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Believe it or Not! Tales from Caldwell Elementary School



The Ottawa Journal reported in October 1963 that D. L. Reilly, supervising principal of Carleton Place Public Schools had experienced a one in a million lifetime event. Reilly had spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend hunting grouse around Lanark County without catching sight of any of the elusive birds.

Entering Caldwell Elementary School on the following Tuesday morning Mr. Reilly discovered that a large ruffled grouse had evidently been searching for him during the weekend. The bird had crashed through a double thermoglass window into Mr. Reilly’s office and was lying on the floor near his desk.

I guess the whole story would be similar to the old wives tale about shooting your first turkey.  Yup, that first shot scared the heck out of everyone in the frozen food section. Nothing but total craziness on a dinner plate.