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15 Hours Until I am Out of Facebook Jail…

15 Hours Until I am Out of Facebook Jail…

If anyone had told me I would be in Facebook Jail for 24 hours I would have laughed. When I got the immediate memo yesterday from Facebook saying I was being sent to the other side of the fence I flipped out– because, yes, it is a real thing that I never ever expected. 

First of all, it was my mistake. I was trying to reply to something funny Shawn Greenberg said on my timeline about voyeurism and bylaws. As I typed out a response including a story I wrote years ago for San Francisco media I accidentally included a ‘shady site’  link.  In fact I am even afraid to type that 4 letter word of what the site was less I get banished again. Anyone that knows me knows I would not do that — but yes, it did indeed happen by adding the four letters .com. Remember that– never post .com without thinking.

I tried to defend my case but Facebook was not having any of it. I had done the big no no for them just like when I posted a silly picture of a man wearing his underwear as a COVID mask last year. I was incited for posting armed robbery photos. You have to love these ‘bots’ they employ. At the flick of a word or photo maybe not intended they shut you down as quick as you can say WD40.

So this morning I sit here not being able to post history and each time I go to ‘like’ something a notice flashes on my screen how much time I have to remain seated in the virtual dugout. In all honesty, it was probably for the best, as I should be resting. Most of you know I had a bad fall at a senior residence three weeks ago. There is no doubt I had some bruised ribs, but there is one that seems to be not healing, so I am having an XRay done today. So yes, I should stop everything and rest. But, that is not who I am — but I do think someone higher than I also had pull in this matter to get me to stop for a few minutes. Maybe it was Zuckerberg himself LOL.

So what’s it like being off of Facebook? The virtual walls are really unsympathetic and how do I really feel? It’s not that I did not resist this morning, pounding and screaming at  Facebook’s imaginary door kind of feeling cut off from the world. In all honesty I really don’t have a problem with shutting down Facebook– what I have a  problem with is something or someone telling me ‘No’ LOL. It was like being grounded by my parents. Let’s be honest at age 69 I still still need to understand what is within my control and what isn’t. It’s that simple.

Being off of Facebook is not quite how it is portrayed on a comedy sitcom, but it’s not far off either. I’ve actually read accounts of people getting so mad at losing privileges like I did– that they set something on fire– or went out and ripped off tags off of  mattresses at local Furniture stores. While I am nowhere near this condition, and I am not going to storm Main Street; I felt I should research some first hand recounts to write this story.

Instead of reading stories about being booted off Facebook I began to read chains of postings on Reddit on what it was like being in a real jail in the States. Well some of those stories are eye openers I tell you, and I will think about soap in a different light– but in reality, isn’t Facebook like a real jail? You sit around, you waste time, and you do have a profile photo/mug shot LOL— but  again I was sober when I accidentally posted the link, and did not set anything on fire.

I realized a long time ago life isn’t all about me. I know what is within my control and what isn’t. I don’t think I have an addiction to Facebook– but what I do have an addiction to is getting as much community history out there as I can— and trying to unite my community to support local and each other. Community is important to me, always has been, and Facebook is an excellent tool to talk with your community.

So next time I have something funny and off colour to say to Shawn Greenberg I will tell him personally, as that is hopefully within Facebook’s  ‘reasonable use’ guidelines.

God Speed Everyone!! See you on the Other Side!