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Isabel Drynan — Bernard Cameron’s OC class

Isabel Drynan — Bernard Cameron’s OC class



Thanks to the scrapbooks of Lucy Connelly Poaps


StanleyBoysGirls.jpgRead more here..

Interesting Tidbits About the Drynan Stanley Family thanks to John Morrow and Rose Mary Sarsfield



Lisa Stanley Sheehan‎ Clayton Ontario History

Gordon and Isabel Drynan and family



Congratulations to Isabel and Gordon Drynan of Almonte, Ont., on their 55th Wedding Anniversary, on June 30th, 1992. Best wishes from your family.

Merchants of Lanark and Renfrew Counties 1850 – Directory Names Names — Genealogy

Merchants of Lanark and Renfrew Counties 1850 – Directory Names Names — Genealogy




      1. Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and theSherbrooke Record and and Screamin’ Mamas (USACome and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place. Tales of Almonte and Arnprior Then and Now.


Carleton Place Directory 1859


    Village of Lanark Business Directory 1886– 1887

    Business Directory for Ferguson Falls 1866

    Farmersville 1859 County Directory (Athens)


    Almonte 1859 Business Directory

    Charleston Lake Village 1800s Directory

    The Tiny Hamlet of Bellamy’s Mills 1851

  2. Business Directory of Carleton Place 1866 and 1867- Any name you recognize?


  3. 1898-1899 Carleton Place Directory

  4. Carleton Place 1903 Business Directory –Names Names Names

Tosh Family Genealogy — Deaths- Adelaide Stuart Gordon

Tosh Family Genealogy — Deaths- Adelaide Stuart Gordon


Thanks to Marg McNeely
Hi Linda
Here is a pic of the Robert and Carrie Tosh family.
The names were Winnard, Carrie, Hartley, Alex, Cephas,
They lived on a farm just outside of Almonte….it’s a red brick just past the Rae Side Road on the way to CP.
Allan Stanley Well well… more family pics. This time the Robert Tosh Family. The boy on the right with my Great grandmother (Caroline) is my grandfather Cephus Tosh. He had a restaurant on Mill Street in the 1950’s.
Anything to add please comment or send photos to sav_77@yahoo.com
Marg McNeely—

Here is a pic from 1924….my sister Mary Tosh was a flower girl for my aunt and uncle Harry and Ruby Nontell who at one time ran a restaurant in Almonte just up from where Stedman’s store was located.

Marg (Tosh) McNeely


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 19 May 1956, Sat,
  3. Page 4

1901 Census

Name: Robert C Tosh
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 41
Birth Day & Month: 11 Jun
Birth Year: 1859
Birthplace: Ontario
Relation to Head of House: Head
Racial or Tribal Origin: Scotch (Scotish)
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Presbyterian
Occupation: Farmer
Province: Ontario
District: Lanark (north/nord)
District Number: 80
Sub-District: Ramsay
Sub-District Number: J-3
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Robert C Tosh 41
Carrie Tosh 37
Robert W Tosh 13
Alex C Tosh 9
Pearl E Tosh 7
Cephas G Tosh 2



Obituary McCormick Pimlott’s Ladies Wear Genealogy

When Comments Turn into Climax Chairs and Donkeys — Samuel Pountney Genealogy

Nelson Affleck Blacksmith Clippings and Genealogy

Janet Jeannette Lawson Tripp Genealogy

Interesting Tidbits About the Drynan Stanley Family thanks to John Morrow and Rose Mary Sarsfield

Interesting Tidbits About the Drynan Stanley Family thanks to John Morrow and Rose Mary Sarsfield



This family portrait features the Edward Stanley family, taken sometime in the early 1900’s. In the back row (left to right) are Elizabeth (Dean) 1880/1963; William 1878/1906; Edmond 1886/1946; Caroline (Richards) 1883/1972. In the middle row are (left to right) Jane Ann (Drynan) 1874/1935; Ellen (Jackson) 1876/1944; Edward 1848/1909 and Elizabeth (Whalen) 1849/1934. In front are (left to right) Jessie (Ritchie) 1888/1984 and Clifford 1891/1972.

Thanks to Isabel (Stanley) Drynan of Almonte for sharing part of her family history with the Almonte Gazette readers.


John Morrow– Jessie Stanley’s married name was Richey, not Ritchie; her daughter Olga Alice Jean Richey 1917-1987 was married to my grand uncle Norman Gilbert Dunlop 1908-2010 from 1946 until her death and they had 4 children; their younger son, Dorald (that’s an R, not an N, in the middle) died at 22 months, I understand from meningitis, but the other three are still living. Howard, Audrey and Dorald were born at the Rosamond Hospital in Almonte. Their younger daughter, Carol (Mrs. Ron Berger of Union Hall) was the first baby born in the Carleton Place hospital. Jessie’s sister Caroline “Carrie” Stanley was married twice, first to my great-grand uncle Charles Norman Dunlop 1875-1921; they had two daughters, Wilhelmina “Winnie” James-Ramsbottom 1915-1993 and Caroline “Carrie” Hudson 1917-1972. Her second husband was John McMunn “Mack” Richards 1886-1951. Since this picture identifies her as Richards the submitter either ignored her first marriage or was unaware of it.

Rose Mary Sarsfield-I’m pretty sure Isabel Drynan was well aware that Caroline Stanley was married twice since Isabel was a daughter of Clifford Stanley, making Caroline her aunt. Since Caroline’s first husband was gone for many years and she was married to my uncle Mac Richards for 27 years she was known as Caroline Richards.

John Morrow I’m sure you’re right Rose Mary Sarsfield. I hope nobody is offended when I draw attention to things like this, and find the added information I try to offer helpful in their own research.



Pic of the Past

Once again this week, we thank Isabel (Stanley) Drynan of Almonte for a family portrait from the early 1900’s. This time it features (left to right) Ed Stanley, Carole (Stanley) Richards, Elizabeth (Stanley) Dean and William Stanley.

Rose Mary Sarsfield-As an aside, after her husband died and she came to Clayton with her little daughters, Caroline Stanley Dunlop wrote my uncle Mac a letter and asked him to marry her. He was a widower, having lost his first wife. My uncle brought the letter to my father and asked him what he should do. My father advised him to go and get to know the lady and then make up his mind. So he did. Mac was by all accounts a wonderful step father to the two little girls.

John Morrow- Wasn’t it rather unusual for a woman to propose to a man in those days? I’m sure it was much more often the other way around.

Rose Mary Sarsfield John Morrow, oh yes it was….but she had two little kids and no means of income so she took a chance and it worked!

John Morrow-That sounds similar to my great-grandmother Margaret Ann “Annie” Hudson’s story. She was married six times, had 4 children by her first husband, John Young, before he died, 9 children with my great-grandfather, Joseph Richard Moreau, before his death, and still had several at home when she married Peter Hollmer in 1903, about 8 months before his death. She married Christopher “Christie” Blair in 1906, when her youngest, Emily, was about 10; he died in 1909. She was widowed for several years then before she married Lucien Bournette in 1918; he died in 1920. She then married Charles Alfred Miller and was with him until her own death in 1925. Mr. Bournette and Mr. Miller were apparently several years younger than her. I have never heard which way the proposals went in her cases, however.


Katherine Ritchie–Audrey was Howard’s wife, Helen and Carol, his sisters. The only one who spelled “Richey” this way was Jessie (Stanley). All the rest spelled it Ritchie as I do.

John has added:

Annie Hudson

Although she only lived in Almonte for a few years herself, my great-grandmother, Margaret Ann “Annie” Hudson has left a bit of a legacy in the town nonetheless with 3 sons raising their families there.

Annie was born 16 Dec 1852 in either Pembroke or Wilberforce Township (sources vary on this) the eldest daughter and eldest child of Robert G. Hudson 1824-1907 and Susannah Smith 1829-1916; she had 8 siblings, 4 brothers, John, Henry Smith, Robert George and William Edwin, and 4 sisters—Permilia (or Amelia), Sarah, Agnes and Martha Emily.

Her first marriage, in 1870 to John Young 1836-1876, produced five children, sons John and Henry Smith and daughters Esther Permilla and Alberta Julia Frances before his death 12 Jun 1876, leaving Annie pregnant with another daughter, Margaret Emil Agnes, born 21 Feb 1877, who it is believed may have been placed for adoption under the circumstances.

Annie’s second, and longest, marriage, on 1 Feb 1879, was to my great-grandfather, Joseph Richard Moreau 1847-1901. Joseph and Annie had 9 children together: Annie Louise 1880-1950; twin sons Robert Francis Bruno “Frank” (my grandfather) 1882-1958 and William Clement “Bill” 1882-1938; Peter Louis 1885-1917; Margaret “Rose” Ann 1886-1927; Joseph Richard (Joe) 1888-1972; Susannah Smith 1890-1917; Albert Edmund Paul (known as Ab or Paul) 1892-1969 and Emily Lucinda Julia 1896-1947.

Joseph Moreau had also been married before and had at least one daughter and there is evidence pointing to the possibility of a son as well.

Her third (and shortest) marriage was to Peter Hollmer 1848-1903, a native of Germany, on 14 Apr 1903 ended only 8 months later on 18 Nov 1903. As this was Mr. Hollmer’s second marriage he brought another earlier family with him as well.

A fourth marriage, to Christopher “Christie” Blair 1847-1909 on 12 Feb 1906 brought her to Almonte for a few years, where according to the story my grandmother Morrow told me she lived on Augusta Street, ironically across Norton Street from where my other grandmother lived around the time I was born and while I was growing up. Grandma also told me Annie had a pet bobcat while she was living there, and to be allowed into her house the bobcat had to be willing to allow you in. Christie Blair’s death on 11 Sep 1909 led to her longest widowhood—8 1/2 years. My grandparents were married in Almonte about 2 1/2 months before Christie Blair’s death.

After this extended widowhood, she married her fifth husband, Lucien Bournette 1861-1920, on 26 Jun 1918 in Nipissing District. This marriage ended 26 Nov 1920 with Lucien Bournette’s death.

Her sixth, and final, marriage was to Charles Alfred Miller ca. 1867-????, on 27 Sep 1923 in North Bay, where she died on 26 Nov 1925.

Her sons Frank, Bill and Joe all settled in Almonte with Frank and his wife Agnes Napier raising a family of 13, 10 girls and three boys; Bill and his wife Vanda Koops had at least 8 children, six of whom lived to adulthood with their youngest daughter, Pearl Mundt, still living at 98; and Joe and his wife Emma Koops (Vanda’s sister) had 2 sons and one daughter. Their sons have both passed on but their daughter, Myrtle Crawford, is still living in her 98th year. (Both ladies live in Almonte.)

Some years ago one of the members of the Upper Ottawa Valley group published a rather scathing article in the Timberline about Annie and her many marriages titled “Much-Married Margaret” which elicited a rebuke from one of our now-deceased former LCGS members, June (Phillips) Bone, then living in Duchess, Alberta, a granddaughter of Annie’s daughter Rose, suggesting the reason for her multiple marriages was the same as Rose Mary Sarsfield suggested was the reason behind her aunt and my great-grandaunt Caroline “Carrie” Stanley-Dunlop-Richards marrying the second time—a lack of suitable opportunities to support herself and her small children in the economy of the day.

Correction-Correction to the names of Norman Dunlop and Olga Richey’s children–the older daughter’s name is Helen, not Audrey. I’m not sure where that mistake came from. (J.M)



No More Wire Fences? John Drynan– 1908

Remember The Super-Sized Family?

Nelson Affleck Blacksmith Clippings and Genealogy

Nelson Affleck Blacksmith Clippings and Genealogy






Nelson John Affleck
Birthdate: November 18, 1872 (81)
Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
Death: December 13, 1953 (81)
Lanark, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Place of Burial: Lanark, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Immediate Family:
Son of “Black Bill” Affleck and Sarah M Affleck
Husband of Annie Penman
Father of Bill Affleck; Mary Affleck; Jean Affleck; Elizabeth Affleck; George Archibald Affleck and 1 other
Brother of Elizabeth Playfair Currie; R. Grant Affleck; Minnie Affleck; Jean Affleck; William Lloyd Affleck and 4 others
Half brother of Jessie Affleck and Amanda Grey Locke
Occupation: Blacksmith / garage owner


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 21 Aug 1924, Thu,
  3. Page 1



Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 24 Jan 1948, Sat,
  3. Page 5



Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 11 Jul 1949, Mon,
  3. Page 8


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 03 Jan 1957, Thu,
  3. Page 28



Words of Mary Borrowman Affleck

Need “BLOOD-LETTING’? Head on Down to the Blacksmith!

  1. The Witch of Plum Hollow and the Blacksmith

  2. The Curious World of Bill Bagg — The Gillies Blacksmith Shop

  3. Walter Cameron the Famous Blacksmith of Fallbrook

  4. The Blacksmiths of Lanark County

The Story of Grace Patterson



28278951_10155599367996886_5754394570099429701_n (1).jpg


In November of 1920 an attempt to set aside a deed of ownership on certain Carleton Place Lake Ave property made by the late Mrs. Jane Nolan to her son. Thomas Frank Nolan, a few days before her death, was made in the Supreme Court of Ontario before Chief Justice Mr. William Meredith this morning. The case was the first on the list for the non-jury session.

The will of Mrs. Nolan, when read, shortly after her death on December 19, 1919 stated that the homestead was left to her daughter. Mrs. M. T. Comrie and Mrs. Lila E. Edwards and the remainder of the estate divided among her four sons.

Frank Nolan produced a deed to the homestead, dated December 3, 1919 in which his mother gave him the property and it is to set aside this deed that his two sons have taken action.

Undue Influence, misrepresentation and fraud are claimed to have been used by Frank Nolan in securing the deed. Dr. R. S. Preston, who attended Mrs. Nolan stated that she was perfectly conscious at the time. The case was proceeding when court adjourned. Mr. A. E Kripp, K.C. MP is acting for the sisters and Mr. W H. Stafford, Almonte, for Mr. Nolan.



I found the clippings below about the case, but never found out who won. Since he listed he was living on Lake Ave in one of the census’s later on, one can assume he kept the Lake Ave properties.  Thomas Franklin Nolan went by the name of Franklin and his occupation was listed as a ‘washer’.

UPDATE- Thanks to Jennifer Fenwick Irwin at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum we have the following.


11 Lake Avenue West, built by Thomas Nolan.

Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 13.jpg

Jennifer Fenwick Irwin– Today is known as 51 Lake Avenue West. 




Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 01 Apr 1920, Thu,
  3. Page 5
  4.  -

    Clipped from

    1. The Ottawa Journal,
    2. 04 Jun 1920, Fri,
    3. Page 2
    4.  -



Name: Jane Nolan (Mother)
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 51
Birth Year: abt 1840
Birthplace: Ireland
Relation to Head-of-house: Wife
Religion: Church of England
French Canadian: No
Spouse’s Name: James S Nolan (carpenter)
Father’s Birth Place: Ireland
Mother’s Birth Place: Ireland
Province: Ontario
District Number: 84
District: Lanark South
Subdistrict: Carleton Place
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age

James S Nolan 50
Jane Nolan 51
Henry Nolan 27
John Nolan 25
Teresa Nolan 19 (sisters in court case)
Lila Nolan 17 (sisters in court case)
Franklin Nolan 13 (Thomas)
Fred Nolan 12
Herbert Nolan 10


Nolan, Lake Ave. Carleton Place. -

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 29 Nov 1904, Tue,
  3. Page 5


Name: Thos Franklin Nolan
Age: 25
Birth Year: abt 1879
Birth Place: Carleton Place, Ontario
Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1904
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: Jos S Nolan
Mother: Jane Cunningham Nolan
Spouse: Estella Agnes Cluff



Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 04 Feb 1942, Wed,
  3. Page 7


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 30 Jul 1943, Fri,
  3. Page 19



Almonte Fire of Nolan’s and Wylie’s Stable

Names Names Names of St. James Carleton Place Genealogy

John Wright Family of Lanark County

John Wright Family of Lanark County

John Wright Family of Lanark County

    John Wright was born 1810 in Armagh Ireland, the son of Samuel Wright born 1782 and died 25 September 1875 and Mary D. “Wright” born 1773 and died 30 November 1866, John died 7 Feb 1898. All were buried in Boyd Cemetery, Innisville, Beckwith Twp. Lanark County. (Lot 2 Concession 12). Headstone inscribed “natives of Armagh Ireland”. John’s wife was Jane Boyd who born in 1813 in Keady Parish, County Armagh. Jane died in ( or near) Carleton Place on 5 November 1889 and was buried with John in the Boyd Cemetery. 

    John Wright was very likely in Ramsay Twp. before 1832 when he married and his son Samuel was born. He was listed in the 1837 Assessment roll of Ramsay Twp. on the East ½ of Lot 5 Concession 1 (100 acres ), 10 acres cleared land and 90 acres uncleared land, 2 males over age 16, 4 males under age 16 and one female over age 16. John purchased Lot 5 Concession 1, from William Kemp on 19 July 1842. Kemp had obtained a Crown deed on the property in 1840 but this was likely a method for John Wright to obtain a deed to the land which he had purchased some time prior to 1837.

    The first Quarterly return of Licenses (sale of liquor) issued for the Bathurst district for 1848 for Ramsay lists 5 people including John Wright. Thus we can assume he was running some type of a inn/hotel at the time. 

    There is no 1842 or 1851 census for Ramsay Twp., but John Wright age 52 occupation farmer is listed in the 1861 Ramsay Township census, also listed his wife, Jane Wright, born Ireland 46 yrs. Housewife and children all born Ontario, James age 20 yrs. Labourer, A. Wright age 18 yrs – Blacksmith, Mary Jane age 17 yrs – Spinster, Elizabeth age 16 yrs – Spinster, M. Wright age 13 yrs – Spinster, George age 11 yrs – School, D. Wright age 9 yrs – School, J. Wright age 8 yrs – School, T. A. Wright age 6 yrs – School.

    At the time of 1871 Ramsay Township census John was a farmer and shoemaker owning 250 acres and still living on Lot 5 Concession 1 Ramsay which is located on the Townline with Lanark Twp. (still Lanark County). 

    The Wright property was across the Townline road from Lot 5 Concession 12 Lanark Twp and was about 8 miles west of Carleton Place. 


1. Samuel Wright born abt 1832 in Ramsay Twp. age 30 in 1861 census, age 39 in 1871 and 49 in 1881 of Westmeath Twp. Renfrew County. He was still in Westmeath Twp. in 1898 when his father died.

2. William Wright born abt 1835 married Jane Thompson. He lived Westmeath Twp. when his father died in 1898 

3. James Wright born about 1841 Ontario, age 20 labourer in 1861 census of Ramsey Twp. Moved from Clare Michigan on 8 Jan 1877 to Cedar (Gladwin City) Michigan and was a shoemaker and ran a hotel. He is listed in the 1880 census of Cedar Village age 35, wife Jennie age 32 and children William F. age 13, Belle J. age 8, and John H age 6. With them was his nephew Robert B. Wright age 20 (son of Samuel). James went to Duluth Wisconsin in 1890 and ran a hotel there. He died there mid October 1909. 

4. Alexander Wright born abt 1843 age 18 (as A. Wright) in 1861 Ramsay Twp. census, blacksmith lived somewhere in US when his father died in 1898. 

5. Mary Jane Wright born abt 1844 age 17 in 1861 Ramsay Twp. census, married 13 March 1863 to John Martin. She lived Westmeath Twp. in 1898 when her father died.  Read more here Mary Jane WRIGHT–1846 – 1924  (~ 77 years)

6. Elizabeth Wright born abt 1845 age 16 in 1861 Ramsay Twp. census married 30 April 1869 to Benjamin Crampton. She lived in Innisville, Lanark County in 1898 when her father died.

7. Margaret Wright born about 1847/1848 married Thomas Warren abt 1865/7. He was born 28 March 1846 Ramsay Twp and died on 11 Nov 1876 of Typhoid in Michigan. He was son of John Warren and Ann Willoughby (the Warren family lived Lot 2 Concession 2 Ramsay Twp.). She was living in Renfrew (likely Town of Renfrew) when her father died in 1898. She died 1 September 1904 at Scintulata, Assiniboine Territory (some 200 miles west of Winnipeg) in a train wreck of the “Imperial” on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Both buried St. Johns Cemetery, Innisville, Drummond Twp., Lanark County. 

8. George Wright born 1849, age 11 in 1861 Ramsay Twp. census. He died 18 January 1924 married Mary Curtis who was born 1864 and who died 6 August 1900 both buried Boyd Cemetery. Purchased the home farm from his father Lot 5 Concession 1 Ramsay Twp., on 12 November 1889 and was living there in 1898 when his father died. 

9. David Boyd Wright born 4 August 1855 in Ramsey Twp. age 9 in 1861 Ramsay Twp. census, 18 in 1871, census 27 in 1881 Ramsay Twp. census. He was married on 10 Sept 1884 in Gladwin Mich toNancy (Nina) Moore who was the daughter of Robert James Moore and Catharine Avery and was born late 1854 in Zorra Twp. Oxford County, Ont. He died June 1931 at Flint Mich and was buried in Gladwin. 

10. Isabelle Wright born abt 1855. She married John Gibson (Ruth Wright) and was living in Kitley, Leeds County in 1898 when her father died. 

11. Sarah Ann Wright, born 1855. Married John Willis of Carleton Place. She died 1937 and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery,  Lanark Twp. John Willis was born abt 1855 and was the son of George and Eliza Willis Lot 12 Concession 11 Beckwith Twp. They were living in or near Carleton Place in 1898 when her father died.


Information supplied by: Robert Moore, 77 Metcalfe Street, St. Thomas, Ontario – N5R 3K6.  

Additional information and references are available from Robert Moore – email: rmoore@wwdc.com


lanark (1)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte


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