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The Gypsies in Almonte — 1933

The Gypsies in Almonte — 1933
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
21 Oct 1933, Sat  •  Page 16

As the caravan of fifteen wagons, women, and children moved down one of the main streets to a vacant lot at the edge of town, it caused “a sensation as it passed. They went to Ottawa and were accused of robbery. Attempts were made by authorities to drive them out of Hull, Quebec, where they were seen bathing near their encampment “in a half-naked condition.” A kidnapping charge was levelled against two Romany men, then dismissed. The Ottawa Children’s Aid Society was summoned when someone thought two of the children had skin too fair for Roma. (The children proved to be those of Stephen George.) 

The Houston Post
Houston, Texas
24 May 1917, Thu  •  Page 7

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