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Carleton Place Fallout– When and Where Does it End?

Carleton Place Fallout– When and Where Does it End?




Yesterday I read a local Carleton Place blog with the choice of words pretty close to what I call Trumpism. I attempt to listen to both sides, but lately in Carleton Place there is an ‘us and them’ and it just seems that the “inner workings of Carleton Place” have fallen to the bottom of the food chain while chaos reigns supreme at the top.

I am not going to post words from this gentleman’s blog called Political Aggression Inciting Violence –but here is the link. The last thing I want is to get into the “middle of it’ as I’d rather write about history and nostalgia. But, I CANNOT as a human being let these words slide. I just can’t!

I would place Las Vegas odds that there are a few truths to his story. But as usual– I feel most of it is just political spin focused on a much admired local citizen, or is it citizens, that has a different opinion than that of the writer.  It is one thing to complain about a tree, storm water management ponds, etc.. but I believe there is no room for something like this in my world. The words seem to border on what I consider is a tantamount to hate speech.

I am now very worried about the upcoming town election and wonder how badly it is going to be out of control in thought, word and deed. How does the town of Carleton Place benefit from this? You tell me. I am sick to death of how people manipulate each other, and how even the best intentions are often laced with ulterior motives pitting us against each other.

Again, none of this helps Carleton Place, and something has to be done. It has all become nothing but a callous political game, and is hurting the town and its citizens. We need to stop these antics and end these tawdry political sideshows with seemingly endless chapters.




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