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A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

photo Sarah More

Hi, Linda ~Don’t know if you might be interested in my Grandfather’s poem about the Sixth Line of Ramsay (now called Quarry Road)? In the 1950s, he had a farm there. Other farms on the Sixth Line belonged to McNeely, Rintoul, Thom, Sadler, Burns, Henry, Hilliards, and a new German Family ( see note from Eleanor Rintoul at the bottom) whose name escapes my Mother.  

He went by W.J. Burns. He was a 5th generation resident of Ramsay Township. Am attaching a picture of him. In 1990, my Uncle compiled a small booklet of poems written by W.J. & my Aunt.

Sarah More

Photo- Jayne Henry
Photo Jayne Henry

*Eleanor Rintoul sent this to me.:

Hello Linda,

I’m married to a Rintoul from the 6th line and I have seen that poem before but it was good to be reminded of it.

I knew the German family as I had the two oldest children in school and I know when the Galbraith (S.S.# 5) closed so I thought I would fill in the blanks.

The school closed in 1968 the year Naismith School opened. (I might be off by a year.)

The German family were Matthias and Erma (or Irma) Hauch. I taught the two oldest children Achmed and Rosemarie.

The family moved to a farm near Chesterville and had three more children Harold, Susan and Sandy. I don’t know where they were living when these children were born — whether on the 6th line or after they moved to Chesterville.

Rosemarie was very involved in track and field at North ( or South) Dundas High school and went on to win many awards and trophies.

Check her out on Google.

Eleanor Rintoul

I was Eleanor Clapp when I taught at Galbraith and married Frank Paul (son of Norman Paul, whom I think you knew)

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The Hendry Henry Family– Lanark County–Genealogy Tip

The Hendry Henry Family– Lanark County–Genealogy Tip



 - Ma. Bdwarda haa aald hla milk bn.l naaa to Mr....

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  18 Mar 1907, Mon,  Page 5


I thought initially this was the Henry family so I tagged Jayne Henry on Facebook.  Rachel McRae said– “Just checked with Dad, it was the Hendry’s who were still going by Henry’s at the time”.

So if you are looking for Hendry’s please check the surname of Henry too.




Robert Franklin Hendry, who I believe was born on 05/14/1864 in Carleton Place, Beckwith Twp, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. He is proving to be a difficult man to pin down, as he doesn’t show up in any of the censuses of 1870-1900. I believe he may have been the son of William Hendry and Anne Ritchie, but I can’t substantiate that. His parents are listed as William and Ann Hendry is his marriage certificate.

Robert in the 1891 Census. Unfortunately, he is not with his parents. He appears to be in a boarding house of some kind as the whole census page has it’s residence, no address though.

Hope this helps,
Jane (not related)

1891 Canada Census, St. Andrews Ward, Toronto City, Ontario
Enumerated 11 April 1891
Robert Henry, Male, Age 28, Lodger, Born Canada, Father Born Canada Mother born Canada, Rel: Presb., Occ: Pattern Maker, Can read and write


The grandfather lists William and Ann Hendry as his parents on his marriage certificate. It also lists Carleton Place as his place of birth. Unfortunately, his date of birth is listed as 5 years prior to their marriage. Robert Franklin is never listed with William and Ann in any census. He may have been put up for adoption or he may have been brought up by Margaret Ritchie Campbell, Ann’s oldest sister.