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My Madonna Material Girl Life Disappeared Yesterday



Two days ago I finally threw out a drawer of items that have been with me for at least 33 years. I was desperately trying to keep these little Lycra memories but– when the elastic disintegrated under my touch it was time to go to that Madonna landfill in the sky. During my retail reign, price was not an option, and my store Flash Cadilac carried the best in lingerie couture from Aubade in France to the ultimate in trailer trash from some manufacture in Waterloo, Ontario. Bras went from $14.99- $200.00 and certain members of Parliament were regular customers at least once a week.

Why would I even insist keeping all these material memories? I guess because as I age I feel like I am slowly losing my uniqueness.

I adopted dance wear and lingerie as clothing way before it was fashionable, until I saw a revelation one night of an angry looking Isadora Duncan ghost at the foot of my bed. She asked me if I should still be wearing all this Lycra. She also add that if I was still insisting on wearing tube tops then a courtesy “tube top day” warning would be nice. And for God’s sake: NO More Spillage!


Yes, I knew it was over. It was finally time to shelve the Capezio and the disintegrating spandex. Loose clothing was invented for a reason I guess. Now I blend into the crowd through choice. Last Saturday as I was grocery shopping with my Twilight sweatshirt on I heard a couple say,

“That woman is getting ready for Halloween way too early!”

I smiled to myself as I had not heard those words in years.  I think I actually missed hearing them. My favourite style icon of course was, and still is, Madonna. I lived my fashion life the same way she did. If underwear is going to cost that much you might as well wear it as clothing. So as I fondled the brief clothing in my drawer one last time I knew it was time to send them down the Material Girl Road forever. I have always told my kids that is important to be who they want to be, and never ever be who everyone else wants you to be. People should always just learn to express themselves because being original is the best thing you can ever be, because bitch, I am gong down with the ship, no matter what I wear.

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