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15 Hours Until I am Out of Facebook Jail…

15 Hours Until I am Out of Facebook Jail…

If anyone had told me I would be in Facebook Jail for 24 hours I would have laughed. When I got the immediate memo yesterday from Facebook saying I was being sent to the other side of the fence I flipped out– because, yes, it is a real thing that I never ever expected. 

First of all, it was my mistake. I was trying to reply to something funny Shawn Greenberg said on my timeline about voyeurism and bylaws. As I typed out a response including a story I wrote years ago for San Francisco media I accidentally included a ‘shady site’  link.  In fact I am even afraid to type that 4 letter word of what the site was less I get banished again. Anyone that knows me knows I would not do that — but yes, it did indeed happen by adding the four letters .com. Remember that– never post .com without thinking.

I tried to defend my case but Facebook was not having any of it. I had done the big no no for them just like when I posted a silly picture of a man wearing his underwear as a COVID mask last year. I was incited for posting armed robbery photos. You have to love these ‘bots’ they employ. At the flick of a word or photo maybe not intended they shut you down as quick as you can say WD40.

So this morning I sit here not being able to post history and each time I go to ‘like’ something a notice flashes on my screen how much time I have to remain seated in the virtual dugout. In all honesty, it was probably for the best, as I should be resting. Most of you know I had a bad fall at a senior residence three weeks ago. There is no doubt I had some bruised ribs, but there is one that seems to be not healing, so I am having an XRay done today. So yes, I should stop everything and rest. But, that is not who I am — but I do think someone higher than I also had pull in this matter to get me to stop for a few minutes. Maybe it was Zuckerberg himself LOL.

So what’s it like being off of Facebook? The virtual walls are really unsympathetic and how do I really feel? It’s not that I did not resist this morning, pounding and screaming at  Facebook’s imaginary door kind of feeling cut off from the world. In all honesty I really don’t have a problem with shutting down Facebook– what I have a  problem with is something or someone telling me ‘No’ LOL. It was like being grounded by my parents. Let’s be honest at age 69 I still still need to understand what is within my control and what isn’t. It’s that simple.

Being off of Facebook is not quite how it is portrayed on a comedy sitcom, but it’s not far off either. I’ve actually read accounts of people getting so mad at losing privileges like I did– that they set something on fire– or went out and ripped off tags off of  mattresses at local Furniture stores. While I am nowhere near this condition, and I am not going to storm Main Street; I felt I should research some first hand recounts to write this story.

Instead of reading stories about being booted off Facebook I began to read chains of postings on Reddit on what it was like being in a real jail in the States. Well some of those stories are eye openers I tell you, and I will think about soap in a different light– but in reality, isn’t Facebook like a real jail? You sit around, you waste time, and you do have a profile photo/mug shot LOL— but  again I was sober when I accidentally posted the link, and did not set anything on fire.

I realized a long time ago life isn’t all about me. I know what is within my control and what isn’t. I don’t think I have an addiction to Facebook– but what I do have an addiction to is getting as much community history out there as I can— and trying to unite my community to support local and each other. Community is important to me, always has been, and Facebook is an excellent tool to talk with your community.

So next time I have something funny and off colour to say to Shawn Greenberg I will tell him personally, as that is hopefully within Facebook’s  ‘reasonable use’ guidelines.

God Speed Everyone!! See you on the Other Side!

The Neelin Street Geese — Where are They Now?




Photo-Carleton Place Moms


Jennifer Hudebine Derstroff sent me an email about a hot topic on Carleton Place Moms on Facebook last week that was initiated by Tamara Hill. It was all about the two ceramic geese that used to sit in front of a house near the arena on Neelin Street. If my old laptop had not died I would have a picture of those ducks– but nothing is forever right? 

Karen Fleming Ferguson


For those who were asking about the geese, we wanted to let you know that they have settled into their new home at Carleton Place Childcare Services. Staff have organized their clothing and they are now sporting new outfits! See a frew outfits belwo





My son Schuyleur loved the Storyland Bunny so much he bought it when Storyland closed and it sits at his car dealership Motorhouse on Highway 7. Some people don’t really get what things mean, and after some complained ‘that it was too scary’  he had to move it over on the side that faces The Thruway restaurant.


Sky and Perry 1990


Sky and Perry 2013



2016 Storyland Bunny at Motorhouse on Highway 7 Carleton Place


The older folk in Carleton Place will remember the Rubber Tree on High Street in the 50s or the Alligator sign that sat in the former clay pits/ swamp just before the corner of McNeely and Lake Ave East where the new condos are.

Thankfully that Alligator sign was saved, and you can still see it in the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum ‘lobby”.  I  got a new sign made up when the other was ‘expropriated’– but Ralph Shaw had to take it down. Again things don’t last forever. 




So what happened to those geese that are no longer sitting on those steps on Neelin Street?  Did the original owners know how many people counted on seeing the geese? Some even said that families used to drive by that house specifically on their way to and from hockey to see what they were wearing.

As the ladies quizzed each other on the Facebook group Kate Lackey mentioned they had been for sale and Kels Uden’s mum had bought them and they were now sitting at the front door of Carleton Place Childcare Services (Arklan) safe and sound. One of them even dons a life jacket now– and believe me these geese have something to wear every single day by looking at the boxes of clothing that came with them!







Photo- Karen Fleming Ferguson

Some memories never fade– and even though things move, or photos are gone- the memories still last forever. We don’t remember days– we remember moments– especially those from our childhood. The Neelin Street Geese now have their very own forever spot and their fans are thrilled. Thanks to all those that cared!



My Granddaughter Sophia with them -September 2016



Talking about geese? Don’t forget to buy Carleton Place author Natasha Peterson’s new book Gayle the Goose Goes Global and her other books at:

To order copies of the book, simply ” fly” to Natasha’s website which is www.polarbearpress.com
You will be delighted with your purchase!


The William Street Ducks– What Happened to them? Let me guess– they are geese right? LOL


I would like to thank Karen Fleming Ferguson for all her updates on the Neelin Street Geese.

Karen Fleming Ferguson


The CP Childcare geese are getting ready for Christmas!

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Is Facebook now a Replacement for Public Walls?




Once upon a time, public display of ‘word’ consisted of writing content in bathroom stalls or on walls–like these at Boldt Castle. Sometimes walls could talk, and gossip would get back to us later about who wrote what where and why. Our thoughts were written down in personal diaries or letters that were sent and kept in a box for posterity. Things were whispered and kept in private and only years down the road would you find out things you wish you would have known sooner.


Now the “wall” that everyone seems to talk about is the Facebook wall where everyone you really don’t know reads your inner thoughts and dreams on a daily basis. This wall says it is a place to post content to share with a broader audience. Would this same audience be allowed to read your diary years ago? So why are we sharing our life’s time line with total strangers?




People complain all the time that their privacy is being breached and threaten Facebook with lawsuits for exploiting their recent activity privacy. Well, if they would stop putting up things they don’t want to be made public– things would be okay. Where is the line drawn about what you post or what you read? As Sarah Chalke once said: “Human beings are not meant to lose their anonymity and privacy.” Nor their brains. 





Linda Seccaspina Photos 

Images of the upper floor of Boldt Castle that has not been renovated yet. The walls contain hundreds of signatures and messages from 1960 on. It was called ‘early texting’!

Boldt Castle is in the middle of the St. Lawrence Seaway on the American side facing  Ontario.

Mad as Hell– Become a Superhero for Carleton Place




Once upon a time I was the Poster Queen and flyered my derriere off to promote the Ottawa music scene and local events. Do people even look at flyers anymore, or did they convert to social media sites? So how do you promote something–like our town?

Most flyers don’t work now because they are off target with their thinking, and just blanketing flyers all over the place is going to provide frustrating results.  Once you see that event poster/flyer once it’s done. People get most of their information online now – all you have to do is bump into everyone looking at their phone to prove that point. Sad, but very true.

Of course social media is like playing pool–everybody thinks they can do it. But the more you play, the more you realize the difference between a good player and a poor one. Most times posts that directly promote products or sales come from businesses that are new to Facebook. They try to use it the same way that they use traditional marketing like flyers and print ads and fail, leaving them thinking that Facebook and social media don’t work.

So why am I rambling here?

This morning as most of you know, I was angry Carleton Place got on the short list again.

Today it was:

10 Super Cute Small Towns In Ontario You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

A few months ago it was:

Almonte Featured on Shopify — Of Course I am Jealous

Am I happy for Almonte and Perth? Of course I am because I love spending time in those particular towns. If I was Merrickville though, I might be a tad annoyed for being left off the list too. What about Smiths Falls?

So what works? What can help us become noticed? First of all we need to tidy up a bit and stop being so slow in doing things. We need to invest in our waterfront, and most importantly believe in what we have.

Let’s be blunt- I am off the deep end in what I do–crazy even.  I don’t get paid to do this and I sure have better things to do.  But somehow over a year ago I made a personal commitment to do something after I saw empty storefronts on the Main Street and heard the complaints daily. Maybe I do need a 12 step program – but it’s too late now. You are stuck with me.

No one can do anything alone, and Lisa Strangway from the Carleton Place Social Scene, Becky Whelan from the Carleton Place Restaurant Review, Lanark County News and Events and Sarah Cavanagh from Discover Carleton Place sure help me get the message across by letting me post on their pages.

You see, that’s the ticket- we have to do this together. The Carleton Place Farmers Market has joined hands now with the Downtown Carleton Place BIA and that means we are cross promoting each other and that is huge! Just lately new friends from  all over the world are retweeting my tweets about Carleton Place, and I would like to thank Screamin Mamas from Florida and @Ontario411_ for being such dedicated retweeters for our town. Without hashtaggging them or begging they take the initiative and promote our town.

So what can you do? Somewhere, a quote that’s been rehashed between Terry Pratchett Lewis Carroll and Elsie Gardiner from Carleton Place hit me one day when I was reading something at the Museum.

If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going.

It makes sense to me- even if it doesn’t to you. I know I live in the town of Carleton Place and I know promoting and being proud of my town is where I am going. How do we finally get our town noticed? Begin by sharing one thing about your town a day. That’s all– and let’s put this place on the map!


Thanks  Ontario 411– you’ve been swell:)





Tweeting interesting content relating to Ontario. Happy to RT any event in Ontario, just DM us or use the hashtag. Giving everyone the Ontario 411.

Nothing Dies on Social Media– Think Before You Post



Sometimes it has been suggested that using social media such as Facebook and Twitter can affect mental health and well-being. Is that what happens when a poster take it too far?

Imagine you have a business that you have invested your whole life savings in. One day a customer comes into your store or restaurant and unbeknownst to you they leave unhappy. Instead of taking their issues back to you and hashing it out, they go behind their computer and leave negative comments on an online site such as Facebook.

Did you know that just one single negative tweet, post, can hurt a business to such an extent it can cause a fatal amount of damage? Mind blowing isn’t it? Of course the nature of the beast is that people will complain anyway, but by creating a chain reaction, Facebook is now basically giving complainers a megaphone.

Should you not complain– am I out to lunch on my personal view?

Of course you should complain, as customers always deserve good product and service– but my suggestion again is to take it to the owner of the business first. You have to remember that inside the world wide web, nothing will ever die. Once a thread or conversation starts, those comments are going to be there forever. Suddenly, the whole world knows about your bad experience, has an opinion about it, and a business could be all but wiped out.

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but there seems to be more armchair commentary on Twitter and Facebook than anywhere else. People are now held to a higher standard, and social media is a great place to vent with no repercussions. In small rural towns like Carleton Place, personal and private lives are mingled, and online rants quickly become the source of topic in town. While some may create fake accounts to get involved in an online discussion, a company absolutely cannot, and are defenseless.

Hiding behind a computer screen allows anyone to become as ugly as they’d like, and that negative attention and attitude can easily spill over. We are fortunate to be able to say what we want, but sometimes the things that go through our minds shouldn’t go out our mouths – or our fingers.

Please think before you post– after all— “we’re here for a good time–not a long time.”


Was a Boldt Castle Boathouse Once in our Midst? See the Home of the Daphne!


images (25)

This is the boathouse from one of my very favourite places Boldt Castle. There are a few boathouses on the Mississippi River, but yesterday the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum posted one great picture on their Facebook page. While I am hesitant to post a naked picture of Horace Brown like they did last week on Facebook- I think I can safely post this without comment.


This picture is of the Box family’s Boat House that was located on the river across the street from 37 Bell St. Robert E. Box married Jemima Muirhead and raised 5 sons and a daughter in their family home located at 240 James St. Four of the boys became dentists, while the other son had a successful career in banking and the daughter graduated Nursing school- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

So what does it look like now? I think it was just about here on Bell Street below the St. James Park.



The Box Family thanks to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Facebook page


Gary Box– That’s actually Harold, Keith’s father. Harold’s middle name was Keith. I have never seen this photo–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum



This is the kind of great stuff you are missing when you don’t check the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Facebook page.. Now go back and find the picture of Horace Brown naked LOL. Wait CBC just said LOL is not cool anymore-it’s Ha ha ha!:)