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Gwen Delivers Fresh Bread For My Gut!


Remember our beloved Gwen from The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market? Well you can still see her sometimes down at the Carleton Place pool, but this woman wears many hats. She not only wears a swimmer’s cap, she also wears a chicken lady hat and sells fresh eggs. But of course Gwen would not be the wonder woman she is unless she had a few more hats kicking around, so she also wears a bakers hat.



As you know I suffer from Celiac disease. I cheat, and that is wrong-dead wrong. In fact my body crashed last Wednesday night- not only for the ridiculous writing demand I personally place on myself, but because I had been eating badly. So along comes Gwen with her delicious home made Gluten free bread and saves the day.


Gwen still makes gluten free bread and cakes. She makes a white and a brown and the brown is brilliant. Six bucks a loaf and comparing that to the UDI’s frozen bread it’s a steal! It makes an awesome sandwich and is also dairy free and I would never ever lie to you. It is that fabulous.

Check out her Facebook page-Gwen’s Gluten Free



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