow $29 a week for Food Challenge — The Reality of the Results

Looking at Hunger Through a Robin Andrews Photograph


If you have not been to the Norah Rosamond Hughes Gallery at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in  Almonte, you are missing out on a treat. From the 16th September, 2015 ~ 27 September, 2015  there is a wonderful photographic exhibit by 5iz. The group consists of 5 Mississippi Mills based creative photographers. I have had the wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with one of the photographers Robin Andrew.  Andrews is the founder of Unposed Photography, and the local genius who photographed “Nudes of Mississippi Mills” calendar.

I am very attached to two of her photographs, and chose this pretty awful photo I took to show you. Why would I do such a thing? Because, you need to go see these photos for yourself. Since I was a child I can look at something and dream up some sort of story about it. I am quite positive that the creator of said photos would have been aghast at some of my thoughts. But, take a trip to the Mississippi Valley Mill Textile Museum to see these photos of Robin Andrews in person.


A Story of Hunger for Hunger Awareness Week – Photos by Robin Andrew

Each night Jamie Sullivan would scramble up the rickety old ladder in the back yard to ask the moon for help. Because his Mother could not make ends meet, hunger was now affecting his school work. As each day passed, he watched his Mother eat less so he and his brother could have more food.

Being hungry soon affected Jamie’s report card grades. As he stood on that ladder each night, all he could think of was food. Soon night would become morning, and he knew he would not be able to eat breakfast at home. One night he thought he heard the moon whisper for him not to worry as help was on the way. He was soon to become one of the lucky ones.

The next morning before the sun rose, he walked down by the river bank and saw one of his teachers fishing. As the gleam of the moon slowly disappeared in the sky the final crescent rays danced on the water in time with the bobble at the end of the fishing line. Tom waved to Jamie and motioned him to come closer. As the hand on Tom’s watch slowly marched forward Jamie told him about his problems at home. Food was not only on his mind, but so was his Mother. She’s wasn’t really eating as much as Jamie was, and it bothered him. Tom reached in his bag and offered Jamie a sandwich, and his face lit up as bright as the sun that had replaced the moon.

The next day Tom did something about Jamie’s hunger. Each morning, he would bring in snacks for the whole class, not just for Jamie. Jamie soon realized that his teacher didn’t just care about him–he cared about the whole entire class. Tom really had no idea how many of his students were coming to school hungry.

Jamie’s teacher soon realized a lot of families are ashamed, and shy, about their issues at home. They worry about someone taking their children, saying they’re unfit. There is a lot of pride as well, because being poor not only means you have to maintain a roof over your family’s head—but you have to make sure bills are paid, Sometimes to buy food, you have to buy food that’s not healthy. By the end of the month, you’re running low, because you just don’t have the money to maintain the whole month.

Living wages really need to become living wages so parents can earn enough to feed their families. Universal free school breakfasts and school lunches should be in every public classroom in the world. If we have all this money to fund sports stadiums and tax cuts for the rich, we have enough money for meals.

The Lanark County Food Bank offers a number of services to help struggling neighbors along the upward climb toward a better life.


Circumstances that bring people in vary, but changes in employment are the primary cause. Employment changes can mean ends just don’t meet anymore. While the Lanark County Food Bank can provide immediate relief from hunger, they also need stronger support services to help people regain their ability to provide for themselves. With everyone’s help the darkness of the moon could possibly turn in to smiles of sunlight for everyone in Lanark County.


Support your local Food Bank

Photos used were by Robin Andrews


16 September, 2015 ~ 27 September, 2015 Norah Rosamond Hughes Gallery

A photographic exhibit by 5iz
5 Mississippi Mills based, creative photographers
5 unique, divergent styles
5 years of lively monthly critiques
5 award winning portfolios of work
Culminating in one not-to-be missed exhibit with something for everyone!

The 5iz photographic collective have been meeting for years. With lively critiques, and highly divergent styles their premier exhibit could only be called “Madly off in all Directions” (with a nod to Lorne Elliot and Stephen Leacock).

This exhibit promises something for everyone, from the stunning global landscapes and wildlife imagery of Bill Pratt and Bill Young, to the masterful creative eye of Dale Dunning, the refined imagery of Rod Trider, to Robin Andrew’s playful whimsy.

Meet the 5iz collective:

Robin Andrew – Founder of Unposed photography. Photographer of “Nudes of Mississippi Mills” calendar
Dale Dunning – Sculptor and artist with shows and exhibitions across North America
Bill Pratt – Renowned Canadian and international wildlife photographer
Rod Trider – Photographic based artist, international photographic judge and master-printer
Bill Young – 2014 RA Photo Club Photographer of the year and multi-time award winner

Can You Eat on $29 A Week? – Gwyneth Paltrow Bails for Licorce


Gwyneth Paltrow called her separation from her husband Chris Martin conscious uncoupling. I guess she called her just failed “all you can eat for $29 a week” challenge conscious unpooring.

Really, I could not do this challenge properly and I should not knock anyone that tried. Really, I shouldn’t — but this is just sitting there like a ripe pimple waiting to be plucked. More people absolutely need to know about others that are suffering from hunger so that they will begin to think about what people need.  Gwinnie could have not done anything, had her fabulous diet of macrobiotic fabulousness and been spared all the vitriol. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t–I guess. But, Gwyneth Paltrow lasted 4 days as a poor person, caving to cravings that included chicken and black licorice.

What a flipping joke! Scallions-kale-limes? Seriously? Where is the Mac N Cheese, beans, rice and Hamburger Helper? Why not just pair up with someone in need and see what reality is?  Or, how about a six figure ANONYMOUS donation to a major food bank?

The Goopster attempted to live on $29 a week, like someone on food stamps. Her food selections were not exactly the staple of the needy — cilantro, avocados, scallions, kale and limes. Nobody eating on $29 per week is spending a good chunk of it on 9 limes…unless the other $26 is going for gin. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe someone with Paltrow’s resources couldn’t hire a dietitian or a nutritionist to provide a meal plan and shopping list for food items that were inexpensive, filling and nutritious. That would be more helpful than her patting herself on the back and sharing how hungry she was over the course of the week. Oh hell, you can buy a lot of Top Raman for 29 bucks, and I’d like to introduce Ms. Paltrow to the pasta aisle. I spent a lot of time there when I was a youngin’.

But it all went to hell when she just had to have chicken, fresh vegetables and more. She posted on Goop, “in fully transparency … half a bag of black licorice.”

One woman’s nadir of narcissism for the time capsule: “in fully transparency … half a bag of black licorice.”

Gwyneth gave herself a C minus. On Wednesday, her rep said …”She already finished the challenge last week.” The rep never mentioned she fell 3 days short. But Gwyneth herself admits she’s really bad at poor.She needs to feel the fear of the $29 not making it a full week, or the worry and sorrow that her children may have to go to bed hungry a few nights.

I know–people complain about the way things are, and how sometimes it seems as though nobody cares. Yet, here is a person who does, and the best I can collectively come up with is anger, and harsh words… for shame!   For shame? I guess- but, live it for 6 months Gwyneth– without all your money and “HELP” then you can come back and TWEET all you have learned. And afterward, I am sure she will raving once again about yet another $2000 a day juice cleanse on Goop.

I’m done. But, this gives me another chance of reminding everyone about our local food bank, and that’s a good thing.

 Lanark County Food Bank:

Address: 5 Allan St, Carleton Place, ON
Phone:(613) 257-8546
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
“Communities without Hunger“  is their mission is to provide safe and nutritional food assistance to persons in need  Remember that 1st Annual hike for Hunger is Saturday May 2nd 1-4pm at the Goodwood Marsh Trail in Beckwith.

All donations are welcomed (except expired, opened, or homemade food). They often have a need for certain items, depending on the month or season. Here’s their most recent top 10 items they need to replenish at the food bank: