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The Young Funeral Home Part 2- The Buchanan Scrapbook

The Young Funeral Home Part 2- The Buchanan Scrapbook
read the one below first and then back up to the second column and then finally number 3

number 3

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Colleen MontgomeryDonald Foster was my uncle. May he rest in peace. It was also Uncle Donnie’s horses that were hitched to the hearse during pioneer days
Amanda Grace Emon
February 19  · 

I actually got to see a horse drawn hearse be used last year and it was amazing!
Blair T. Paul, Artist – Canadian and International
September 17, 2020  · 

I presume that J. Young might have been the father of George Young who operated Young’s Funeral Home when I was a boy in Lanark. This old photo looks like the modern day store front still at this site.

In days gone by George Young sold good quality furniture in this store on George St. When my Dad returned from overseas in WWII he went to George and bought everything he could afford to set up house for my Mom. I think he said that George, who was a very kind man, even threw in a free Marconi radio as a thank you.

Linda GemmillGeorge Young has a furniture store as well as a funeral home. This is the furniture location on George St just north of the bridge on left

Judy ArnottGeorge was an amazing man

Barry BatesWhat’s the funeral home back up in past the United Church used for now? (storage)

Michele ScanlanBarry Bates yes there have been countless people that were taken care of at Young’s including many of my family. It is a shame it is no longer used.

Judy ArnottEveryone from the old Lanark TWS was waked st Youngs. They were family, George, Wilson Creighton and Alex Headrick

Michele ScanlanGeorge Young was a very giving man. I saved his planing mill (I think that’s what it was ) from burning and he told me to go and get what ever I needed for the winter from Don Drysdales store. A new pair of boots kept my feet warm that winter

Wanda LabelleEric bought all his furniture there in 67. George let him pay off a little at a time. He still has all the bills from that time

Emily DesjardinsGeorge let me make payments on a kitchen table set l purchased for my Mom and Dads twenty fifth wedding anniversary and delivered it for me.l was so happy and they were really surprised

Rose MarieMy mother-in-law, Barbara Closs, worked as a live-in house keeper for George and Bessie Young in Lanark in the 40’s (her first job as a teenager). Barbara bought their original bedroom set while she lived with them. We still have this beautiful 4 piece set which is made of black walnut.

True story… Young’s Funeral business in downtown Lanark–Terence Miller said:There was a saying in the valley when a funeral director was spotted downtown, ” look alive lads here comes the undertaker”

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Oct 1963, Fri  •  Page 22

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Dec 1939, Wed  •  Page 6
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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William Patterson — Patterson’s Funeral Home

William Patterson — Patterson’s Funeral Home

Perth Courier, December 25, 1908, page 2

 Mr. William Patterson, of Carleton Place, died in Perth on the 18th Dec.,1908 at the age of 68 years. Deceased was born in Perth, son of the late Charles Patterson, in earlier days one of the best known residents of this town.

When a young man deceased started a furniture and undertaking business in Carleton Place, which he continued until his death, which was caused by blood poisoning following a broken ankle from a fall on the icy pavement.

He leaves a wife, four sons and two daughters. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and was an out-and-out Liberal. He was a nephew of the late Mr. James Patterson of this town and cousin of Mr. George Patterson, deputy attorney general of Manitoba.

The Pattersons were descended on the father’s side from one of Wellington’s Peninsular and Waterloo veterans, Private Patterson, a Scotch soldier in the 37th Regiment.

Spouse:Mary Ann Pattie
Father:Charles Patterson
Mother:Jane Lockhead
Birth:09/10/1840 Carleton Place Lanark Ontario Canada
Death:18/12/1908 Carleton Place Lanark Ontario Canada
Residence:abt 1881 Lanark Ontario Canada
Mary Ann Pattie

Born in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada on 8 March 1845 to David Pattie and Mary Cashon. Mary Ann Pattie married William Patterson and had 7 children. She passed away on 29 May 1934 in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada.

William Patterson – of Carleton Place, Ontario – born 1840 – Married Mary Ann Pattie. Children:

a. William Albert – born 1868 and  died Oct. 15, 1926

b. Minnie – born 1870 and married William Simpson

c. Charles – born 1872 , married Ellen Jane McGee and died June 11, 1932

d. Jennie – born 1874 and married Richard Woolley

e. David Pattie –  born 1876,  married Annie Darou and died March 11, 1921

f. Joseph W. – born 1878 and married Ella Flegg

Archives Ontario

Patterson and Sons
176 Bridge Street in Downtown Carleton Place
William Patterson ran his furniture and undertaking business here beginning in the mid-1890s and the building remained in the family until 1976. Also, in 1976 Alan Barker purchased the business and goodwill of the Patterson Funeral Home of Carleton Place, from 3rd generation owner, Gordon Patterson.

1915 Patterson Funeral Home Account

The furniture and undertaking business of William Patterson and Son was started in Carleton Place in the 1860s. William Patterson (1840-1908) born in Lanark County at Perth son of Charles. William came to Carleton Place at age 22 where he learned the trade of cabinet making under David Hogg.

Before the end of the 1860s, William had established his own furniture making business. He served the Carleton Place militia company on the St. Lawrence from under its Carleton Place officers James C. Poole and John Brown during the Fenian Raid periods of 1866 and 1870. In Carleton
Place he was the first captain of this community’s first fire brigade.

Patterson and Son Funeral Service and Furniture Dealers - Carleton Place,  Ontario - Humorous Combination Businesses on Waymarking.com

The Patterson furniture and undertaking businesses in the Riverside Store building were continued by William’s son Joseph and by Joseph’s son Gordon. At the end of this firm’s business life of over a century, it had occupied for over eighty years the site of this town’s original post office and original general retail business establishment. In 1976 Gordon Patterson sold the store to a newspaper and in 1978 they sold it to Robbie Probert a candle maker from Nova Scotia for $42,500.

The sign was repainted in 2010.

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