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Remembering The Leatherworks in Carleton Place


img (8)

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 27 Oct 1979


Photo from the Waterfront Gastropub 2016


Remember eating at The Leatherworks in the old McNeely tannery that now houses The Waterfront Gastropub? The popular eatery was once owned by Dennis Burn and Terry McDonald.


Photo from the Carleton Place Canadian files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Looking for a picture of Terry please:)


Dennis today from the Leatherworks

Did you know Dennis began his career by washing dishes while still in high school and decided to stick with it. When Burns moved to Carleton Place he and business partner, Terry McDonald decided to open up the Leatherworks.

McDonald was living in Almonte at the time and making trip between the two towns. The two had met at Algonquin College where they had both been enrolled in the hotel/ restaurant business. At the time this newspaper story came out about them they were about to open The Ironworks in Almonte.



Photo from the Carleton Place Canadian files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

The Tannery building at 12 Bell Street in Carleton Place was first built in 1852 (says 1825 in first photo-me thinks someone turned numbers around) by John Murdock, but then was replaced with the stone structure. In 1981, the log addition was built to house the kitchen and pub. In 1991, it opened as The Leatherworks with a patio soon built on.

Today I am remembering their Mississippi Mud Pie–trust me.

Bob Lacey added-there was a third partner involved with the original opening of the Leatherworks that had worked with Denis while they were both at the Lone Star Cafe in Ottawa. Bob Lacey that was involved for the first year and a half, he later became involved with other restaurants in Southern Ontario and then later back in the Ottawa area and was eventually bought out by Terry and Denis



Llew Lloyd– Before it was a restaurant the artist Murray Smith renovated it to use an art studio . An attempt was made to reconstruct a barn on the property closer to Bell that is now used as a parking lot .

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