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Seeds of Love–Almonte Cinema – Then and Now




Former O’Brien Theatre, now the home of the HUB, Almonte, Ont.

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The building was also used by Royal Bank before they moved to new Shopping Centre on edge of town. The old theatre has been renovated with offices on second floor and the HUB at the front on first floor.


Photo-Millstone News


Millstone News-At the right is a story about the arrest of the manager of the O’Brien Theatre in town, after he claimed to have been attacked and robbed after leaving the theatre with the night’s receipts. The police weren’t buying that story, apparently.



Interior of O’Brien Theatre- Almonte- Almonte.com


Before it was the small theatre that brought them to Almonte- now it’s Hallmark and Lifetime Channel

“Seeds of Love” is a Canadian film being made for the Hallmark Channel.  Although this is a low-budget production, it generates income for many local service industries.  Aside from our lead actresses Ashley Williams and Marilu Henner, all of the actors, producers, and crew members are Canadian.”

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Photos- Linda Seccaspina