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What Happened to the Towels in the Soap Box?

What Happened to the Towels in the Soap Box?


Lever Brothers Ltd. has sold 170,000,000 towels in packages of powdered detergent during the last 15 years in Canada, company executives told the Senate-Commons prices committee yesterday. John C. Lockwood, president, said the premium is so popular with housewives that when the company tried to sell the same brand at a lower price, without a towel, sales dropped so rapidly it had to be taken off the market.

Lever Brothers sells the towels and detergents under the Breeze label. It is their biggest and most profitable seller. Soap plus towels top seller .The normal price is higher, to cover the cost of the towels, and the company can’t get as much detergent in the box as it can with other lines not carrying premiums. The towels were bought “by the millions, at a price cheaper than the housewife would pay retail”. To answer complaints that detergents are packed in odd – sized packages, Lever Brothers told the committee they put a new product, Four Square detergent on the market without advertising gimmicks. The Canadian Association of Consumers urged housewives to buy it, but the company took a loss and had to withdraw it.

Dolly Parton said

On being on “The Porter Wagoner Show,” pulling out giant towels from boxes of Breeze detergent.

We used to have to do our own commercials on those shows. But I still have some of those towels that I’ve kept through the years. Those were the days — “And you can only get them in boxes of Breeze!” And honestly, with that towel inside, there probably wasn’t more than half a box of Breeze. But people didn’t care because they were getting something free.

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