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McCaul Patterson Giles etc Accidents Genealogy 1870s

McCaul Patterson Giles etc Accidents Genealogy 1870s
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Dec 1879, Thu  •  Page 4
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Dec 1879, Mon  •  Page 1

Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Sep 1878, Wed  •  Page 4

The Sad Tale of Alexander Gillies and Peter Peden — READ

Peter Peden funeral card from my personal collection


  • Birthabt 1855 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada3 Sources1855(AGE)
  • Birth of Brother William Peden(1857–1878)abt 1857 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18572
  • Birth of Brother John Peden(1859–1875)abt 1859 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18594
  • Birth of Brother Archibald Peden(1860–)abt 1860 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18605
  • Birth of Brother Alex Peden(1861–)abt 1861 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18616
  • Residence1861 • Lanark, Canada West, Canada1 Source18616
  • Birth of Brother James Carswell Peden(1866–1901)abt 1866 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada186611
  • Birth of Brother Joseph Peden(1866–)abt 1866 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada186611
  • Residence1871 • Ontario, Canada1 Source187116
  • Death of Brother John Peden(1859–1875)30 Jan 1875 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada187520
  • Death of Brother William Peden(1857–1878)8 Sep 1878 • Lanark187823
  • ViewDeath17 Sep 1878 • LanarkDrowned1 Source187823
  • ResidenceOntario, Canada1 Source

Alexander Gillies

Alexander Munroe Gillies
BIRTH PLACE:Carleton Place, Ontario
DEATH DATE:17/09/1878 (17 Sep 1878)
DEATH PLACE:Lanark Ontario Canada
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 Dec 1875, Mon  •  Page 4
Duncan S McLaren
1856Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
30 Apr 1874 (aged 17–18)
Sinclair Pioneer Cemetery
Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

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Ernie Giles Steam Engine Man

Ernie Giles Steam Engine Man

img - 2020-02-03T163652.824

For 76-year-old Ernie Giles of Almonte, the International Plowing Match is a chance to prove that new doesn’t always mean better. Proudly blowing the steam whistle on his 1906 17-horsepower Sawyer Massey steam engine, Giles said, “Nothin’ beats these old engines. They run on wood and water. You can’t be more efficient than that.” At the plowing match’s antique and historic exhibit, about 75 old tractors, steam pumps and threshing mills were polished and gleaming as owners fired them up and demonstrated their skill. Chugging to life, the old engines coughed out black smoke and jerked unsteadily along the grass.

Grey-haired farmers reminisced about the old days as they watched the machines sputter and cough. “I remember using one of those when I was a youngster. They sure gave you a rocky ride,” said Giles, pointing to a passing tractor. Giles was more than happy to talk about his steam engine with interested spectators.



Used for driving grain threshers, filling silos, crushing rock and sawing logs, these engines were popular right through the 1930s, he said. Giles bought his engine from an old Quebec farmer in 1964 and spent three years making new parts, cleaning and restoring it. “This sort of thing has always been in my family. My grandfather had a threshing outfit like this and I remember when I was about five or six I was quite anx ious to use it. “He said I was too young. But now I’ve got my own engine to play with.” Covered with a fine spray of black oil from the engine, Giles pushed back his cap and fondly . patted the steel wheel of the engine. “See the piston moving over here. And down here is where the steam builds up. “I’ve always been fascinated by engines and it’s a real joy just to watch it work.”

Giles said he’s used the engine for threshing several times since he restored it. “It was real old time farming. It took me right back to the ’30s. I could just see myself at 20, threshing the grain. “But back then of course you were lucky if you worked two days a week.” A member of the Golden Triangle Steam and Antique Preservers Association, Giles swears the old engines were better made than the new machines on the market. “They built them big and heavy and well. They were able to handle the job without breaking down every second day.” The noise and the smoke from the old engines were too much for some spectators, however. “I can’t imagine how anybody used one of these and survived,” said Esther Gordonson of Vars. “If the whistles and engine noise didn’t make you deaf, the smoke would kill your lungs.”


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Annie Florence Giles– David Giles– Died at 22 — Genealogy

Annie Florence Giles– David Giles– Died at 22 — Genealogy



Name: Annie Florence Giles
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Church of England
Birth Date: abt 1886
Birth Place: Matty, Ontario
Death Date: 12 Mar 1908
Death Place: Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis Heart Failure

The death occurred here in Almonte of Mrs. David Giles who was Anna Florence Houston, daughter of Mr. John Houston of Appleton. Deceased was married last April, she and her husband residing for a time in *New Ontario but returned to this town during the fall. She suffered from lung trouble and her death at the early age of twenty-two years is bringing sincere sympathy to her husband and relatives, relatives. The funeral will take place today to St. Paul’s Church and cemetery.

In the early 20th century, Northern Ontario was often called “New Ontario”, although this name fell into disuse because of its colonial connotations.


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 14 Mar 1908, Sat,
  3. Page 16

Anna Florence Hueston

mentioned in the record of David John Giles and Anna Florence Hueston

Name David John Giles
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 30 Apr 1907
Event Place North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada
Gender Male
Age 32
Birth Year (Estimated) 1875
Father’s Name Elbert Wm Giles
Mother’s Name Ellen Green
Spouse’s Name Anna Florence Hueston
Spouse’s Gender Female
Spouse’s Age 21
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1886
Spouse’s Father’s Name John H Hueston
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Mary J Manchester

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