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The Mystery of the Pump Handle — Gatineau Road

The Mystery of the Pump Handle — Gatineau Road

In the late 1870s Mr. David Caves who was a well known farmer who lived on the Gatineau Road just south of Farm Point recounted in years past there was a bit of a mystery on the Gatineau Road just north of Lacharity, which is north of Kirks Ferry.

At one point on the river not far from Lacharity there was a vacant house in the yard of which a water pump sat in the centre. Many folks who passed that house at night declared they heard the pump working. Some went so far asto decalre that on a moonlit night they could actually see the pump handle going without anyone near it.

Peculiar to say that the house did not otherwise have a bad reputation and there was no story connected with the pump that would cause it to be haunted. Yet, so many people heard the pump going at night that the place began to have a “peculiar” name.

Some people may suggest that the wind might have rattled the pump handle, but Mr. Caves said that wasnot the case as the pump handle was heard going on the stillest of nights.

This could have been the reason..

In many cases, the problem stems from a leak in the drop pipe. Other common causes include air leaks in either the impeller or the pump casing, faulty check valves inside of the well pump, or a damaged foot valve at the bottom of the well.


Early Kirks Ferry, Quebec

by Patrick M.O. Evans

Originally researched in March of 1965, much of the information being supplied by Aunt Maud (Brown) which has since been supplemented and corrected where necessary by Arthur Reid, Aunt Maud’s nephew – May 1968. Patrick M. O. Evans

Aunt Maud, living at Kirk’s Ferry, is aged 93 (May 1968). She is the daughter of the late Norman Reid and is the widow of the late Ferguson Brown. She can trace her descent from Philemon Wright, who was her great great grand-father. Strangely enough, Aunt Maud can claim descent from Philemon Wright’s father through two branches of the family tree. This is the result of earlier marriages which permit Aunt Maud to be both the great great granddaughter and great great great granddaughter of Thomas Wright, Philemon’s father, at one and the same time.

Now to the early days of Kirk’s Ferry. From J. L. Gourlay, who in 1896 wrote the “History of the Ottawa Valley” we quote:

“Mr. Thomas Kirk from Londonderry, Ireland, came to the Gatineau shortly after the Blackburns and got land on both sides of the river and at a place where the stream is flat and placid for some distance, a thing not very common on that rapid river, there established what was long known as Kirk’s Ferry. Teams and loads were ferried on a scow. That seems to have ceased as nothing larger than a small boat has been seen there for years. Mrs. Kirk was a Miss Green, whose brother was a shipping merchant of Londonderry. Their family (that is the Thomas Kirks) consisted of eight daughters and two sons. The eldest son was a surveyor and dwelt at Stratford, Ontario. John Kirk, the other son, married a Miss Brooks and lived on the right bank of the river opposite his father.” An old gravestone at Chelsea is marked “Lydia A. Kirk daughter of John and Mary Kirk died September 10, 1869. John and Mary had two other daughters both of whom married. Read the rest here CLICK


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The Limerick Forest Dolls –Low Tide at the Cabbage Patch??


AMayesZing Photography

⚠️⛔ Do Not Tresspass ⛔⚠️

The neighbors are not welcoming to visitors of the dolls. There are trail cams up to catch tresspassers. It can get very wet, marshy and flooded during rainy seasons. Local legend says the old man that owned the property did it to scare away neighbors.The property owner has made it pretty clear. Respect the boundaries. Don’t be an asshole.

Linda says: the story I heard is that people were moving into that area(development) Apparently they didnt want neighbours. I’m not sure how true it is but that’s the story. Quite the anti development protes

Some say… the tourist believed to be haunted by the ghost of a drowned girl and according to local legend the dolls have been heard whispering to one another, moving their head and even opening their eyes.
Some say…in 1951 they nailed the dolls on to the tress to either scare people or neighbours off they’re property .. some say… it’s a doll’s cemetery… 📸🌿🖤 Melanie Ethier Eric Crevier photo

North Grenville Arts Guild

An interesting installation art display of swamp dolls can be found just outside Spencerville, Ontario. The installation was created by Liz Woods of Swamp Doll Studio. Here are a few photos of some fun sketches done recently by some of our members.

Spencerville Ontario????

The original part of Limerick Forest, Limerick South, was settled in the late 1840s by Irish immigrants. However, much of the sandy soils laced by marsh and limestone outcrops proved unsuitable for agriculture. Between 1900 and 1930, many families abandoned their land.

Ed Shutler

In the 1950’s I helped to plant Limerick Forest and over the years have done a lot of hiking and hunting in it. Years ago I found an over-grown cemetery but have never been able to locate it again. There are many stone and split rail fences there as well to show that the land had been worked at one time, but long since abandoned

The Weekly Advance
Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
29 Apr 1909, Thu  •  Page 1


Mystery over horrifying collection of creepy baby dolls found nailed to trees in forest

The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899

Dolls We Have Known and Loved- Photos

Who Were These Live Living Dolls From Carleton Place?

eBay Bans Love Potions, Magic Spells and Curses – Haunted Dolls Okay!

The Story Behind the World’s Most Terrifying Haunted Doll

The Curse of the Old Royal Bank Building in Spencerville


The Legends Behind the Artifacts of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’

The son-in-law of late ‘Conjuring’ demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren goes through the history of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’.

Sorry, The Warren’s Occult Museum is permanently closed.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS ED AND LORRAINE Warren operated for decades as the preeminent voices in the believer community, and their strange career of ghost-hunting and demon-busting is on display in their very own Occult Museum. 

Open since 1952, when the Warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the ever-expanding collection of knick-knacks and artifacts that had been touched by evil is kept in the basement of their own home. When they weren’t delving into high profile cases of demonic mischief as the Amityville haunting (the murderer who claimed demonic possession as his defense) and the exorcism of the witch Bathsheba (a case which was most recently portrayed in the film, “The Conjuring,” which also featured a version of the museum), the Warrens were popular lecturers in their day. Throughout these cases, the Warrens collected trinkets and totems they claim were defiled by evil, locking them in the museum to keep them safe from the public.

The eccentric collection contains everything from an alleged vampire’s coffin to a child’s tombstone used as a satanic altar. Death curses, demon masks, and psychic photographs line the museum’s walls accented by a Halloween store’s bounty of plastic props (assumedly for mood). 

However, the most prevalent item seems to be the cursed Raggedy Ann doll by the name of Annabelle, which was said to have killed a man. Annabelle sits in her glass case, backlit by a haunting red light. 

Looking at the Warrens’ collection, one might begin to think that Hell has a thing for dolls.  

Unfortunately, Ed Warren passed away in 2006, but Lorraine Warren and their son still attend the museum. Whether or not one believes in the paranormal, the Warrens’ Occult Museum may be one of the preeminent chronicles of modern culture’s obsession with the supernatural. Of course, it could also be just a spooky collection of stuff in an older woman’s basement. 

Update March 2018: The museum is currently closed while looking for a new location due to zoning issues.

Update June 2019: Lorraine Warren died April 18, 2019, and the museum has closed.

Stories of a Talking Trudy Doll ..

Stories of a Talking Trudy Doll ..
1954 Almonte Gazette
1954 Christmas Linda Knight Seccaspina– at Grammy Knight’s home on South Street in Cowansville, Quebec.

I don’t have many photos from my childhood, but this photo above is a favourite of mine. I have often wondered what this doll was as I have never come across it in my research journeys until last week. There it was, staring at me from the 1954 pages of the Almonte Gazette. I remember my doll talking, but it wasn’t 24 inches long so I assume it was a fake Trudy doll bought at the local 5 and 10 “The Ritz Store” situated on the Main street in Cowansville, Quebec.

My people didn’t travel much, so my beloved doll was a knock off, just like the knock off purse I got myself last week. But, my friend Stacey says we shouldn’t call anything fake anymore— you call it “designer inspired” as it’s all about the verbiage. Sovthe Trudy doll I had was “designer inspired” LOLOLOL.

This doll meant a lot to me as my mother was in the hospital a lot so she was a constant friend. I even used her on my book about cancer, because I never forgot her.

Trudy is long gone, so when I tried to find about the doll I found out that one of the Trudy dolls became haunted. This is nothing new to me– seriously…. read-The Spirits Are Alive and Well

On one of my excursions, we headed to a well known haunted area of the Maine coast called Wiscasset. Naturally when I saw a lawn sale at a run down house directly next door an old run down cemetary I had to stop. The toys were being ‘sold’ by the girl in the family who was maybe 7. She had all her items displayed on a blanket and was sitting with them. I thought it was strange that she had a doll in a box it didnt go in so I decided to ask this girl about it! I asked how much she wanted for the doll, and asked her if that was her original box, knowing it wasnt.

She looked at me point blank and said: “No, I put her in the box to keep her still at night”. I said, “Well did it work”? She said, “Not until I put the tape on it”. I have left this this taped up and have never opened the box.I could tell this girl was dealing with something supernatural in her life. She felt that whatever entity was in this doll had been contained to the box. There is immediately something scarey or strange about this doll in the box. The box was made of tin & plastic and I did not buy it.

I later saw a similar crazy doll on EBay (in a box) sell for $500.

Double, double, toil and trouble; no more Love Potion Number 9’s but we can still buy these silly dolls. I wonder if the sales of “Jesus or Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich” will now have restrictions? Cheesus Christ!

Well at least each eBay sale is protected through PayPal;  but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scammed by a Craigslist soul. Sadly these people that once bought these new prohibited items are now going to have to settle for an out-of-eBay experience. I used to think these things were scary– I realized real people are LOLOL

The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899

Dolls We Have Known and Loved- Photos

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Did You Know About Dr. Barnardo’s Baby’s Castle? British Home Children — Home Boys

Did You Know About Dr. Barnardo’s Baby’s Castle? British Home Children — Home Boys
Dr Barnardo’s Baby Castle — Real Photo taken by family of the Nigel Klemencic-Puglisevich Photo Collection ( side stairs are no longer there and stone pillars are now covered in trees looking at earler photo below)

Photograph from Edward Jones, a Barnardo child who was sent to live here when his mother died. He was three months old.

Officially opened on August 9th 1886, this Barnardo’s home was opened for the reception of Babies

After arriving by steerage, the children (300-400 per boat) were sent to distributing and receiving homes, such as Fairknowe in BrockvilleMacPherson sisters in Belleville, Dr. Barnardo in Peterborough and Toronto and then sent on to farmers in the area. Although many of the children were poorly treated and abused, some did experience a better life here than if they had remained in the urban slums of England. Many served with the Canadian and British Forces during both World Wars. read-Canadians Just Wanted to Use me as a Scullery-Maid

A Baby Castle? I had written a few stories about Dr. Barnardos but never ever heard of a baby castle, but there was one.

Dr Barnardo’s Homes, Babies Castle, Hawkhurst, Kent

This record is closed

Opening date: 01 January 2041

More information about the Freedom of Information review process

Reference:HO 366/251
Description:Dr Barnardo’s Homes, Babies Castle, Hawkhurst, Kent
Held by:The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department:VH/S/527 (CHR 5733)
Legal status:Public Record(s)
Closure status:Closed Or Retained Document, Open Description
Access conditions:Closed For 75 years
Closure criterion:Contains sensitive personal information where release would distress or endanger an individual who was a minor at date of file
Lord Chancellor’s Instrument:LCI 89 – Series containing both closure and accelerated opening instruments
LCI signed date:1990 October 04
Record opening date:01 January 2041

Morning Post – Tuesday 10 August 1886


Yesterday her Royal Highness the Princess Mary Adelaide visited Hawkhurst, Kent, for the purpose of opening a new institution in connection with the philanthropic work carried on by Dr. Barnardo. The visit was made the occasion of a remarkable display of loyalty by the residents of the surrounding districts. The building opened is termed “Babies Castle,” and the plan for the establishment of the new institution was conceived three years ago, when Mr. Theodore Moilliet bequeathed two villa houses at Hillside, Hawkhurst, to Dr. Barnardo.

Provision was at that time made in these houses for infant children who could be better dealt with there than in the East-end of London, but it was soon found that the old building was too small, and the necessity for a separate building for treating the infectious disorders incident to childhood also became apparent. As a valuable site was included in the original gift, it was eventually resolved to erect a house to accommodate 100 infants and their nurses, and the results of the carrying out of this resolve were inaugurated yesterday by her Royal Highness.

The bulk of the visitors left town by a special train, and the Princess followed in a second special, which arrived at Etchingham Station shortly before four o’clock. Her Royal Highness was received upon the platform by a guard of honour, composed of detachments of the local volunteers. The Princess, who was accompanied bjy Princess Victoria and Princes George and Adolphus of Teck, then entered an open carriage drawn by four grey horses, and with outriders proceeded to Hawkhurst. The scene upon the road was one of remarkable enthusiasm, the villages being gaily decorated, and many triumphal arches marking the line of route.

Upon arriving at the institution the Princess was received by Mr. S. G. Sheppard, chairman of the committee of Dr. Barnardo’s Homes, Viscount and Lady Cranbrook, Dr. Barnardo, and several members of the committee, and was greeted by a royal salute from the West Kent Yeomanry and Hawkhurst Rifle Volunteers. An address of welcome was then presented by the committee to her Royal Highness, who graciously accepted the same; and after a dedicatory prayer had been recited by Archdeacon Harrison, Dr. Barnardo briefly explained to the large company assembled the history and intentions of the institution reminding his hearers that the site had been given by a friend who had been a kind and liberal supporter of the whole work in which he was engaged. The “Babies Castle” was the 30th and last institution established in connection with the homes, and from its operations the best results were anticipated.

Purses containing in the aggregate a sum of upwards of £250 were then presented to the Princess Mary Adelaide, who afterwards formally declared the institution open, and intimated that she desired to become its president. Luncheon was subsequently served, and at the conclusion of the proceedings her Royal Highness and children left for Lord and Lady Cranbrook’s residence near Staplehurst.

The Babies Castle was officially opened on 9th August 1886 this institution was for the reception of babies. In 1908 Babies Castle became a mixed home for children under eight years of age. It was particularly used for babies and young children who, owing to their physical condition, were not suited for boarding out.

On the 21st September 1927 the new extension that had been built was officially opened another outstanding event of that year was the installation of a wireless set which was used for the first time on Christmas Day when the older children listened to the Children’s Service.

In 1964 The Babies Castle was listed as a Nursery with 48 places which was a vast reduction from the early days.

To let you know a little more information we will use the notes of Thomas John Barnardo written about 1887

“Up till the year 1884 the “baby question” met me at every turn in the course of my work, and no answer to its insistent beseeching was possible. I might rescue a family of little girls from circumstances of direct dis*tress, and the Ilford Homes (Barkingside Village) gladly welcomed them; but how about the baby brother?”

So wrote Thomas John Barnardo in about 1887 and the notes give something of the problems he was experiencing in housing destitute children of both sexes. Since The Girls Village Home, Barkingside. (the Ilford Homes, as he describes them), was founded for destitute girls of all ages; the problem of where to house the babies of the male gender, seems to have been really acute, but then he goes on to describe how the problem was eventually solved.

“I need hardly say that I had already placed a baby in every one of the cottages at Ilford, the “mother” of which felt equal to such a responsibility; but this opening was soon ex*hausted, and then what was to be done? I have learned that God never sets His people a problem with*out keeping the answer in waiting, and just when my path seemed hedged with thorns, a way was unex*pectedly opened through the kindness of a friend of long standing, one who has since then, gone to his rest the late Mr. Theodore Moilliet. This gentleman, who owned property at Hawkhurst, offered me the villa of Hillside, consist*ing of two small houses, with the accompanying land, as a free gift to be used for the benefit of the Homes. At that very time my fundamen*tal principle of never refusing admission to desti*tute cases was in imminent danger of break*ing down with regards to the babies. As I have said, most of the Ilford cottages were furnished with a baby, and it seemed impossible to provide for the rescue of several urgently needed cases just then under my observation. How joyfully and thankfully I accepted this timely offer at Hawkhurst can easily there*fore be imagined.”

“The gradual extension of my work brought an even larger number of cases within my purview. When, as during the pe*riod under notice some 7,000 children come under my notice for in*vestigation in a single year, it would, indeed, be strange if not more than thirty babies at anyone time required in*stitutional care. Hence the old trouble began to re-assert itself not very long after the opening of the origi*nal Babies Castle. It was dif*ficult to accommodate sixty babies where there was room for only thirty, as it was to accommodate thirty where there was room for none; and soon an urgent call arose once more for enlarged space at Hawkhurst. Babies – above all, neglected babies – cannot be dealt with rightly … through the mere “by efforts” of Insti*tutions not specially devoted to their rescue. Hence it was definitely decided, after much inconvenience had been ex*perienced, to erect, on the land given, as already de*scribed, a new Babies Castle which should gather in all the waifs whom I find deserted and maimed on the very threshold of life

Have you read???

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Clippings of the Barnardo Home Boys and Girls

Lily Roberts of Drummond The Rest of the Story

Daily News
London, Greater London, England
10 Sep 1897, Fri  •  Page 2-
The Winnipeg Tribune
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
11 Nov 1937, Thu  •  Page 20
The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore, Maryland
19 Oct 1937, Tue  •  Page 1

What does the Baby Castle look like now?

This is what it looks like now. CLICK here

The Jinxed House of Crown Point — Part 2 –After the Benders at the Grierson House

The Jinxed House of Crown Point — Part 2 –After the Benders at the Grierson House
VIEW FROM OTTAWA RIVER-Grierson House at Crown Point photos by Jacquie (Hedley) Emerson, London Ontario

Part 1-The Jinxed House of Crown Point. —

In 2017 I wrote a story about the The Jinxed House of Crown Point. It was a story about a home that certainly had its sinister history. When the Bender family left Kanata in 1975 and moved into the two storey stone structure located near Constance Bay on what is called Crown Point they joked about its haunted history. When they later moved out of the home they no longer joked about the house with a horrible history as many things had happened to them.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12 May 1975, Mon  •  Page 2

You would think that only one or maybe two stories would be necessary to document this house. Like my home, if things go bump in the night, they go bump in the night, and not much you can do about it. In November one of my readers, Lynn Lefevbre sent me a newspaper clipping from the West Carleton News from the late 1990s. It was a story written by Sarah Trant about the old Grierson Home, which is yes, The Jinxed House of Crown Point.

Maybe I should save it for Halloween I thought and it has been sitting in my pile of papers next to my laptop for months. That was until yesterday. Do I believe these stories about haunted and cursed homes? Why yes I do, as I live in one of these ‘shadow homes’. The only spirits in my home have been documented by myself the first week I moved in here, a psychic, a local hospital board member, and a bunch of ladies that like to sage homes to protect them. These spirits have not bothered me much, but they have bothered visitors and the only way my home is cursed is because of the constant things that break down every day and need to be fixed.

Last night, this clipping somehow found its way to the top of my pile and my brain started to wander. I always feel when something like that happens, the story needs to be told as soon as possible. It’s a sign. Doug Hill was the owner of Grierson House in the 90s after the Benders had sold it to him. The Benders had told him about the ghostly presences before he signed the dotted line as they wanted no surprises when he assumed ownership. There was even a clause on the deed of the sale that said: “local law has it that ghostly phenomenon have been noted on the property” Mr. Hill had no issue with the clause and thought it historically interesting for the 150-year-old home. No sign was posted over the property saying: “This is the famous haunted house” –but almost everyone in the area knows exactly where it is OR was. 

In the first few weeks affer the Benders had bought the home, all five family members suffered a mysterious rash which, after several doctors, was diagnosed as poison ivy. Their boat, moored to their dock, disappeared during an overnight storm, never to be seen again. Mrs. Bender’s father died of complications after a cancer operation. An old woman came to the house with a Ouija board and the board insistently pointed to one fact: “There are ghosts here.” 

Then, the worst tragedy of all happened in April of 1975. Their three-year-old daughter Natasha was let out to play. She always played near the house. But this time, for some reason, her footprints in the snow led directly to an open patch of water in the ice-covered Ottawa River. Police divers recovered her body in May of 1975.

Mr. Hill never discounted after occupying the house that things were not going on although he was not aware. He said he was a down to earth person but had heard all the stories the locals provided him with. However, some of his more ‘sensitive guests’ and his children did say they could feel a ‘presence’. A few years ago one of my friends here in Carleton Place told me when she lived near the Grierson house, she could not even turn around in the driveway of the home because she would feel physically sick.

One could say that it might have been mind games but no it was not. Mr. Hill had invited guests over for dinner at one point but was running late. Upon arriving home his guests were not there and after a phone call found out one of them had become desperately afraid and sensed an evil influence as soon as they pulled into his driveway so they turned around and went home. After that Mr. Hill thought maybe an exorcism would be the right way to go but Reverend Peter Coffin who was then Dean of Christ Church Cathedral suggested it might be better not to stir things up.

According to Pat Berney, the former house on Crown Point still exists and is a private home. Hopefully the only evil spirits remaining lie under a coffin shaped rock along with the stories of gold hidden deep under that rock guarded by………… Yes readers, the dots have to remain in the story and we will never know what or whom the gold is guarded by as the story was cut off. Perhaps, that is for the best. My job is done- for now, until “they” call again.

Sandy Kerry on  said: Edit

My name is Sandy Kerry (nee Snyder). My mother is Judy Sprague, daughter of David Shafer Sprague who played football for the Ottawa Rough Riders and is in the hall of fame. He owned this house in 1967. I was 2 when my 4 year old brother and I were sent to play in the snow in March of 1967. We went to the river to walk out to the sailboats and the ice cracked because it was melting. My brother got on shore but I went under. They thought I was dead when they pulled me out but I was in a coma and after being transported to the hospital had a blood transfusion. I am very lucky to have survived. I’m sure I was under much longer than what a person can manage without dying due to the cold but I try not to think about that.

David Sprague had been in the basement with my mother and had just come up the stairs and was at the top but very shaky and my mother had to help him. When he arrived at the top he had a massive coronary heart attack and died. Not long after the house was sold. It must have been 1971 since it was purchased from a sports dealer records state.

I find it interesting that Mandy Bender and I share a similar story though sadly she didn’t survive. I’m so sorry for her family.

I wanted to share this information with you since I believe my grandfather’s spirit may be one that is trapped there.

Sandy Kerry

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Nov 1971, Sat  •  Page 35

2006--“At Crown Point a fine stone home, now occupied by Mr. Al Federer & family, was the eventual home of the large Grierson family. After the Grierson’s, the property served for a time as a tavern and Inn for travelers. It is referred to in the “Carleton Saga” and other writings as the ‘haunted house.’ Apparently, a superstitious innkeeper refused to let a stranded traveller into the inn during a storm night because he thought it was the devil.So, in spite, says the legend, the exhausted wayfarer crawled away to die and returned to haunt the house.” There is also an old family plot is in Crown Point, Dunrobin road, as you come down the last hill before you hit Crown Point Road. Its in the field up the hill to the left.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
05 Jan 2001, Fri  •  Page 65

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Susan14 hours

I believe in this as I was living in West Vancouver on Inglewood we sold the house kids were young the lady across the street 3 houses up the aunt knew me. The new the lady that passed she offered us the house to rent till we found one that we were going to buy again. She moved the furniture from the deceased grandfather that passed in that room, and across the hall the lady his daughter passed recently into a room in the basement and was locked. His workbench was there as he left if full of stuff when he passed years earlier. We moved in put kids in “his room” first night but next day decided to move kids into front room and we moved our bedroom furniture into his bedroom, we had a cat also. Took son to school next morning and daughter to preschool at end of street . After cleaning up etc sat on made bed with the puffy comforter on it (it was Nov) and was reading when I felt something sit down heavy on the end of bed near the door. I jumped up and look at comforter no mark then I looked under the bed, then looked in hallway (knew cat as outside) this happened at night too lots of times, also he would turn off power just for me so I would go down stairs and climb up on his workbench to get to electrical box to switch power back on. I didn’t say anything even when I felt I was being watched more than once. older Brother came for Christmas and we let him have our bedroom the second night , he never swore in front of me, got up next morning and said your fn bedroom is haunted , so I told him and husband who I hadn’t said anything too about this what I had been experiencing since we moved in./ Husband said he experienced haunting in the bedroom on his side of the bed. and didn’t want to say anything to me either. Found out that it was the grandfather who had his bed on a different wall and was not happy it was taken out of the room for sure, I spoke to a couple of the elderly ladies on the block and they said it was him as the daughter mentioned he did was in the house haunting it too. I had no idea. We spoke with the university or something to see what to do. However we moved out the next month ps brother said it went on every night he was in the room for the week too.l I am not joking about this, It was quite an experience and once I will never forget. Lucky the kids were to young . There is lots more of the haunting that he did but too much to put down here.

Lee B Wainwright

Yes, and I along with other members of the local fire department assisted the OPP divers in diving search. The search was hampered by the current along with old wooden structures that we felt may have been part of a large docking station. The search was called off after two or three days. It wasn’t until the next spring that someone spotted a coloured object floating off shore and about a kilometer or more from the original search site. It was a sad day for us and one that will always be remembered.

Architecture Stories: Day of the Dead at Ghostly Atherton House


My name is Dominga de Goni and I was once married to Faxon D. Atherton, who was once a wealthy force to be reckoned with in San Francisco. My family was quite wealthy and although I had my choice of suitors I chose Mr. Atherton as he was a ‘bad boy.’

After the gold rush was over we moved to San Francisco and had 7 lovely children. I was extremely happy in my marriage but my husband was not. He had many extra-marital affairs and left our family often to escape the children and me.


Because I could not control my husband’s philandering, I took control of my own life and ruled my family with an iron fist. Because I felt so helpless I began to spin out of control and treated my son George with great cruelty. My son retreated into a fantasy world, stayed at home and somehow continued to take my abuse. When my husband passed away I decided I needed to escape my home and had Atherton Mansion built for me on the corner of Octavia and California Street.

My son George came with me and ended up marrying a young woman named Gertrude Horn, who was similar to me in personality. He was originally dating her mother 14 years his senior, but when he saw Gertrude her 17-year-old daughter, he ended up marrying her. With both of us women having domineering abusive personalities it was a wonder George did not attempt to kill himself. Oscar Wilde deemed Gertrude similar to an unattractive man and when I introduced to her to famed author Edith Wharton, Gertrude spread rumours that Wharton’s work was plagiarized. They ended up producing two grandchildren, but Gertrude sent my young Granddaughter to relatives so she could spend her time writing. She was so neglectful my grandson died when he was very young.

Dominga De Goni Atherton] — Calisphere

My daughter-in-law ended up being a minor success and wrote over 40 novels (including The Californian) focusing on the lives of domineering women. At this point, when my son’s life became part of her words in print, he decided to become like his late father and left home to find a life in my home country of Chile. George didn’t fare well on the trip and he ended up dying on the ship from kidney failure. In those days they could not turn the ship around so my son was pickled in a rum barrel to preserve him for the trip home.

The barrel was eventually returned to my home but had no identification on it. My butler, attempting to serve rum for dinner, was aghast when he found the late rum-soaked George in the barrel. After the staff dried him up we gave him a proper burial but my son in spirit refused to leave my home. George’s ghost would continually knock on our doors and I felt like I was being watched by an angry presence. In the end I could stand it no more and moved out of the evil house with Gertrude.

We decided never to go back but had great difficulty selling the home as George would not leave. The tenants moved out almost as quickly as they moved in, as they were made extremely uncomfortable by the haunting presence of my son, and his chilling airs. It wasn’t until 1923 when Carrie Rousseau and her fifty cats bought the house that he simmered down. Rousseau was as tough as nails and lived only in the ballroom of the house until 1974.

After Rousseau’s death the mansion was renovated but my son George refused to leave. One will never know what he did all those years when Rousseau lived there. Whether she ignored him or  possibly he could not be heard over the loud mewing of the cats. George remained silent for years.

As I float continually through the air I see the studio apartments of Atherton are always for rent. Obviously George is back as the tenants keep hearing arguing voices, and I assume one probably belongs his wife Gertrude, who came back to help haunt the place. It most certainly is not me although Psychic Sylvia Browne says it is. She described the voices as female spirits that just don’t like men and my silly son has been thrown into the middle of the fray. Of course what does Browne know? Was she not ‘outed’ a few years ago as a fraud?

I rest my case and Happy All Saints Day!

This is a true story..

Images and Text by Linda Seccaspina 2016

The Shadow People of Lake Ave East



Photo from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum– this is 134 not 137


For those who haven’t heard of them, shadow people are human-like shapes seen by people anywhere, any time. They are usually seen first in the peripheral vision and then when one turns his head, these figures disappear or disappear as soon as they realize they have been seen. They are also quite intriguing because they can be seen in cemeteries (often) and people’s homes (modern homes without histories), outdoors and in hospitals. As ludicrous as these descriptions sound, it gets even more eerie when people report that they are so black that they seem to suck the very light out of the spot in which they stand, as if they are solid.

In the 1930’s people claimed the house on Lake Ave East in Carleton Place was so haunted that children were afraid to walk by. It is such and innocent and beautiful home– what could have been wrong? After talking to someone who does not want to be named, I maybe have an answer.

The children that passed by on a daily basis going to school saw what a lot of others did not see. They were called Shadow People. As a 6-year-old child he began to see seeing dark black shadow people walking around inside and outside the home. He also also claimed someone would poke him as he walked by and it hurt. Other children said the same thing and would cross the street so they would not have to walk on the same side of the street as the house.

Shadow People” are dark, transparent and fleeting.  From the stories I’ve read, it’s not uncommon to read that they killed themselves, were in a car accident, were the victim of a homicide, or some other pre-natural death. Even small children who were able to speak to Shadow People said that the reason they were still here is that, “They can’t go to heaven.” In other words, stuck in this lower vibrational realm.

Some Shadow People don’t want to leave until they feel something here is resolved or they are too attached to a person or place. All spirits do have more than one opportunity to move on so it’s a matter of time before they do, with or without our help. They range in color from black, to grey (most often), to white. Some said they appeared in the edges of their vision, and then when they tried to focus on them, they literally run away. The man in question said he thought one followed him home one day.

I was 10 years old, in fourth grade. I awoke with a chill on my feet. Moved a bit to warm myself up, but it didn’t work. I sat up and looked in front of me. There I saw a shadowed figure, the felt and saw the presence of a man. The energy I got from him was sorrow. I was petrified from fear, and masked by sadness. I looked back at the end of my bed and he was gone.”

The explanation we get from skeptics and mainstream science – and who are usually people who have never experienced the shadow people phenomenon – is that it is nothing more than the active human imagination. Was it their minds playing tricks on them… or was it therefore their eyes seeing things in a fraction of a second that were not really there – but merely illusions?

There are a lot of questions about why we’re seeing shadow people as more of a modern phenomenon. One theory that is interesting is that our eyes are used to looking at screens that refresh at fast rates of speed and that perhaps we have retrained our vision to see things in the spectrum we didn’t see before.

So watch what you see when you walk around here and if you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye- it is what it is

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Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum added a new photo.
134 Lake Avenue East

eBay Bans Love Potions, Magic Spells and Curses – Haunted Dolls Okay!

eBay Bans Love Potions, Magic Spells and Curses – Haunted Dolls Okay!


On eBay, a Fantastical, Earnest World of Haunted Dolls | The New Yorker

eBay got out out of the magical Dear Abby business and effective August 30th 2012. The following items will not be allowed to be sold on eBay.

eBay’s new prohibited items list includes: advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic; prayers, blessing services, magic potions, and healing sessions.

Now isn’t that a fine calderon of wolfbane!
All of this sounds like a class action suit to me and they may have shot themselves in the foot. In the late 1980’s the Supreme Court declared Wicca an official religion, right along with all the other mainstream religions. Someone may well sue them for religious discrimination, or put a hex on them if they are not careful. What about perpetual motion machines and magic carpets? God only knows the black market price for polyjuice potion is gonna skyrocket now. However in a change of heart; Ebay will still permit the sale of miracles.

eBay was once in the soul business, and in late July a free-lance writer Lori N tried to sell her soul on the internet auction site. How much is a soul worth? The starting bid was $2000 but eBay quickly kabashed the auction, as according to their selling rules they also do not allow the following:

We don’t allow humans, the human body, or any human body parts or products to be listed on eBay, with two exceptions. Sellers can list items containing human scalp hair, and skulls and skeletons intended for medical use.
Lori had been in a car accident in 2007, and after a three-week coma she woke up suffering from a stroke, broken hip, broken pelvis, leg, collarbone, sternum, ribs, and a collapsed lung. One has to ask if a soul is a human body part and what’s the fresh pack date on it anyways? Not to make light of a bad situation Lori N might have done better had she rented one of her “soles” to the foot fetish crowd.

What I find unusual is eBay did not ban their haunted dolls which I find simply ridiculous. Here are a few that have sold recently:


I would like to introduce you to one of the sweetest little china dolls I have. I found her in a box lot at an auction underneath a few other dolls that were porcelain. I thought she was pretty, and reminded me of the old Victorian dolls. When I picked her up I got such an overwhelming feeling of fear, sadness, alone, and longing. As I sat with her for a moment, I realized that she is so lonely and wants to belong to a family that is happy and loving. I have no idea of maker or how old she might be! She is 14″. She has no name, and the only identifying mark is a tag on her back that says “Reproduction Mary P. Mitchell Knoxville, TN”. But I don’t know if it is a reproduction made in the early 1900s? Or what time period. Her head and shoulders, wrist and hands, and ankles and feet are all china while the rest of her is soft. She is dressed in a beautiful black satin (?) dress of with a lace collar that has become unattached. She does not have a stand. Her hair is gray, which I have never seen on a china doll before, and seems to highlight her rosy cheeks and lips against her white skin. Her eyes are just the most beautiful blue! There are chips on her hair and on her toes. I have tried to show those in the pictures. Her dress shows signs of wear and tear but can be fixed. Overall, she is in GOOD condition and is such a sweet doll in need of a good home.

The doll sold for $1275 last week.

HAUNTED DOLL Metaphysical Psychic VAMPIRE Turning Ritual WARNING sex love beauty



Darla was first conjured and bound to a lifelike figure over 36 years ago by the request of A very
blood wealthy young woman; who so strongly Desired to possess the powerful attributes of the Vampire Characteristic, and was willing to pay any price to obtain it.
Once bound together, this very sultry young woman began to transform in physical appearance very fast. Though she was already very good looking, her features became beyond reality,her dark brown hair took on a more naturally alluring and healthy flow, that couldn’t seem to be flawed even if she tried.

Her teeth quickly sharpened, and strengthened as her need to eat mortal food for nourishment diminished, and her skin became like that of the porcelain doll that was always seen at her side:

Darla sold for $898.00.




Psychic & Paranormal Items for sale | eBay

Haunted Doll in Box from Maine Coast 

I grew up in a very haunted house in Maine. Clocks malfunctioned, bells rang, nightmares, my sibling was pushed down the stairs by… something- and thats just the beginning. My parents sold it because things started to become physical with the some of the female children. We moved to a semi historical home and things settled down – briefly. We later learned several people had died in this house, yet, we did not encounter the same fear or evil as we did from the first house.

As an adult I have spent much time trying to make sense of my childhood home. I have traveled to many haunted places and collected hundreds of haunted items. This has been my hobby for at least a decade. However, it has to stop. Something is in my house and it is scaring my kids to death. My daughter doesnt want to sleep here and I feel guilty. I have decided to sell my collection for the sake of my daughter .My first round of sales will be items from the first house I lived in, as well as some items I got at the Old Sisters Hospital. I will give detailed descriptions as possible on the history of the item or where it came from.

This is a particularly interesting doll. On one of my excursions, we headed to a well known haunted area of the Maine coast called Wiscasset. Naturally when I saw a lawn sale at a run down house directly next door an old run down cemetary I had to stop. The toys were being ‘sold’ by the girl in the family who was maybe 7. She had all her items displayed on a blanket and was sitting with them. I thought it was strange that she had a doll in a box it didnt go in so I decided to ask this girl about it! I asked how much she wanted for the doll, and asked her if that was her original box, knowing it wasnt.

She looked at me point blank and said: No I put her in the box to keep her still at night. I said- well did it work? She said- not until I put the tape on it. I have left this this taped up and have never opened the box. I didnt dust it.I could tell this girl was dealing with something supernatural in her life. She felt that whatever entity was in this doll had been contained to the box. There is immediately something scarey or strange about this doll in the box. The box is made of tin & plastic.

Crazy doll in a box sold for $500.

Double, double, toil and trouble; no more Love Potion Number 9’s but we can still buy these silly dolls. I wonder if the sales of “Jesus or Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich” will now have restrictions? Cheesus Christ!

Well at least each eBay sale is protected through PayPal;  but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scammed by a Craigslist soul. Sadly these people that once bought these new prohibited items are now going to have to settle for an out-of-eBay experience.



Photos from Google

eBay and Haunted Dolls – Cursed and Very Sellable? – Zoomers



eBay and Haunted Dolls – Cursed and Very Sellable? – Zoomers.


“Last year I wrote a story about eBay banning anything to do with love potions, magic spells and curses. After acquiring what I was told was a a haunted doll yesterday I have decided to go all XFiles on Ebay and personally find out if my doll will sell. To catch you up to speed I will refresh your memory about what is sold on the internet giant these days in the way of dolls that are haunted. But dolls…yikes, they’re almost as bad as clowns these days.”