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MasterChef Serves up a Recipe of Sexual Harassment – Zoomers



MasterChef Serves up a Recipe of Sexual Harassment – Zoomers.



“To be fair Chef Gordon Ramsay is not known for being the most warm and cuddly reality TV persona. But now, two former “MasterChef“ contestants have come forward to protest sexual harassment and even physical assault from the judges and staff on the show.

Which one was it? The very round man, the bald creepy looking dude, or the old British windbag.”

Nothing But Kitchen Nightmares! – Zoomers



Nothing But Kitchen Nightmares! – Zoomers.



“I am sure at this point anyone who has internet access has seen last Friday’s nights Kitchen Nightmares featuring Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale AZ, and if you haven’t; I put the videos down below for your entertainment. After viewing the show yesterday I thought I had seen everything— well that is until today.”