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Tears– Memories of Hank Williams — Alan Clouthier

Tears– Memories of Hank Williams — Alan Clouthier

The other day I asked readers what song brought tears– Today I received this from Alan Clouthier

In response to your question about a song that brings tears. As I mentioned on your post “The First Fall of Snow” the song is heartbreaking. If your not familiar with it here aware the lyrics. My father would play this song on his felt topped 78 rpm record player. He noticed one time it made me cry so he would not play it if I was around. Vividly recall the yellow and black MGM on the record label.

Author’s Note-

I have to agree with Alan. It is not fun to be motherless any day of the year, but sometimes you have no choice in the matter. Is one ever ready to lose a mother? Mine died of cancer when I was barely 12. Some days I feel I missed out on so much, but because of a kind neighbour named Agnes Rychard in Cowansville, Quebec–a little of my mother was returned to returned to me. To all these women who took the time to befriend a young girl or boy in their time of need I am sending you my heart. If your doors had not been open we would have never become part of your “kitchen table family”. Mine was a table that was filled with comfort food, conversation, accompanied by the songs of Hank Snow and Jim Reeves playing in the background– and that I will never forget.

The First Fall of Snow Hank Williams

I talked with a stranger, so sad and forlorn

His garments were sackcloth, all tattered and torn

He told me a story, of sorrow and woe

His heart went to heaven, at the first fall of snow

He spoke of his angel, a dear baby girl He loved ev’ry footstep, he loved ev’ry curl But she went to heaven, just one year ago

The angels came for her, at the first fall of snow

He still had the dolly that she used to love

He held and caressed it and gazed up above He whispered,

My baby, you’re waiting, I know I’ll bring you, your dolly at the first fall of snow

And there as I listened, my eyes filled with tears

I knew she was part of his happier years

His frail body trembled, he spoke soft and low

I’ll be with my baby at the first fall of snow

I patted his shoulder, my feelings to hide

He couldn’t know I was crying inside

He smiled as we parted, ’cause he didn’t know

That we lost our baby at the first fall of snow.

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