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Smoke on the Water Walking Tour –The Great Carleton Place Fires


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A look at the darker history of Carleton Place!  Hear about the many Bridge Street fires and the one that almost destroyed the street. This tour follows along the Carleton Place Main Street with stories about the famous Mississippi Hotel Fire that a floor of the hotel was lost forever.  We stop along the way to listen to stories about the various business fires– those that are remembered, and those whose tales are forgotten.

Did you now there is one building that still has a ghost that remains from the ashes of the fire? Hear about the fire at Zion Church and Mrs. James Gillies home across the street that only been built for 3 years. As we walk to the end of Bridge Street we finish on the site of one of the most famous fires– that of Dr. Johnson’s home.

Join us after at Ballygiblin’s where we will share free slabs of locally hot baked bread topped with garlic and mixed cheese accompanied with homemade double smoked bacon jam!

See you then- Wednesday August 19th, at 6:45 P.M. in front of Moore House (170 Bridge Street) across from the Carleton Place Town Hall

Approx Time- 645 P.M- 8 P.M


The Carleton Place Police – Whatcha’ Goin’ to Do When They Come For You?


Play Along With the Pictures





Chief Cornell’s Nightstick-from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Wayne Drummond

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Wayne Drummond’s extremely heavy boots from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum







I found this photo among my Dads things. C. P. Police in 1982 in front of station when still at the townhall.. Fr. Row r/l Brian Sonnenburg, Wayne Drummond, my Dad Chief Ray McIsaac, J. Dezell, Jim Birtch, Back r/l/?, ?, Ronnie Latham, Terry Williams.



1977- Ottawa Citizen

funny cops

Thank you to those who serve and protect- from the Ocean Wave Firemen- to the ambulance drivers to our local OPP detachment. They have a hell of a job to do.

Shawn Lanthier added: “1994 the Carleton Place Police were initially responsible for the investigation of murder when my mother was killed. They worked very hard and were very dedicated to getting justice for our family. It 13 years to finally convict her killer and two officers (Jim Birtch & Dave MacDonald & others) worked full time until the investigation turned to the OPP and eventually our force; they joined the OPP to continue the investigation until they got a conviction twice. To me it’s like yesterday but to others the memory fades.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  12 May 1976, Wed,  Page 86

Photos by Linda Seccaspina from the Carleton Place Canadian -from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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