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Does Anyone Remember Cohen’s in Lanark Village?


Author’s Note-I got an email yesterday from Karen Schiller after she read my story–The Non Kosher Grave   She would love our help.

Please contact me — Linda Seccaspina at sav_77@yahoo.com with any information. Thank you:)


     Photos courtesy and property of Karen Schiller


                                                              F R A N K  C O H E N

He is listed in the Village of Lanark directory of 1888 as having a general store. There were apparently other Jewish merchants such as Goldstein Bros. who are also listed in the 1888 directory. His brother Abraham is listed as a merchant in Brightside.

Frank and Etta had a child who died at birth from prolonged labour on November 18,1888 and and Frank died February 19,1889 apparently from strangulation after drinking milk or water. He was buried in Montreal on February 21,1889. On both death certificates a Dr. Andrew Bradford was the attending physician. Frank’s widow left the village for Ottawa to her mother’s home but later married Frank’s brother William Moses and they returned to the village. William Moses had a store Wm .Cohen on George street until 1932.

I attach a fuzzy picture of William outside the store as well as an old family picture of William, Etta and their children as well as an unidentified older couple taken in
Lanark . (date unknown)


 Photos courtesy and property of Karen Schiller

Here are Karen’s questions and she is hoping someone can help.
1. If there is anyone still live in the Village who remembers the
Cohen store or any of the Jewish merchants . Does anyone know the
exact location of the store on George Street? I have not been able to
find any other Village directories except the one form 1888. The
population of early immigrants to this area was largely Scottish or
Irish and I am trying to find out how the few Jewish families lived
among the majority, whether they were just tolerated, did they mingle
2. Whether there were rail links to and from Lanark at that time. In
other words, was the Village fairly isolated? Would the deceased
Frank or the family have travelled to Ottawa or Montreal just by horse
and buggy? I know that in the early years of the 20th century, William
received goods for the store from Montreal but that was the era of the
3.Does anyone have information about a village school in the late 19th century?

4. Does anyone have any information about or any connection to the
Bradford family so that I can learn more about Dr. Bradford?
I am happy to drive to the Village to meet anyone who has photos,
memories etc, family stories of that era.

Many thanks,


Please contact me — Linda Seccaspina at sav_77@yahoo.com with any information. Thank you:)


 Photos courtesy and property of Karen Schiller



The incredible Jaan Volk once again has come up with information I have forwarded to Karen.

In reply to Karen’s question #2, Lanark village did not have a railway station; however, by 1870 Ottawa was connected to Brockville by the a Canada Central Railway line (later taken over by CPR) through Carleton Place and Smith Falls with a branch from Smith falls to Perth. Perth would have been the nearest station, with Carleton Place second closest.

I also looked at Journal archives.
Have a look at the 1942 obituary of Mrs William M. Cohen, Hattie Perlson.
img (74).jpg
William may well have been Frank’s brother, but this woman could not have been Frank’s widow who had immgrated as his wife; she came to Canada with her parents as a baby about 1872. Perlson is likely changed from Perlstein. I found mention in 1923 of a Mrs. Etta Cohen, then one of the older members of the Rideau St. synagogue.
img (75)
It sounds like two (or more) individuals have been confused. How solid is the information that Frank’s wife was “Etta Perlstein”?

I have also forwarded this to:

Lanark & District Museum

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    Historical Reference Library
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    Media Library
    Series of videos including the 1959 Lanark Fire, Lanark County History of Logging, local parades/socials, interviews with long-time area residents, etc,.
    Series of voice interviews with area resisdents: i.e. Fallbrook Blacksmith Walter Cameron

    Photo Library
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    Regular Exhibits
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    Have a research request? Working on a school project? Please contact us at: lanarkanddistrictmuseum@gmail.com or 613-259-2575. We’re here to help!


Thanks to Claudia Radmore and her sharp eyes we have added this:


A. COHEN’S POPULAR CASH STORE, LANARK VILLAGE. This building was opposite the Post Office in the late 1800’s. They advertised: “The Seven Wonders of the World are Known to All. The Eighth and Greatest is the Immense Bargains in Ready-Made Clothing etc at Cohen’s. THE GREAT CHEAPSIDE of LANARK”. If anyone has any information on this store would love to hear from you.