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Ernest Kennings — Home Boy — British Home Children

Ernest Kennings — Home Boy — British Home Children
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
14 Sep 1898, Wed  •  Page 3

“When I could not go to school my stipend from the Home was stopped. Mr. Bradley was supposed to pay $125 over three years into a fund controlled by the Home. I am supposed to receive this money after I reached the age of 21. One thing that bothers me is Mr. Bradley had a son and a daughter–why did they want me?

I worked all day for the man while his children went to school, and I was younger than them. The only time I got to go to school was when the weather was too cold to work outside! I fell out of favour with the life I had and left.”

Name:Ernest Kennings
Arrival Age:11
Birth Year:abt 1885
Departure Port:Liverpool, England; Londonderry, Ireland
Arrival Date:8 Aug 1896
Arrival Port:Quebec, Quebec, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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The trail ended there…:(

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