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Fred Dunlop 100 years old

Fred Dunlop 100 years old
Fred Dunlop and daughter Joanne Rajguru at Union Hall Almonte with his 1941 airforce photo 

Rose Mary Sarsfield Happy birthday Fred! This is the photo of the veterans from Union Hall. Fred is one of them along with his brother Nelson and sister Edna.

Joanne Rajguru sent this to me this week. Monday, June 15th is her Dad's 100th birthday. Really it is the summer of his 100th.
Sanjay with dad
Things you might not Know about Fred

Fred Dunlop still lives on Townline Rd E Carleton Place in his own home. 

He was born on Wolfe Grove Road Almonte June 15 1920

He is the 9th of 10 children 

Parents were descendants of Scottish presbyterians –William Dunlop & Annie McKay [Middleville]

He did farm labour as a teen for George Robertson and Neil McIntosh

He also spent 2 summers out west harvesting grain 

He later worked  CP Bates & Innes Woolen Mill 13 hr shifts making blankets

He worked at a Canadian Locomotive Company operating a lath

Joined Air Force in 1941, stationed in Moncton  4 years Technician for Aircraft Navigational equipment

After war jobs included:

Watch maker in Pembroke

Machinist in Renfrew

Instrument Technician in Ottawa 

Married Dorothy Smyth in Nov 1953,  built a house himself on Veteran’s Land Act  1/4 acre, Ottawa 

He built and sold two cottages  Rideau Lake, Perth & house in Ottawa

He also supervised construction of house for his Sister Alice McIntosh of Almonte

He worked many years for Computing Devices, Bells Corners while they raised a family  2 daughters and 2 sons –(Joanne,Debbie,John & Scott)

Grandchildren living in many places include Mrs.Kate Wilson in Vancouver,  Dylan Rajguru Victoria,  Darcy Rajguru Toronto, Mrs. Rebekah Depler Kansas ,  Adam Rajguru Montreal,   Anisha Rajguru of Bali Indonesia,  Shannon Alexander & Jessica Galloway,  Ottawa, and John & Katrina Dunlop in CP.

Fred is the last living of all his siblings!  

Some of Fred’s Nieces and nephews include Brian Drummond, Allan McIntosh,  Carol  Berger, Dolly Tashock , Howard  Dunlop of Almonte area , Barry Drummond of Winchester.  Wayne Drummond of Belmont, Donald Cooper  & HELEN JOHNSTON of Carp..,  Steve Drummond of Innisville–

Clayton Ontario History

Posted by R. S. Dunlop: My father, Fred Dunlop, who was born in Union Hall and now lives in Carleton Place. He was out today pruning the row of trees at the back of his yard–

One of my favourite photos May 11 , 2016.. with a 50 year promise made to the Dunlop family. A moment I will never forget in my lifetime. Fred is standing beside his son Scott holding the ribbon on the left in the brown jacket

Happy 100th Birthday: 100 Years Loved, Say Happy Birthday and Show ...
Did you know Fred? If you did can you comment with some memories? Thank you.

Real Arsenault

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Alexander Tsang 5h Happy birthday. On behalf of Edmonton. United Services Institute and Edmonton Salutes Committee, Thank you for your services. 1'

Wayne Drummond My Uncle Fred. Great sense of Humour

Theresa Morin Don’t know Fred, but, Happy 💯th birthday to you!!

Dawn Jones Happy happy birthday!!!

Thelma Dowdall Happy Birthday Fred

Heather Moat Hi Fred; Happy Birthday great man was Mr Dunlop’s homemaker for some time,enjoyed his company! All the best

Barbara James Richardson Happy Birthday to Fred

Maureen Evans Happy a Birthday Fred!


Sandra James Angell Happy 100th Birthday Fred !

John Morrow Fred Dunlop is my grand-uncle, the youngest brother (and second youngest sibling) of my maternal grandmother Effie Ann Robertson, née Dunlop, formerly Cooper. He is the second of the family to reach his 100th birthday, his brother Norman achieving that milestone on January 11, 2008, and dying December 27, 2010, 15 days short of his103rd birthday I was able tp arrange an honorary membership for Uncle Norman in the Dunlop Clan Society based in the United States, but was unable to make a similar connection for Uncle Fred.

Stuart McIntosh I worked with and for Norman in the sixties…nice hardworking man. His sister, Alice was married to Neil McIntosh; again a wonderful hardworking person who donated incredible energy towards church, community and family – especially the McIntosh Clan of which her son is Chieftain. I recall Norman cutting wood at Alice’s during sugar making… very proud to have known them both.

Carol McDonald Des and Jean Moore , my parents knew him.wishing Mr Dunlop a Very Happy Birthday, hope he enjoys a very special time!
Shelley Munro
 Happy birthday Fred!

Susan White Happy Birthday to you Fred, and many more! 

Louise Miles Yes i know Fred through is son John. My dad, Tex Morris knew him too. Happy birthday Fred🎂🥂. Can we say, many more.???

Real Arsenault—From soldier to soldier, have a safe birthday on your 100th survival year, Fred.
Thank you for your years of service.

Linda Nilson-Rogers Thank you Fred! Happy Birthday!

Mike Jones Happy birthday sir

David Coot-

David Coot —Happy Birthday Uncle Fred. Wishing you a great day. As we were not in touch much, I am your sister Effie’s second youngest son. It’s a great milestone to reach the age that you’re at.

Stuart McIntosh Would this be the same Fred Dunlop with the sunglasses in this pic(taken on grain excursion) standing with Bill McIntosh? Clayton Ontario History
Clayton Ontario HistoryStuart McIntosh Both men were working on the Steele family farm on the 8th line of Ramsay when they decided to head west for the harvest.
from Whispering in the Past ( History and Tales of Clayton, Ontario Rose Mary Sarsfield-available at Clayton Store, Millstreet Books in Almonte and from rose@sarsfield.ca
from Whispering in the Past ( History and Tales of Clayton, Ontario Rose Mary Sarsfield-available at Clayton Store, Millstreet Books in Almonte and from rose@sarsfield.ca
from Whispering in the Past ( History and Tales of Clayton, Ontario Rose Mary Sarsfield)–available at Clayton Store, Millstreet Books in Almonte and from rose@sarsfield.ca

Hi Linda,As I posted on the site, Fred is my 2nd cousin, 3x removed. I found out about a month or so ago that I had a set of 5G grandparents that had settled in Lanark Co in 1821, they (Andrew Smith 1778-1845 & Margaret Smith 1786-1871) came over on the George Canning and according to the published history I’ve received they settled on Lot 10, Con 5, Ramsay Twp, Lanark Co).Their daughter, Jane Smith (1805-1889) married Alexander Stevenson (1805-1888). Their oldest daughter, Margaret (1830-1897) is my GGG grandmother. Her sister, Euphemia (1842-1928) married John Liddle Dunlop (1837-1914) and they are Fred Dunlop’s grandparents through his father, William Dunlop (1873-1957) and mother, Anne Alice McKay (1878-1953).I’ve joined the Lanark Co Genealogical Society where I met Fred’s nephew, Don Cooper and his wife, Fran.All the best,Patrick LengyelWinnipeg Canadajwplengyel@shaw.caPS – Margaret married Thomas McFarlane and homesteaded in Mayborough, ON, then East Wawanosh, ON (Huron Co) and a third and final homestead in Carberry, MB (which I am going to visit in 2 days for the first time). Their oldest daughter married my great-great grandfather, John McDonald, in 1878 in East Wawanosh, they moved west with her parents to Carberry and then north to Dauphin in 1894 to their own homestead. From there the trail goes to Prince Alberta, SK and then Flin Flon, MB, where I was born in 1964 to one of their descendants.

Thanks to the town of Carleton Place for this wonderful citation.

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