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The Secret Santa of Carleton Place– Peter Porteous

The Secret Santa of Carleton Place– Peter Porteous


written in 2017

Sometimes people that do good things and never get recognized. They stay in the shadows of goodwill doing what they do— and no one ever finds out.



Photos- Theresa Porteous–2017

Sometimes it takes a Mother to recognize what their kids do and speak up for them, which I applaud and agree with 500% like all Mothers. So thanks also goes out to Theresa Porteous for giving this shout out, as otherwise we would never ever know. Got to love Moms!!!



Theresa Porteous wrote:2017

“My son Peter Porteous of All Purpose Towing of Carleton Place creates a toy donation every year and does an amazing job. He gets people to donate toys and money and he matches each donation. I was at his shop today to drop off a couple of toys and was pretty amazed at the amount of toys he has to help families this year. He works hard every year to make this happen”.




Thank you Peter for doing what you do. If everyone did this, there would never be an overlooked child at Christmas. Well done Peter! For that we give you a Carleton Place Lanark County gold star. Let’s all give Peter a big hug and a pat on the back and a big gold star!!


This is 2022!!!!!!


Dave Porteous 2022


A little bit of a brag and I’m sure I’m going to hear about it all day from Peter David Porteous.

I am very lucky to work everyday with my cousin who is probably the most generous and caring dude I know. He has been doing this toy drive for 10 years and matching donations! The toy drive seems to have taken on a life of its own! He showed me a picture from 3 years ago and it’s safe to say this pile is 4 times bigger!

We will be accepting toys at 51 Industrial Ave until November 30th! If you can please help make this the biggest and best toy drive ever!

You can also etransfer to allpurposetowing@hotmail.com

Password: Toys