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A Settler’s Love Story

A Settler’s Love Story


November 1897

Twenty-one years ago, in the village of Glengarry county, a young couple plighted their troth, and agreed to share each other’s lives. But at the time it was understood that the engagement was to be a long one, inasmuch as the young man was determined to go west and seek his fortune.

He departed, and the maiden was left alone with her parents to gain what comfort she could from her sweetheart’s letters and a daily glance at his photograph, which was renewed each year. The months rolled on, and grew into years, and still Dame Fortune did not shower her favours upon the young Glengarrian. But his fiancee was willing to wait for him until the good time should arrive, and it came yesterday, when Matthew McCrimmon and May Urquhart were united in matrimony in this city by Rev. Mr. Evans. Time had changed them both, but had not altered their affections.

Mr. McCrimmon arrived in Montreal on Sunday from Seattle, Wash., and put up at the St. James Hotel. He sent word to Miss Urquhart at her home to meet him in this city, and then made all the arrangements for their wedding. The bride elect came to town yesterday morning by the Canada Atlantic train which arrived at Bonaventure depot at 11:30. Mr. McCrimmon was on the platform to meet his bride.

The years that had intervened since they had parted, were bridged by Cupid’s device, and the middle-aged man, who had left his sweetheart when a boy, at once recognized her, even though the score of years had transformed her from a fresh young lassie into a full grown woman. The meeting was a most affecting one. The couple repaired to the St. James, where they had dinner, and at four o’clock went to the clergyman, who compensated for all the years of separation by making them one in the sight of God and man. This morning they left for Rouse’s Point to visit friends, and will next week go out to the bridegroom’s home in Washington Territory, where, it is said, he is comfortably situated so far as worldly means are concerned.



The first Hotel St-James to grace the streets of Montreal was a house of great standing, a place where powdered beauties and important men sipped scotch in the grand ballroom. Built at the turn of the 19th century, the hotel’s main entrance faced the Bonaventure train station. Hotel St-James was noted for its comfort and elegance, a sanctuary for a distinguished clientele.





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