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It’s All About Love at Slackoni’s in Carleton Place



You can feel the love when you walk into Slackoni’s. That means once you enter their breath-taking dining room or have an event catered, you suddenly become Italian. Italian food is all about ingredients, and it’s not fussy, and it’s not fancy, and it’s home.  Slackoni’s goal is to make Italian food beautiful and tasty, with simple ingredients. If they can’t find those ingredients for a particular dish they serve, you might not see that selection for a bit. It’s all about the ultimate dining experience.

The love had to start somewhere, and Rob Slack’s roots began at The Olive Garden in their corporate offices. He took a break for a few years before he got involved with The Leather Works, and then it was on to the legendary Cobotto’s. But, we are not here to talk about the past, and Rob sold his shares for a piece of the old stone building on Mill Street situated right at the falls. The restaurant itself has great character and atmosphere, but there is more to the house that Slackoni’s built.


Rob took his time when it came to opening his business. A few opportunities came and went, and after an 18 year wait he opened Slackoni’s.  The food is fresh, delicious, old world, and each signature item on the menu has been tested. Did you know their lasagna and each layer of happiness was tested by his kids? For six months those kids sampled every attempt at making the perfect Lasagna until it was a masterpiece. Slackoni’s features both modern and traditional Italian Cuisine with a Mediterranean flair, but expect a few changes to the menu shortly. They will soon be adding a few Southern Italian dishes, and you now that will be all about artichokes.

Easily 75% of Slackoni’s business comes from out of town. They get regulars from Lanark County but also from Kingston, Ottawa-Gatineau and as far away as Wisconsin (when a couple changed their itinerary to visit Slackonis). You won’t hear mention of what rock star or politician came to eat, as the proprietors of Slackonis are usually on site and do every thing they can to make your meal enjoyable– and keep the gossip down. Each meal is made fresh when you order it. It is not pre-made and heated, so naturally it takes a little longer.  Rob is usually around and if you have any questions/concerns/allergies he is always accommodating.

Not only are there generous portions of excellent Italian food, Rob’s team with Janet Bova and Rick beside him make him not sweat the small stuff. They do a lot of things for our community they don’t advertise or really talk about. It’s just what they do. It’s a rare treat when you find a restaurant with exceptional ambiance, friendly and knowledgeable servers, and great food.  As someone said:

“Rob is no chump when it comes to satisfying the taste buds”. 

Rob said it is a challenge to try and hit the dynamics of the town. Not many people stay in town to eat when everything they need is in their back yard. He laments that the restaurants of Carleton Place don’t work together with any sort of a restaurant association to bring more business to town. If he had a magic wand downtown Carleton Place would become like Sparks Street in the summer with a closed street and kiosks etc to attract tourists. But that would mean the parking situation would need to be fixed, as many employees park where incoming visitors could be parking.


Years ago Glebe residents complained about noise from the Central Canada Exhibition, especially concerts at night. This issue seems to be presently rearing itself right here in Carleton Place. A  few residents are complaining about restaurant music citing a noise bylaw Rob said. Having a business is rough enough these days. But when you have to tell your wedding party that there will be no music, or there will be no blues playing on both sides of the river during summer months–that is sudden death for any business.There needs to be a working relationship between the community and the restaurants so that everybody can coexist. For this town to succeed we need more feet on the street and businesses having to shut down isn’t a solution. Anyone that thinks a restaurant is easy to run should take a crack at it for a week or two. For 100’s of years there have been noise, smells, and music, and everyone needs to figure out how to bring this community together.

Their wine tasting dinners are exceptional and each course is reported to get better and better. In the warmer months the patio is beautiful and allows you to enjoy the water while you dine. Great beer and wine selection and the specials are always exciting and tasty. The big trouble with Italian food is 3 days later you’re hungry. Well, just a reminder they have a fantastic lunch menu too! Remember Slackoni’s is like family coming over. It’s all about food and comfort!


Fine Italian Cuisine, Wedding Catering & Event Catering in Carleton Place, Ontaro
Slackoni’s features both modern and traditional Italian Cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. We offer a variety of dining experiences, including our wonderful dining room, off-premise and on premise wedding catering and event catering.


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