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Life on the Farm in Photos From Gillies Corners –1950s


Sarah Cavanagh from Carleton Place sent me these pictures yesterday of life on the farm in Gillies Corners. They tell a of hard work like the Edwards family in Carleton Place. Sarah sent along a small photo bio:

“They aren’t too old 1951-55. They are photos from the farm my dad grew up on (and still lives on) in Gillies Corners. 4/5 are from 1955 and picture the family harvesting  the season’s hay. The hay barn in the pictures is still used today. The one (of the 2 men sawing) is from 1951. The little boy on the tractor in the one hay picture from 1955 is my dad at 6yrs old. The women in the house dress unloading the loose hay is my Grandmother (Irene Brown) helping my Grandfather (Bill Stevens). And the 1951 picture is my Grandfather (Bill Stevens) and a neighbor sawing barrels in half with the bucksaw”.






Life in North America in the 50s was dominated by hot and cold wars. This period began in 1950 with the Korean Conflict. It ended with the Vietnam War. And everyone lived with an uneasy Cold War in between when life seemed to teeter on the brink of all-out nuclear attack.there were more immediate concerns, as it may have been for most farm families during this time. They were aware of the world events, but were more concerned with keeping the family and the family farm together. It is pretty evident in these pictures that Sarah’s grandparents felt the same way.