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FACT – The Queen is Not Affiliated with Freddie Mercury



When I was a child we had to sing God Save the Queen each and every day at school. When we sang the words: “Long live our Noble Queen”, I always thought it meant she would live a long long time–and she did.

Between Queens Elizabeth and Victoria, one looms larger than the rest — longevity. On Sept. 9, the current Queen will succeed Victoria as the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch after 63 years and 218 days on the throne. The years 1837-1901 brought epic changes to the world, possibly more than any other era in history–so will Elizabeth’s name come to define her era?  I honestly thought she would have retired years ago. Was she worried her son, Prince Charles, would inherit it? Did this thought alone keep her awake at night? Chuck will do just fine, and she knows it. But if you have zero understanding of her and her background, retiring or abdicating is something she would ever do.

Some protest that royalty is irrelevant in today’s world, outdated, and anti-democratic. Celebrating the Queen’s reign might mean nothing unless Donald Trump was involved with it in the United States. In all honesty, I admire this woman for her character and resilience. During WW2 she and her mother stayed with their people. Through all the turbulent years she has remained steadfast in her duty.

No matter how you look at it, Queen Elizabeth is the last of true quality in probably the entire world. She has maintained a dignity and class that has fallen by the wayside among royalty around the world. This has taken great strength of character that few are capable of. For that alone, she deserves to be recognized, respected and admired. After this event will she step down like her parents did and turn over the keys to someone else? I’m sure it will be a heck of a fight, BUT she will retire when she and only she decides.

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On Wednesday I will be at the town hall of Carleton Place at 12pm celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s endurance. Long may she reign. If anything, this is a woman who has never missed a day of work. Hopefully this Wednesday she’ll do some ornate touchdown dance and as today’s youth say: “let her backbone slide” .

God save the Queen!



My Journey to Become the Future Queen Mum of England

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Have Hat Will Travel — Carleton Place Royal Tea — September 9th



On September 9th, there is a tea in our local Town Hall put on by the town of Carleton Place. It is to celebrate the day her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, becomes the longest reigning Sovereign of Canada.  Seeing I don’t receive mail from Buckingham Palace I was naturally intrigued when I saw the event posted.  Getting an invite to Buckingham Palace isn’t easy, so the Carleton Place town hall it is!

There was no information on dress code, suits, day dresses and hats, uniforms, and I took this to NOT to dig up my old Girl Guide uniform. Not that my left foot could get into it! Dressed in our finest clothes and looking our best, should we travel by foot, or those horse drawn carriages they rent out in Almonte? Like most guests I’ve never had tea with the Queen, but I did catch a fleeting glimpse once of Prince Andrew, or was it Edward, at an RCMP event many moons ago.

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I am curious as to whether the guests are all vetted before the event because the town of Carleton Place doesn’t want any undesirables, or out-spoken anti-anything, wandering around spreading sedition. That might put a cog in my wheel! For a lady guest, I would suggest wearing a nice dress, but make sure this covers up any unsightly tattoos, I don’t think that the towns officials would care for snarling skull body art.  A hat is a good idea, maybe a fascinator, or something that won’t fall off. Losing a hat, as I have done on several  occasions, might be undignified to some. Speaking of undignified I have constructed my own hat in homage to milliner Philip Treacy, and oh yes, to that Princess Beatrice– one of those crazy royal hat wearers.


Well her hat did get its own Facebook page.:) But it was fun having a reason to make yet another hat.




I thought the paper towel holder made a good hat rest while working on it. It was better than the can opener!


The finished product, give or take a few rhinestones falling off here and there. Yes, those would be Christmas decorations I used. I bought them from the nice ladies at the Calvary Church when they had their garage sale last week. You can do all sorts of things with Martha Stewart products.


See you September 9th at the Carleton Place town hall! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
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Just heard from Diane and the dress is casual

Hi Linda,

Thank you for posting the invitation to the Tea. Regarding the dress code, it is definitely casual.
Hope to see you at the event.
Dianne Saunders
President IODE Captain Hooper Chapter
Carleton Place

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Consumerism — Then and Now — Junk and Disorderly Sale Carleton Place Museum Photos


Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum Sale June 6th by Linda Seccaspina

Other Photos by  Mail Online



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God Save the Queen– and support our local Museum!