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Dale “SCOON” Scott Memorial Bench Update — Town Funding?

Dale “SCOON” Scott Memorial Bench Update — Town Funding?


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GoFund Me Page by Shannon Link Click here

This week I posted about the GoFund me page to raise money for a bench in memory of Dale “Scoon” Scott. As Shannon said: “he was a champion for our town of Carleton Place.  His passion for volunteering was amazing and there were a lot of projects that wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if it weren’t for Dale.”

Many wondered on The Tales of Carleton Place why the town of Carleton Place was not aiding in this fundraiser, as not only was he a champion for this town, he was also Citizen of the Year. So, I sent a note to ALL our council members and Councillor Sean Redmond called me yesterday.

He agreed with what Shannon was doing 500% and when I asked why the town was not aiding the fundraiser he said: ” No one has ever contacted the town about it.”   Maybe someone else has been contacted, but that was the answer I got from Sean as he had no knowledge of it, and Sean has never steered me wrong.

So I am going to send this to Shannon so she knows he can be contacted for help.

Thanks Shannon for doing this and to Sean for his help. It is such and amazing idea!

For Every Mountain –There is a Miracle–Rachel



I can’t remember a time I didn’t know Peter and Cheryl Ferrill. Neighbours for years–it seems like yesterday that their daughters Brittany and Holly would come into my yard and I would watch them play with my sons. If we could only remain so young and innocent– but life goes on. Through the years the girls have grown up, gotten married, and had children. You never ever want anything to happen to the people you know and love. But, everything in life is completely accidental and random– and sometimes bad things happen to very good people.

In July, Holly and Mike’s daughter Rachel, who is barely 4, got diagnosed with ALL leukaemia (Acute_lymphoblastic_leukaemia) which is cancer of the white blood cells. It is one thing to be an adult and hear this diagnosis– but imagine if you are the parents of a young child getting this news. The world is so unpredictable and things happen quickly, unexpectedly, and all of a sudden you are not in control of our own existence– or your childs.

Since the diagnosis Rachel has been at CHEO with her family by her side. She has already had surgery for the bone marrow  and chemo. Rachel has a long road to recovery and is already been such a strong tough child. Maybe even more than you or I might be.

I saw Cheryl a few weeks ago and I just wanted to scream–

Why your granddaughter?

Why Holly and Mike’s child?

The trouble with life is there are no answers– and don’t even attempt to look for them because there are none. Seeing our children in pain is the last thing we want to witness-because whatever pain they feel– well, we feel it at least twice– and we wish it was our own.

So what can I do to help? What can you do to help? Well, we shouldn’t be content to wait and see– all of us need the determination to make the right things happen for this family. People coming together as a community of neighbours is a great start– and if we don’t step up to help, then who will.

No one can fight alone–or should they. Please support the events for our little 4 year-old hero called Rachel who lives in this community and might even be your neighbour. Remember that all of us were born with the ability to change someone’s life–let’s not waste it.



Links you need to click on:

Go Fund Me Page

Love for Rachel Page

Fill the Freezer Page




Event Page


Event Page


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Event Page

So We’re On Smiths Falls!- For the Love of Fort Mac!



Photo– news.nationalpost.com

The Smiths Falls Service Clubs Fundraiser for Fort McMurray Disaster Relief- Friday May 20th!

Dinner & Dance (Spaghetti & Doherty Brothers)

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Royal Canadian Legion


Doors Open 5PM


All proceeds to the Red Cross Disaster Relief

All cash donations accepted with a dollar for dollar Government Match Program


Tickets available at the Legion or any service club members.


So We’re On Almonte!- For the Love of Fort Mac!

Aerial Shots of Carleton Place Cares -Carole and Bill Flint – Sky Pilots of Carleton Place


Jamie Law’s Law & Orders Update




In April Kathy Hicks-Holmes sent me this—We raised $500.00 for Heather and Jamie in a “Paint Night”. Carleton Place Refrigeration & Heating was generous enough to sponsor the Canvases and the artist donated her time and materials.

Jamie Law-April 8th--Thank you everyone for the help on trying to find a Food Trailer / Truck. As of 30 minutes ago I have bought a Food Trailer from an amazing company called
FRENCH FRY TRAILER INC they Are located in Lombardy. The owners of the company are awesome and so great to deal with. I will be putting the Food Trailer on site while we rebuild. I can’t wait to start deep frying stuff again lol


The gofund me page is still going.  Today, give up one cup of coffee and donate that 2-5 bucks for Jamie. It will make a difference. A Huge one!



timthumb (1)

Jamie may have bought a food truck, but that is only the beginning. You remember that Jamie Law’s Law and Orders restaurant suffered a devastating explosion and fire February 2nd, but plans are already under way to bring the popular Innisville business back in a big way. Not only is this a terrific place to eat, but Jamie is a solid corporate citizen as well, having given generously of his time and talents to a number of worthy causes across Lanark County. He joined the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce recently, and is a strong supporter and welcome addition to the Chamber.

Local country singer Brea Lawrenson has several personal connections to Jamie, having been in high school with him at CPHS, and working at The Thirsty Moose together. Music is another common bond between them, too. When Brea expressed her sympathy to Jamie on Facebook, her doubleBack bandmate Roch Lafleur suggested a benefit concert, to help Jamie with the process of getting his restaurant back up and running. People came together very quickly and have been very supportive as this little idea grew.

lawn orders

Bring the entire family out for this afternoon benefit concert! It’s in the upstairs hall at the Carleton Place Arena. Doors open at 12:30. Brea and doubleBack take to the stage at 2:00 PM. Charlie Kitts will the MC for the event.


Cash Bar – Silent Auction – 50/50 Draw by the Carleton Place Civitan

Waterfall Catering will have food available for purchase.

$15 admission and donation jar at the door

Tickets available at Mark’s Cobbler Shop Perth,

Carleton Place Chamber Office,

SRC Music – Carleton Place

Tickets will also be available at the door.

For information please contact Jerry Flynn 613-257-4748 or Dave Hellam 613-253-1485

*Anyone who has auction items to donate to the silent auction, please contact us!



A Few Words from Jamie Law

Want to Know How We did Yesterday? Save Law & Orders UPDATE

The Sad Remains of Law & Orders– Destroyed last Night

Hyddie Hoe is Up for Adoption!


Well that is what I read on her Facebook page! 🙂 I guess you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, right?

Walt Disney once said” All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Well according to Hyddie and The Millstone the Almonte Academy of Dance has the opportunity to send a group of dancers to Disney in Orlando, Florida.  A team of eleven dancers will be representing Almonte on July 6-10, 2016.  These dancers will be dancing in the afternoon Disney parade at Epcot.  In addition, they will be performing one of their competitive numbers on stage.  This performance will showcase dancers from around the world.  It will be an opportunity for the Almonte team to be able to meet other dancers from a variety of studios and share their dance experience and enthusiasm.  This is a once in a lifetime experience and we are very proud that Almonte Academy of Dance has this opportunity to showcase its talented team. – The Millstone


Dance (1)

So what does our gal Hyddie Hoe do? She creates an event to raise money for these kids with Dixie Lane and entertainers from border line to border line (Ontario), featuring variations of Christina Aguilera, to Tina turner, to Bette Midler,

We have Disney characters coming from all over the world, and such amazing and fabulous International Impersonators, SO please get your Tickets cause this is a show like know other and if you miss this!! You going to Kick your ass for not seeing or coming to Disneyland, It is for AN AMAZING Cause, to allow these fine lady and gents to go and have a once in a life time dream come true!!!

SO please Contact  Byron Wilson, Karen Dance, Laura Fluetand we will set up time or they can come to you It does not matter.  It is a $20 donation to have a great night out in Carleton Place, with laughter, and food and interaction with some of the most famous entertainers in Ontario!! You also get to help a local child enjoy a dream of a lifetime
Tickets are on sale so get them while there hot Hugs everyone Cant wait to see you all there MUAH!!!!–Hyddie Hoe



What’s your favourite Disney song? Everybody has one. Maybe it’s that romance ballad that makes you feel all loved up, or that lively number you like to sing at the top of your lungs after you’ve had a couple of drinks, or that gentle one that reminds you of your childhood. Whatever the case, it’s a very personal thing– BUT what you need to do is buy tickets now for this fundraiser. Thanks Hyddie we love ya!

I Wan’na Be Like You when I grow up!

In Memory Of Those That Can’t Wave Back



In reality, curators marketing communications of a museum put a great deal of thought into naming their shows, and the process can take a long time. “The title is your initial marketing hook,” says David Rubin, curator of contemporary art at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Art has become infinitely more “theatrical”, and the elaborate titles of today’s exhibitions are a bit like titles for plays or films. They promise a story, something to relate to. So how do I get your attention to take a few seconds to read about an art auction for a fundraiser for The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum?


Works of art have all been donated and are up for auction to help raise funds to create murals at The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. The Museum is undertaking the “opening up” of 10 sealed up windows on the outside of the building by hiring local artists to create mural panels to fill these spaces. A mix of artists, mediums and subject matter are up for grabs! Funds raised will help the Museum to complete 10 mural panels that will be installed on the building in the summer of 2015. These murals are being produced by members of “Arts Carleton Place”, and will depict the various uses of the building’s history as the Town Hall, a Lock-Up, a School, and now as the local Museum.


Art has shed its wordless purity. Remember those that went to school here and help support this project. The whole idea speaks the language of our town. The Show Is On– Window Art at The Museum– click here.

Help support our Museum for those that went there and can no longer wave back.



                                                                      Carleton Place on the Mississippi
                                                                                    Blaine Cornell

 Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum