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When the Cheese Crashed Through the Floor


The Ottawa Journal October 1969

In 1883 the Big Cheese from Perth crashed through the floor–all 22,000 pounds of it. The floor  boards creaked loudly that day and 11 tons of cheese– 3 days of production from  12 local cheese makers, thudded through the  floor boards at the Chicago World Exposition.

For 7 months that cheese was pressed in anticipation and then hoisted aboard the CPR and shipped to Chicago. Did you know that Sir Thomas Lipton had visions of money and grandeur eyeing that piece of fromage to England? But after it landed in Liverpool, rumours seawater leaking in and the possibility of it being spoiled– well, there was no way old Sir Thomas wanted any part of it.

A. J. Rowson had other plans for the cheese– he actually did send the cheese to London and displayed it on an intersection. The cheese was eventually sliced up and maybe stocked in various pantries for years, maybe decades. However, one piece remained, and it was put in a small glass bottle and places in the Perth Museum. It just goes to show you– when it comes to cheese– it’s always a social event.




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