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That Four Letter Word.. Linda Knight Seccaspina

That Four Letter Word.. Linda Knight Seccaspina

That Four Letter Word.. Linda Knight Seccaspina

I have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or are planning on renovating, you have to admit that IKEA has just about every piece of furniture you’ll ever need–if you can make it out of the store. I can sit for hours and read their old out- of- print catalogues at home and never get bored. Yet, when I enter that store I have to walk miles through areas I have no interest in. But, as I stroll casually through each department I realize the place is nothing but an obstacle course and somehow I find myself yet in another dead end. A dead end I don’t want to be in.

Do you list your next of kin address as IKEA on official documents and do you dream of Swedish meatballs? I have literally seen people bless themselves before entering those blue and yellow holy grail gates. It’s a well known fact that once you’re inside it’s fairly hard to escape, and once you do; you end up with a lot of things you didn’t even know you needed.I’ve heard customers complain about this same issue at Costco too: “Just came for milk and eggs” and $800 later, I still don’t see the milk and eggs. Sometimes I just like to stand in the IKEA parking lot and watch people try to fit everything into their small cars.

I must argue with the person who wrote that anyone that cannot assemble something from IKEA should go back to kindergarten. When no text is used in assembly instructions this should be the first warning that the bed you just bought that morning is not going to be slept in that night. I am sure whomever else is assembling the same product in another part of the world is having the same dilemma. Exactly what is that little illustrated Swedish man pointing at? Is he eating Salmon with Wheat Pilaf?  A word of warning to remember is that your completed furniture is only as good as the “chosen one” who has volunteered to put it together. Welcome to IKEA, the people that sometimes throws in extra instructions, or nuts and bolts to mess with you. How about that Swedish plywood? Or is it really Swedish?

IKEA sells over 16,000 products online, of which they say approximately 9,209 items are now being resold on Kijiji. Half are dresser drawers that are missing knobs which have long fallen off and are lost. Most folks lose the instructions, so you know your end result will look like something conjured up by IKEA hackers working solely with tea lights guiding their way.

IKEA started making homes in Europe in 1996 called “BoKlok”. It was a move to allow first-time home buyers to have a chance at a cheaper place to live. What if the owners of one of these homes divorce? Who gets custody of the Allen wrench? Do they share?  Didn’t that Allen wrench once put together the Eiffel Tower?

In the end it’s about who you want to spend the day at IKEA  with, and the ultimate purpose of going to IKEA remains just as mysterious as the little dots they put over those very strange names. Even IKEA knows the struggle we mortals face when assembling their furniture! I would love to tell you more jokes about IKEA, but in the end the setup is too long and the final product is probably mediocre. 

Yes, IKEA is a wonderful place, and no matter how many times we pay a visit, there always seems to be an endless array of new treasures to discover. Our children no longer want our old sturdy old furniture and antiques and insist on buying new things. I keep telling my kids my furniture was new when I bought it. At the end of the day, one does not simply ‘like’ IKEA – you either live and breathe it, or you don’t speak of it at all. I say everyone’s lips are sealed.

Grandma Bennett’s Furniture for Sale–Bruce Collie

Grandma Bennett’s Furniture for Sale–Bruce Collie


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The family is moving to smaller quarters and they have a dining room hutch and dining room table that Bruce would like to sell.  He and his late wife first purchased our home from my grandmother Bennett and lived there until we moved to Ottawa. The place was fully furnished and we upgraded it over the years.
We did acquire from her a dining room hutch and a dining room table (with 3 extenders). There were chairs but they eventually became ruined with 2 sons always sitting back on them. I would like to sell these pieces of furniture if I can to whomever is interested.
The hutch is about 6 1/2′ high and approx 48″ wide and about 22″ deep. I have enclosed 3 shots.
The table has 2 extenders in it now and the picture shows a table about 6′ long — there is one additional board that comes with it. If anyone is interested, get back to me at this email address. They could drop by and take a look.
Contact Bruce Collie at rb.collie@rogers.com

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Where Was Pinecraft?






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From Mississippi Mills


In 1969 Pine-Craft turned out 500 handcrafted reproductions of early Canadiana reproductions annually for Eastern Canadian furniture markets. Popularity of the pieces resulted in a  5-6 week backlog from the company of 5 carpenters of wood stainers. Ownership of the 7 year-old company had changed in 1968 when Ottawa businessman bought the business from a group of Almonte businessman. Mr. Cook operated all the Four Corners stores in Ottawa.










Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  08 Jun 1962, Fri,  Page 55


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  19 Apr 1971, Mon,  Page 14


MR. JAMES SNEDDEN – The community was deeply saddened on Christmas morning when word was received that James Snedden had passed away in his sleep at his home, 149 Mitcheson St., Almonte, in his 65th year. He was the son of the late William Snedden and Jennie Toshack. In 1941 he married the former Eliza Irene McCann of Pakenham. They lived on the 8th line of Ramsay until a year ago, December 19th, when they moved to their new home in Almonte. When ill health compelled him to give up farming he was employed by Pinecraft Ltd., Almonte. He was a faithful member of Blakeney United Church serving as treasurer and as a member of the Session for a number of years. Besides his wife he leaves to mourn, one son, Bruce and a grandson, David Snedden of Ottawa; three brothers, Wilfred of Almonte; Jack and Alex of Ramsay; one sister, Jean, Mrs. Connor Sutton of Renfrew. One sister, Isabel, Mrs. Arthur Blakeley, predeceased him several years ago. The funeral was held on Wednesday, December 27th, from the Kerry Funeral Home, to Almonte United Church for service conducted by Rev. H. F. Skoutajan and Rev. W. L. Henley of Carleton Place. Pallbearers were six nephews, Bill and David Snedden, Bill Sutton, Hugh Fulton, Earl and Sandy Snedden. Interment was in Auld Kirk Cemetery.



he Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
24 Sep 1980, Wed  •  Page 37


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