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Looking for History on this Home – Earl and Ann Somerville?

Looking for History on this Home – Earl and Ann Somerville?

This house was vacant in 2015–I have admired this old house on Drummond Concession 2 since I first laid eyes upon it. The house sits vacant now. Karen Prytula

Author’s Note-

I wish to know if this home is still standing…

Anyone know the history??

Thanks Linda

This could be the original house at the back, or else a summer kitchen added at a later date.

Yes, Once I pin down the actual lot and Concession number….The road is concession II, but I believe the house and land is on concession

Every weekend during the summer the owners were having a yard sale, and were dragging stuff out of the barns and house. I never had the opportunity to stop, the property comes up on you pretty fast, and there was only parking on the side of the road. I almost always had too much traffic behind me to safely pull over. So, I missed my opportunity to talk to the owners. One slow November day, I did pull over, and with no one around, I snapped some pics. These items were left on the porch.

Rose Mary SarsfieldIf this home is the same one as the renovated one in the other photo and it seems likely that it is, this would be Lot 10 Con 2 Drummond. According to land records it was in the Hands family from 1885 until at least 1981.. There appears to have been some severances so without reading all the documentation it is hard to tell whether they owned the entire lot beyond that date. If indeed these are the same properties, the renovation was extremely well done. Land records for Lanark County properties in some cases to the early 1990s may be found online at ONland.ca by searching the Almonte Registry office and going under Historical Books.—

Claudia TaitMaybe a McDonell ?

Ottawa Lumber Kings — Alexander & Janet (Young) McDonell

Posted on December 6, 2014 by BJ MacDonald

Years ago Elaine sent me a newspaper from Chapeau and in that newspaper was a very interesting article about early settlers in the Chapeau and Chichester area.  Elaine would be interested in the Jewell Family and me, well I was interested in the MacDonnell Brothers that the article shared about.  Elaine is the author of the book about the deaths and burials of the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Chapeau and a Burns descendant.

Julie LoveI actually think there are two names on the mailbox if that house. We also stopped one day. It will be a shame to watch it rot away.

Darcy MaloneyMy GGgrandmother lived on Colbourne I believe. She was pretty poor! Could not have lived in such a grand home!

Lois WarkYeah Cherie it was the 2nd line you lived on….it so looks like Earl and Ann Somerville farm ??? I’m thinking 😉

Dannette WarrenA friend of mine says it looks like the Sommerville farm house

I`m sure it could be, but it has been my experience that the township really does not want to give that information out. However, this house is right across the road from a couple of other houses, and if there had of been someone outside at the time I was taking the picture I would have approached them for some information. However, no one was around at the time. I will go back. Pretty sure I have some history on the old place, i.e. the original land owner…and if not, I can get that info from the Archives Lanark. I am hoping a reader will come forward and say “Hey, that`s my great grandparents old place” – that would be handy! KP

Cheryl4 hours

Hi Linda,
The last family I knew to live there were the Sommervilles. It was vacant for a number of years until it was bought maybe three years past. The new owners have done a wonderful job restoring the grand dame. YAY!
Cheryl 🙂

Jennifer E Ferris
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and here is google street view May 2012

Sherri IonaIt has been totally renovated over the past year at least on the exterior. New Windows. They’ve done a great job.

Scott SomervilleLiz Mitchell Thanks Liz yes that was my house I sold it to a farmer who disconnected Hydro etc. and let it waste. When a new person bought the land they let me sell the home to Andrew and Kelly James of JAMES construction fame And they are showing my old home the Loveit needs. Contrary to what is mentioned earlier in this article the house was bought by my dad and grandfather in the 50s if not before. There were three houses on the second line that were built for the HANDS family they are all white brick homes Jimmy hands the auctioneer lived in one it has now been sold. There is oneJust two farms up that was the home of Jean and BURTON hands while I was growing up. It’s Lot 16 and 17 Concession one. Number 2771 for the blue number Linda Linda Seccaspina contact me if you would like more info

Kelly James

Hi Linda Seccaspina . My husband and I with our four kids, purchased this beautiful and very much abandoned home last year. We have renovated the entire interior, while keeping some of it’s original character with old doors, trim and other features. We are now living in the house .As for the exterior we’ve cleaned up so much of the waste and landscape and we are still currently working on finishing it up. It’s turning into an absolute dream home and we were so fortunate that Scott Somerville seeked us out to purchase and preserve the property.The history of the home has been talked a little bit about by Scott and that it actually all we know right now as well. We have heard that there is more historical information at Drummond Central school and we will be doing a little more digging once we are done our renovations.Thank you for showing an interest in this beautiful home.

Similar looking home–Jim Hands home

This wasin 2017– was this the same home?

Next up is a grand Victorian double-brick farmhouse at 3560 Drummond Concession 2 in Drummond/North Elmsley Township. Constructed in 1895, Victorian heritage is still reflected in the home’s interior décor and updates have taken into account its history and charm. An original log home also remains on the property.