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A Photo Birthday Message for the Queen-April 21 2016


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A few pictures from last year’s “royal” events in Carleton Place and Almonte.



Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015– Jennifer Fenwick Irwin



Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015- Display from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015



 Almonte Lions Club June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor



Photo-Linda at the Blossom Shop with her hat creation-2015




Have Hat Will Travel — Carleton Place Royal Tea — September 9th

Searching for the Queen in Carleton Place and San Diego — A Photo Album

Electrical Plugs — Hats– and Impressive Men – Putting on the Ritz in Almonte



Have Hat Will Travel — Carleton Place Royal Tea — September 9th



On September 9th, there is a tea in our local Town Hall put on by the town of Carleton Place. It is to celebrate the day her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, becomes the longest reigning Sovereign of Canada.  Seeing I don’t receive mail from Buckingham Palace I was naturally intrigued when I saw the event posted.  Getting an invite to Buckingham Palace isn’t easy, so the Carleton Place town hall it is!

There was no information on dress code, suits, day dresses and hats, uniforms, and I took this to NOT to dig up my old Girl Guide uniform. Not that my left foot could get into it! Dressed in our finest clothes and looking our best, should we travel by foot, or those horse drawn carriages they rent out in Almonte? Like most guests I’ve never had tea with the Queen, but I did catch a fleeting glimpse once of Prince Andrew, or was it Edward, at an RCMP event many moons ago.

download (46)

I am curious as to whether the guests are all vetted before the event because the town of Carleton Place doesn’t want any undesirables, or out-spoken anti-anything, wandering around spreading sedition. That might put a cog in my wheel! For a lady guest, I would suggest wearing a nice dress, but make sure this covers up any unsightly tattoos, I don’t think that the towns officials would care for snarling skull body art.  A hat is a good idea, maybe a fascinator, or something that won’t fall off. Losing a hat, as I have done on several  occasions, might be undignified to some. Speaking of undignified I have constructed my own hat in homage to milliner Philip Treacy, and oh yes, to that Princess Beatrice– one of those crazy royal hat wearers.


Well her hat did get its own Facebook page.:) But it was fun having a reason to make yet another hat.




I thought the paper towel holder made a good hat rest while working on it. It was better than the can opener!


The finished product, give or take a few rhinestones falling off here and there. Yes, those would be Christmas decorations I used. I bought them from the nice ladies at the Calvary Church when they had their garage sale last week. You can do all sorts of things with Martha Stewart products.


See you September 9th at the Carleton Place town hall! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
unnamed (3)

Just heard from Diane and the dress is casual

Hi Linda,

Thank you for posting the invitation to the Tea. Regarding the dress code, it is definitely casual.
Hope to see you at the event.
Dianne Saunders
President IODE Captain Hooper Chapter
Carleton Place

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Electrical Plugs — Hats– and Impressive Men – Putting on the Ritz in Almonte


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The Invitation

images (8)

The Almonte Lions Club invites you to step back in time for a Victorian Tea and Fashion Show on June 13, 2015.

The event will be held at the newly named Octagon Room, formerly the Fairview Manor Dining Hall, 95 Spring Street, Almonte
from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and promises to transport you to a time of china and lace. Attendees are encouraged to wear fascinators, or tea hats and prizes will be awarded for the fanciest and most original designs. Fascinators will also be available for purchase at the door. 
While you dine on a lovingly prepared lunch, fashions from yesteryear will be presented by Vintage Wear of Almonte and fashions for today’s modern woman will be presented by Nancy’s Impressions of Carleton Place.


Henry James once said:

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

The Tea Party is back — and what a Mad Hatter’s Party this was in Almonte!  Read about the Carleton Place Ladies Who Lunch Tea last week here. Where’s next weeks?


The event was held in a retro 60’s designed room called The Octagon Room at the Fairview Manor in Almonte, Ontario. It was packed with hats, gloves and handsome waiters.


It doesn’t  matter if you do not know anyone- you will always find someone you know. Hi Peggy!


More Carleton Place ladies putting on the ritz out of town.


Now who would this hat belong to?


Who knew men knew how to pour tea?


We suggested the silent auction contain these gentlemen instead of books.:) Very delightful!


Nancy Code Miller presents her fashions from Nancy’s Impressions in Carleton Place.


Can we say Flora looks amazing?


Vicki Racey’s Vintagewear from Almonte was next!


Shades of Jackie O!


When we put on our Ladies Who Lunch Tea in Carleton Place last week we found out the restrictions of older buildings early on. We were shocked to find out there were no electrical plugs at the bar and very few in the venue when we began initial planning. There was also no kitchen, and no refrigeration. Sometimes, you have to make choices to have it in a wonderful venue like the Carleton Place Town Hall or the Octagon Room.

The Almonte ladies had the same issues. Very few plugs blew a fuse, and after an initial tea pour, the tea and coffee had to be shipped in via Tim Horton’s. But you know what? If they had not announced it we would have never known. Yesterday, I not only celebrated the Queen’s birthday I also celebrated the Almonte Lion’s Club for their wonderful tea and their professionalism.

Bravo, well done and I look forward to next year!

A 21 gun salute for the Almonte Lions Club and the Queen.


Meet the Tea Lady at the Ladies Who Lunch Event June 6th



Meet Chrisine Toth from Steeped Tea who will be providing the tea at Ladies Who Lunch on June 6th. She  also provided the tea at one of the Victorian Teas at Glanmore Estates in Belleville.

This is why she loves tea.

When I first came across Steeped Tea, I was a bagged tea drinker – I’d never been exposed to the world of loose leaf tea, but I instantly fell in love with the taste, quality and variety of teas available. I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion for tea with YOU!

Growing up in Scotland, I was bred an avid tea granny. When I discovered this company six years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck – to combine a thirst for tea, a creative obsession of theme party planning, and a desire to learn and educate was too good to be true.

I balance being a Mum of three, and a military spouse with my tea business – Steeped Tea allows me the freedom and flexibility to stay home with my children while earning a full-time income working part-time hours as a Senior Group Director with a rapidly expanding TEAm across Ontario and Canada-wide. I’ve been able to work through pregnancy, life with a newborn, and even move my business with my family to Ottawa.

Christine will be serving the Earl Grey de la Creme tea. It is the tea that started the company when the Steeped Tea founders were given a cup of it when they were staying at a bed & breakfast on the east coast nine years ago and Tonia had the passion and vision to share it with her friends and family then created her own direct sales business. Earl Grey de la Creme  is a creamier version of a traditional Earl Grey, with a hint of vanilla making it a smooth sipping tea.

Yum!  Meet Christine June 6th!

High Tea Menu at Ladies Who Lunch Carleton Place June 6th


Ladies Who Lunch June 6th- Carleton Place Town Hall

High Tea Menu By Chef Dusty Pettes from Ballygiblins
Cucumber salad rolls
Roasted red pepper mousse on potato baguette
Avocado wraps
Pinwheel sandwiches
Mini quiche made with local eggs and fresh cheeses
Fluffy Sweet potato biscuits with fresh herb whipped butter & hot pepper marmalade

Dusty Pettes, and Dan— chef extraordinaires from Ballygiblins are also making their Maple Pecan Bars. More desserts choices to come.

The Ginger Cafe are extending their luscious mini chai chocolate delights and Lavender Lemonade to all.

Slackoni’s will be serving mini mouses..delicious chocolate.


Then after the lunch come visit the Museum to get your cards read or visit Springside Hall– all included with your lunch–See you June the 6th..



What Do Sir Wilfred Laurier and Lanark County Women Have in Common?

What Do Sir Wilfred Laurier and Lanark County Women Have in Common?

In 1897 architect George White had a vision of a Richardsonian Romanesque style building for the Town Hall of Carleton Place. For a mere $26,000 he built the breathtaking structure to include a wonderful concert auditorium with a ceiling of pressed metal. Not only was there mosaic encaustic flooring and fancy woodwork, but the Council Chamber was often called the “Red Chamber” because of the fine pine woodwork with a red satin finish.

Sitting on the south shore of the Ontario Mississippi River this building of beauty also held its silent mysteries. There were whispers of a secret window and of course the Carleton Place jail existed in that very building until a new one was built on Coleman Street.

Long before the Town Hall was built, a servant girl at the Leland Hotel, Sarah Marselles, was killed in October of 1873. While attempting to retrieve wood for the stove from a wood box, she inadvertently bumped a loaded rifle which discharged, killing her instantly. Some say a female shadow wanders the Town Hall park at night. Did Sarah find solace in the darkness of this heritage building, or did she just need to hear the peaceful flow of the Mississippi River to calm her soul.

Some visitors have reported the feeling of being watched and there is the odd cold spot and freak gust of wind within the building. There is no doubt the spirits of former prisoners still drift around the corridors of the building seeking some sort of peace. But in reality ‘aren’t ghosts like true love? Everyone talks about them but few have ever seen.’ Maybe they are just running up imaginary stairs for an eternity only to find there will be more to climb to seek what they are looking for.

The auditorium has hosted such notables as Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who spoke in the grand hall during the country’s 1911 election. The town hall was packed that night and ONLY the women that had set up the refreshments and cleaned for the event were allowed to sit in the upper floor and watch the speech– as long as they remained quiet.

M,y how things have changed.

Today in Carleton Place there have been a total of 8 council women and mayors– SINCE 1910 ( I am honoured to be the 8th) read-

Documenting the First Female Councillor in Carleton Place

Linda Seccaspina


Photo by Robert McDonald

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
26 Oct 1904, Wed  •  Page 5