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What Happened to Basil Flynn’s Ducks.. ahh Geese?

What Happened to Basil Flynn’s Ducks.. ahh Geese?

These ducks are really geese..

For years I used to drive along William Street looking for these critters as I love animals and Basil Flynn’s flock amazed me. I always used to take photos of them and follow them. I think the reason they did not like me was because I called them ducks. Yes, I am a country girl, but I tend to get certain critters mixed up. These are geese by the way. John Nephin told me so last night. LOLOL. People also posted some great photos and memories so I thought I would document them so everyone will remember them as they exist no more. I took this video in 2011.

Dan Williams-Basil was a good friend of my dad’s. He used to visit us often. A really great guy. For some reason he always called mom Polly.

Kelly NephinThe last 3-4 were there until about 3 years ago. We never saw them again after the flood.

Lorraine NephinWhen Basil passed my dad fed the geese for many years. They would show up at our back door and honk to let him know they were hungry. The local grocery stores would provide them with scrap produce free of charge. When dad passed our kids continued to feed them. Then one day a new couple moved in on William street and they called bylaw and the geese were caged and taken away. They had lived on the river for over 10 years. So sad.

Author’s Note- John Nephin says the ancestry of Basil’s geese flock went on for 30 years on William Street

Joan StearnsLorraine Nephin I never knew what happened to those Geese. We all loved seeing them. And how they would come up from the river every night. How sad that someone would be so small minded.

John Andrew NephinShould have tried to change the bylaws then. Funny to think back that birds have been on the property since I was in high school with multiple generations as the pictures are the children of Basil’s geese.. Please visit change.org to sign the petition

Kelly Nephin

The geese with Evelyn Sadler
Lorraine Nephin Bruce Sadler feeding the Basils Geese

Lorraine Nephin
21h  · 

2008 still there
Greg Nephin
20h  · 

A handsome young lad feeding them

The Neelin Street Geese — Where are They Now?

Basil Flynn of William Street

Construction of 198 William Street– Photos from Greg Nephin

The Neelin Street Geese — Where are They Now?





Photo-Carleton Place Moms


Jennifer Hudebine Derstroff sent me an email about a hot topic on Carleton Place Moms on Facebook last week that was initiated by Tamara Hill. It was all about the two ceramic geese that used to sit in front of a house near the arena on Neelin Street. If my old laptop had not died I would have a picture of those ducks– but nothing is forever right? 

Karen Fleming Ferguson


For those who were asking about the geese, we wanted to let you know that they have settled into their new home at Carleton Place Childcare Services. Staff have organized their clothing and they are now sporting new outfits!






My son Schuyleur loved the Storyland Bunny so much he bought it when Storyland closed and it sits at his car dealership Motorhouse on Highway 7. Some people don’t really get what things mean, and after some complained ‘that it was too scary’  he had to move it over on the side that faces The Thruway restaurant.


Sky and Perry 1990


Sky and Perry 2013



2016 Storyland Bunny at Motorhouse on Highway 7 Carleton Place


The older folk in Carleton Place will remember the Rubber Tree on High Street in the 50s or the Alligator sign that sat in the former clay pits/ swamp just before the corner of McNeely and Lake Ave East where the new condos are.

Thankfully that Alligator sign was saved, and you can still see it in the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum ‘lobby”.  I  got a new sign made up when the other was ‘expropriated’– but Ralph Shaw had to take it down. Again things don’t last forever. 




So what happened to those geese that are no longer sitting on those steps on Neelin Street?  Did the original owners know how many people counted on seeing the geese? Some even said that families used to drive by that house specifically on their way to and from hockey to see what they were wearing.

As the ladies quizzed each other on the Facebook group Kate Lackey mentioned they had been for sale and Kels Uden’s mum had bought them and they were now sitting at the front door of Carleton Place Childcare Services (Arklan) safe and sound. One of them even dons a life jacket now– and believe me these geese have something to wear every single day by looking at the boxes of clothing that came with them!






Photo- Karen Fleming Ferguson

Some memories never fade– and even though things move, or photos are gone- the memories still last forever. We don’t remember days– we remember moments– especially those from our childhood. The Neelin Street Geese now have their very own forever spot and their fans are thrilled. Thanks to all those that cared!

So what do you remember as a child? What thing stands out in your mind as a personal landmark?

I would love to gather all the ‘landmark’ memories you remember– so please post them in the comments below so I can document them. 


My Granddaughter Sophia with them -September 2016



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The William Street Ducks– What Happened to them? Let me guess– they are geese right? LOL



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