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Finding Treasure — Larry Clark

Finding Treasure — Larry Clark

Finding Treasure– Larry Clark

It was a dark and stormy day and we were enjoying a visit from the grandkids-up to a point, as they started to get a little rambunctious. I had been examining a rat trap that I had purchased, thinking that I might catch whatever critter was getting into the back entrance. I remembered that I had unwittingly put a wallboard over a space in the block wall of the basement bathroom that I had been renovating. Sometime later I remembered that that was where I had hidden a bunch of coins I had been saving. At the time thought, “ well at least they are safe there”, so did nothing about it-until I had this great idea to keep the kids entertained. 

I gathered the kids, showed them the rat trap (a rather huge affair) and told them that it was a “treasure finder”. They were somewhat dubious but followed me upstairs to the bedrooms which we decided would be a good place to start. 

We traipsed all around the house from bedroom to bedroom, room to room with me placing the trap against the wall, moving it from side to side: saying every once in a while, “did you hear that; did you feel something” but all the answers were “no”; still they were entranced. As we made our way slowly to the basement, I mentioned that I thought perhaps the detector was beginning to get warm, -“feel it”. Some said “yes”, the others said “no”. 

As we approached the bathroom door, I said, “This is getting very warm, I hope I can hold on?”  We crowded (all 5 of us) in and I proceeded to check the walls. At one point in this inspection I yelled that the detector was beginning to vibrate, “ i don’t know if I can hold on much longer” and at that point there was a very loud snap and I loudly and excitedly exclaimed, the treasure must be here-somebody get a hammer!” So off one of them went to the workroom, coming back with a hammer and by now the clamour of excitement was such that I thought “why am I doing this-they are just as noisy as before , if not more so”. 

I sent one granddaughter off to find a marker so that we could mark the spot with an X. Having been now prepared, I boosted my 6 year old grandson onto the top of the toilet tank, pointed to the mark and said, “Hit the centre of the X as hard as you can”. Which he did with a mighty whack but barely made a dent. He very reluctantly gave me the hammer and I soon penetrated the wall-all the eyes became like saucers when they realized that I was exposing a very large hole.

 It took some effort to encourage my grandson to put his hand into this very black hole and finally he did. Yelling out suddenly when his hand found  (what turned out to be) a roll of coins (pennies), then another and another.  

Everyone was overly excited, so to calm them down I gave each of them a coin of their choice ( I had some large cents that impressed them). 

Over time they figured out that it was a hoax but they will never forget that occasion. Me, I recovered fairly easily too. (after removing the remainder of the coins, I got that self same hammer and nailed a very nice ornamental wall hanging over the hole. Back to normal-until the next time!