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Describing Photos- thanks to Cathy & Terry Machin

Describing Photos- thanks to Cathy & Terry Machin
Photo-Thanks to Cathy and Terry Machin these are local photos in the Ottawa Valley–I am quite sure these are Dugald New from CP when he was working with the loggers in Ottawa and just outside with the Moore logging company– Circa 1907

A lot of rain had run into the furrows from the west side of the creek- it was a slop hole now. I’m counting on the cows wantin’ to get out and I guess it’s about time to let old … the western edge of the homestead, a place he’d concentrated the plowing. When they got to the plowed swath the horses were mired in the mud up over their grith straps. Two men were still stuck in the mud with the horses and the rest had fled into the trees“- Cracker Justice –By Janet Post

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Photo-Thanks to Cathy and Terry Machin–these are local photos in the Ottawa Valley

During World War II, my dad junked out the steam engine this gear came from and sold it for scrap iron. He used this gear for a base for a mailbox stand. That’s how it was preserved.

Before they scrapped the engine, they used it to smoke meat. When they butchered, they hung the bacon and hams in front, and burned wood to smoke the meat. They would hang the country hams on a chain upstairs and my brother would use his jack knife to cut a chunk off the ham when he wanted a chew of ham.

As boys, my brother and I took the engine’s brass pieces to school and donated them to the war effort. I still have the engine’s original state inspector’s certificate; it was dated 1918.-Lawrence Torske, McIntosh, Minnesota

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Clippings from the Train Stations in Carleton Place

Clippings from the Train Stations in Carleton Place



Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Did you know that prior to 1923, anyone taking the train in Carleton Place would have left from this station? It was known as the Carleton Junction and was located on Franktown Road, right where Tim Horton’s is today. The stone station across the street that’s now the home of The Ginger Cafe was not built until 1923. The Mystery Streets of Carleton Place– Where was the First Train Station?

I will keep adding to this as I go through my newspaper archives.



Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum



Image may contain: sky, house, tree and outdoor

Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


You could even catch a stagecoach ride to the Mississippi Hotel–Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


 - The C. P. R. haa mde some interior slter.tlon....

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  19 Feb 1906, Mon,  Page 5


 - Held on Charges Of Shopbreaking At Carleton...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  09 Dec 1939, Sat,  Page 32


 - Carleton Place Carleton Place, Aug. 29. There...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  29 Aug 1899, Tue,  Page 3


 - 10 Tons of Pig Iron Stolen From Flat Car In...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  17 Dec 1948, Fri,  Page 1


The Ottawa Journal Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Fri, Aug 19, 1898 – Page 7
The 2 men on the right were retired CPR Trainmen. Horace St. Germaine and Ted Voyce– Photo Joann Voyce
Photo Ted Hurdis.. 
Image may contain: one or more people, snow and outdoor
Carleton Place station


June 6 1882–The keeper of the refreshment room of the CPR at Carleton Place has applied for a beer license and -a lucky bidder at a sale of unclaimed goods at the C. P. R. station got 1,100 yards of dress goods for $12 50. Photo–1901-Carleton Place Train Station


March 22 1872- J. L. Murphy is selling at Carleton Place, 72 village lots, near Canada Central .Station. .Sale April 2, Tuesday, at Cornell’s Hotel. .J. A. Wright, auctioneer


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Llew Lloyd—View from Bell Street 1957
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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 19 Feb 1906, Mon, Page 5

Marge Mitchell —My Aunt lived on Judson Street and the train tracks were about 60 feet from her house…there were so many trains whizzing by everyday. We loved seeing them and ran up to the station and sat on the benches and watched these mighty iron beasts. Such a fabulous memory of old time Carleton Place.





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